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BOF has too much respect for the BATMAN BEGINS project and the people involved to "ruin" it by revealing important aspects of the script or the plot. In that regard, BOF should be considered a "spoiler-free site." However, BOF does include information about the film that some may consider a "spoiler" and might not want to read or view. Therefore, we will precede any information that might be looked upon as "spoiler-ish" with a *WARNING* or a *SPOILER* label.

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BEGINS updates for June 10th
Thursday, June 10, 2004, 6:04 AM CST: BOF has reported recently that the BEGINS trailer may be introduced at the San Diego Comic-Con and then tied to CATWOMAN. Yesterday, DARK HORIZONS ran a report from one of their sources saying the same thing....Several BEGINS links to check out courtesy "Ras2005." 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. These links include info regarding costuming and special effects....And finally, Doug Moench has a new "Batman" book out titled THE FORENSIC FILES OF BATMAN. Click HERE to check it a look...and maybe buy. Late.

BEGINS links
Wednesday, June 9, 2004, 7:34 PM CST: Got some links for y'all....

You want to be cast in this film? Check THIS out for Chicago extra info...

Here's another link from "Jeff." Click here to give that link a look....

"Chaz" sent the following link from N.Y. DAILY NEWS. More of the same stuff you have heard from BOF, but well worth the read.

(Thanks to "Stax" for part of this report.)

NYC filming and more Tumbler pics!
Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 8:44 PM CST: "Hannah" is back with the following report. Looks as if BEGINS is indeed filming in The Big Apple....

Its definately 'Batman,' just saw some Gotham PD officers being ushered into an elevator, kinda cool having U.S. police characters with English accents. Spoke to crew member and she said they are only in New York for a week before moving to Chicago't directly say the movie was 'Batman' but smiled and nodded when I asked if it was.

"Mr. PL" sent BOF the following observation from the license show, along with a couple of pics! Click on the thumbnails to get a look....

Just got back from the Licensing Show and drooling over the new Batmobile. It was terrific seeing it in person. It's certainly not as big as many fans might think, so no one needs to worry about this being a monster truck by any stretch. It's low, lean, and mean's business on all fronts. Attached are two images I shot at the show. One is of the specs displayed in front of the vehicle. The other is a gentleman whom I believe was the lucky S.O.B. who got to drive it into the Javits Center (being videotaped for an interview). This should give everyone a good indication of what the 2005 Batmobile is capable of... onscreen at least.

I can't wait to see this beast in action. Thanks for keeping the Bat-signal lit all these years.

More pics of the Batmobile!
Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 3:34 PM CST: As reported previously, Licensing 2004 International in New York City will have a huge display featuring the new Batmobile from BATMAN BEGINS. Of which, LONDON FEATURES INTERNATIONAL features several pics of what looks to be the BEGINS set-up at NYC show with this description: "WARNER BROTHERS UNVEILS THE NEW BATMOBILE FROM 'BATMAN BEGINS' AT THE JAVITZ CENTER NEW YORK CITY (PICTURES KRISTIN CALLAHAN)." The show begins today. Click here to check them out....Here is another article about the show which states that a "tidal wave" of merchandise is coming with the new BATMAN film....I don't know if there is some filming going on for BEGINS presently in New York, or this is related to the licensing show, but "Hannah" sent BOF the following....

Hello from NYC, We are currently staying in the Hotel Metro and have noticed some signs around the 4th floor and the lobby apologising for any disruptions and noise as theres a film crew working there. Small signs showing "TIG" are displayed here and there and there's lots of important looking English people milling around.

If any of you BOF readers happen to go to the show, and are able to snap some cool pics, send 'em over to BOF if you get the chance. Late.
(Thanks to "Ras2005," "Chaz," and "Hannah" for the leads.)

Oldman pics and Buscemi to be The Joker?
Monday, June 7, 2004, 6:48 PM CST: According to MOVIEHOLE, Steve Buscemi may be under consideration for the role of The Joker in a future Bat-movie. Buscemi was once rumored to be up for the role of The Scarecrow back in the TRIUMPHANT days. I wouldn't put much stock into any sequel casting rumors right now. The same report also has a blurb from actor Gary Oldman, who is playing Sgt. (later Lt.) Jim Gordon in BEGINS. “It’s a $200 million art movie, character driven," says the thesp. "I’m on a roll with good guys now. I’m trying to put those nasty people behind me." Click on the link to the website to read the reports in full....Speaking of Oldman, "Stax" from FILMFORCE has alerted BOF to some pics of the actor that may show what he will look like as Gordon. These are scans from Studio Magazine posted by Click here and here to check them out.

I am going to address this "Finch/Dent" rumor one more time, as I got some insight from a couple of good BOF sources. There is no Finch/Dent switch--meaning the D.A. of Gotham is Finch, according to sources close to the project. If the character of Dent is added to the film, according to another insider "it would only be for a small scene between the D.A. [Finch] and Rachel." As far as Guy Pearce's rumored cameo as Dent, it seems we will have to take the actor's word when he says that he is not involved. "If Guy Pearce is in this film," says a longtime BOF source, "then Nolan is going the EXTRA mile to keep it a secret. There is just no tangible proof that he's in 'BEGINS.' Just gossip." I have to agree. Based on everything I know and have heard, it is my opinion that there is no Pearce-as-Dent cameo in BEGINS. But hey, I would love to be proved wrong on this one

Another positive BEGINS script review. The Dent rumors return!
Sunday, June 6, 2004, 1:34 PM CST: MOVIEHOLE has posted their script review for BATMAN BEGINS. This one--like all of the others I have read--is very postive examination of Goyer's screenplay. Click on the link to read it....BOF heard this rumor a week or so ago, but sat on it at the time. I wanted to try to get more confirmation its validity, before I mentioned it here at BOF. So before I go on, keep in mind that this should be considered as nothing more than rumor right now. It is not fact, nor is it official. Remember how Larry Holden said that there was no character named "...'Fisk' or whatever" in the BATMAN BEGINS script [it is actually "Finch"--Jett]. Perhaps he was telling the truth. Maybe the character of "Finch" is actually "Dent." That's what I have heard--in fact, this is a rumor that refuses to die. So if that is the case, who is going to play Harvey Dent? Holden? Or someone *cough* Pearce *cough* else? That I don't know, but Guy Pearce has been rumored for the role, although he has denied any involvement with BEGINS. Why bring this up again? Well, I have had three separate and very trusted sources speak of this very rumor. I don't know if Holden's comments reflect this particular rumor, but he also says that "...most of the roles that do exist in the real script have already been secretly cast with actors that a good many of fans have been rooting for." Could Guy Pearce have been secretly cast as D.A. Harvey Dent? I find this highly unlikely. I feel it is much more probable that someone such as Holden would get the role. Remember, this is only rumor right now, but something interesting to think about.

6/5 BEGINS news roundup
Saturday, June 5, 2004, 11:14 AM CST: Dermot Power is a part of the BEGINS art department. Click here and here to check out some of his stuff....Actor Mark Boone Jr. has joined the cast in an unspecified role....Tristan Murphy is Liam Neeson's (Ducard) stand-in.
(Thanks to "Ras2005" for the leads.)

Murphy talks about his role in BEGINS
Friday, June 4, 2004, 4:26 PM CST: Clint from MOVIEHOLE sent us the following blurb from Cillian Murphy, who is playing "The Scarecrow" in BATMAN BEGINS...

"I like to mix it up a bit. 'Batman Begins' is my first experience in a full-on blockbuster. My interests don't generally lie in those sorts of films, but the director is Chris Nolan, the script is wonderful and it's a great cast. I can have a bit of fun with it, too, because my only motivation really is being bad. I love doing proper dramatic character studies, but it's also good to have a but of fun, dress up and stuff".

Repeat after me: "Murphy is The Scarecrow, Oldman is Gordon." Continue as needed....

The great (BOF's close cousin) has an interview with Sandy Collora, the man behind the popular fan-film BATMAN: DEAD END. Collora had a few things about BEGINS to say--although I don't agree with his take on the costume. Now don't get me wrong, I dug the short. I thought it captured the spirit of The Batman better than any of the Burton/Schumacher films. However, I'm just not a fan of the "tights" bodysuit costume. I understand what the BEGINS crew is doing with the Bat-suit, as there is a reason it is what it is. I just can't see Bruce doing what he does in tights. But that's just me and DEAD END kicked ass, no doubt about it. Click on the link to check it out....Just want to give a "Welcome" to Vinny T. on his smart move joining America's Team. Glad to see you here in the Lone Star State....I have had several reports flow in from BOF readers who have seen the new HARRY POTTER saying no BEGINS trailer attatched to that film--just as our source told us last week. I guess it'll be tied to "Mujer del gato?" We'll see, as it WILL be out sometime this summer...."Chaz" from sent us a head's up to the site's latest update. They've got some cool pics of Holmes on the BATMAN BEGINS set. No spoilers. Late.

BEGINS reports for 6/2
Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 7:25 PM CST: Seems to be a lot of BS stuff going around about this film. I've got an "opinion" article coming up this week where I will address it. Until then, here is the news of the day....
Want to see what Gary Oldman looks like while he's filming BEGINS? Well, click here and check it out. No mustache though....Want to see Christian Bale learning how to kick ass? Click here to view Wayne in training....BOF has been bringing you the latest and best "BATMAN 5" news for 6 years come June 8th. It has been my privilege to keep you all in the know for the last 6 years. I know that I have considered shutting her down, but I just can't do it. I have to make sure you all have a voice in all future Bat-films. Thank you all--more than I can put in words--for reading and supporting this site. It is greatly appreciated.
(Thanks to "Ras2005" and my man "Stax" for the info!)

BEGINS audition reports and more!
Monday, May 31, 2004, 8:05 AM CST: "Perfect Joke" gave us the following report....

I went to the open auditions in Bedford today. I don’t live too far from Bedford, but I must confess I’d never really stopped there. Mostly I’d just passed through on my way to Luton. I have to say that the Place Theatre was nothing like I expected. I expected something…..well grander. What I got was a small community theatre on a back road off a residential area with two very small car parks.

A good hundred people were queuing by the time I went in. They took people in...and we were asked to fill out a form noting the dates we would be available in June, July and September and our vital statistics.

Finally we were taken into the main auditorium...where we had our photo taken.

The staff from #### were extremely courteous and friendly at all times, but wouldn’t give anything away, including the title of the film. All they would say was that it would be shooting in Cardington (how many other films could be shooting there?) and that all the extras selected would most likely see some amazing things.

As I walked to the car I was surprised to see that during my time inside a substantial crowd had filled the very small car park.

Before driving home I decided to swing by the Cardington Hangers, which are just outside of Bedford. Not much was going on there but the newly erected sign (with flashy graphics – nothing bat related) with the words TIG – Cardington written on it.

The thing that astounded me though, was the scale of these hangers. Nothing prepared me for how huge these things are. They were originally built for the construction of airships and if the sets reach even a third of the height of the hangers they’ll still stomp the size of the sets from the previous movies into the ground, even the Pinewood ones used in B89.

If you ‘re planning on going to the final auditions tomorrow, be sure to take your passport and your National insurance number.

This from "AnonymousBGD"....

I Bedford. Was about the xx person in line.

You fill out a form, they help you with that, very friendly and quite fun. You take measurements, they shoot a couple photos of you, and they say they'll phone you.

I think I made a good impression, they seemed to like me. They wanted more ID than they originally requested, so I have to phone them tomorrow about that.

Was about 2 hours early for the audition. They came out and told us they open early, "20 mins", an hour later they said "10 mins" we got in about an hour earlier than the 1:30 audition time. By then there was a couple hundred people behind me.

The booklet they give out tells you all about how it all works, paid through the books (taxes, etc) once the prod company pays the casting agency, and you get paid via check or bank transfer, a few weeks after the days worked.

All kinds of warnings about confidentiality agreements, no photos, no info about what film it is, or anything you've seen, (plot, etc) no photos, no photo/mobile/cellphones...warnings about prosecutions, fines and even imprisonment! So, if I get it, seems like I'll be sworn to secrecy, at least till the film comes out next year!

Regarding Holden, rated "R," and Oldman
Sunday, May 30, 2004, 7:45 AM CST: There has been some question as to when actor Larry Holden made those comments that appeared online last week over at "Regarding his '99%' statement," says the site's webmaster Johannes Duncker, "well, I posted the interview right away after Larry sent me the answers." So they are recent, and not dated as speculated. Nonetheless, Mr. Holden's statements are full of inaccuracies. With that in mind, I again point you all towards an article by "Stax" over at IGN FILMFORCE that addresses these inaccuracies. I don't know Mr. Holden's intentions--perhaps he was just overexagerating a bit--but clearly, 99% of what has appeared online on sites such as FILMFORCE, DARK HORIZONS, BOF, and others was not only .1% correct....Personally, I would have no problem with BEGINS getting an "R" rating, but I don't think that Warner Brothers would allow it. This move would cut out the teenage audience that I am sure the studio is counting on seeing this film. Plus, David Goyer himself said that one of WB's few mandates prior to writing the screenplay was that it had to be "PG-13." This "R" talk allegedly comes from actor Gary Oldman, who is playing Sgt. Jim Gordon in BEGINS.

Speaking of Oldman, he's playing Gordon in the movie. Period. A "fake" script was not devised by WB, nor is there some sort of ruse at hand with casting. There's no "grassy knoll" here boys. "If they're pulling s*** like this [regarding casting--Jett] then they're (making a mistake)," says one internet collumnist. "I think this is crap; Oldman is playing Gordon. But if we're wrong and they're right then the film will probably be worse off for it." This has nothing to do with "defending" what BOF or other online sites have reported. It has to do with rumor control and not letting the BS run rampant. That is one of the core resonsibilities of BOF.

Various Bat-bits and BEGINS to be rated R?
Friday, May 28, 2004, 3:30 PM CST: A AICN scooper who allegedly attended a HARRY POTTER press conference where Gary Oldman (Sgt. Jim Gordon) said that he believes BEGINS will get an "R" rating. Frankly, while Oldman may have said that, I find it hard to believe that it is actually going to happen....Speaking of AICN, "Moriarty" has written an article that ranks BATMAN BEGINS number two on his list of things in entertainment that he is excited about. Click here to give it a read...."Ras2005" is back with more BEGINS news leads. First up, Here's a new set pic and report of the recent shoot at London's Senate House....Dan Glass ("Matrix" and "Mission Impossible" films) is one of the Visual effects supervisors for BEGINS....Artist Tommy Lee Edwards is working on art for the upcoming "Batman Begins Style Guide" for some months now. Click here to check out this info at his official site....German toy giants Mattel have signed a licensing deal with Warner Consumer Products. They'll produce and distribute the merchandising (toys) for BATMAN BEGINS and THE BATMAN animated series. Click here to read about it, but it is in German. Thanks again to "Ras2005" for the info...And lastly, SUPERHERO HYPE has a nice rundown to what is going on in Chicago with a few pics included.

Chicago set report!
Wednesday, May 26, 2004, 10:30 PM CST: Ask and you shall recieve I guess. "Jim K." sent in the following report....

"My son and I just returned from downtown Chicago where a crew was filming visual effects shots for 'Batman Begins.'

We got there just after 8:00 p.m. and found that LaSalle Street was blocked by police barricades between Lake Street and Randolph. We first encountered a maintenance man standing out in front of one of the buildings and questioned him as to whether he knew if it was 'Batman Begins.' He responded that it was '...a film crew from Paris (?) or something...' and that the name of the film was 'Intimidation or something....'

I took a picture of the crew and then approached one of the crew members. I asked him if they were filming 'Batman' and he reluctantly responded: 'Good guess...yeah, but we're just doing the visual effects shots for the next few days.' He went on to explain that they had two still cameras mounted to a platform on the crane and that these cameras were taking continual still shots that would later be stitched together for one continuous shot. I asked if Bale as Batman would be added into the shots later and he said yes. He then said that they would be back in the summer with some of the actors for a few weeks.

I then asked how the film was going and he said things were going well back in England (where he was from) and that they have been filming on some 'gigantic sets...' I joked that after the last two films that this one had better be good and he responded something to the effect of: '...I don't think you're going to have to worry about that as this one looks to be very good....'

I asked as to when we might see a trailer and he said he didn't know but thought that it might be later on in the summer."

5/26 BEGINS news round-up
Wednesday, May 26, 2004, 6:02 PM CST: Funny, today I got a bunch of emails telling me NOT to chill! If you need an explanation, see below....Last Sunday, a BOF scooper sent us a report on possible filming in Chicago. Well today, SUPERHERO HYPE ran two short blurbs regarding Chicago BEGINS filming on LaSalle. So if you are in the area--and I know BOF has many Chi-Town readers--sent me a report and pics if you can....If you live in or near New York, or are going to be there June 8, you will have a chance to view the new Batmobile! Batman's new wheels will be displayed at the Licensing 2004 International at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Click here for more details....For the last several weeks, BOF has heard that more BEGINS pics were coming. Today, Garth Franklin over at the great DARK HORIZONS reports that we should "...keep a close eye out on the official site this weekend" as something could be afoot. This is VERY consistant with what we here at BOF have been hearing, so I suggest you all take Garth's advice.

BEGINS news round-up, 5/25
Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 6:32 PM CST: Hey all, Jett here. So what was with all the emails telling me to chill? I wasn't fired up this AM when I wrote that report, really. In a related note, "Stax" has written a hell of an article regarding Mr. Holden's comments. Click here to give it a read. It is really worth your time. "99.9%" wrong. Yeah right...SUPERHERO HYPE has some new set pics that are rather cool. Click on the previous link to check them out and read the related story...."Ras2005" sent BOF the head's up on a couple of BEGINS related items. Click here, here, and here and take a look at each....A VERY good source has found out that the BEGINS teaser is NOT attatched to HARRY POTTER. Take that to the bank. Our source speculates that WB is going to package that baby with, ahem, CATWOMAN.

A response to Holden's accusations
Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 6:20 AM CST: After I posted that story from yesterday regarding the interview with actor Larry Holden on, I emailed a few of BOF sources to get their take on it. All had basically the same response saying that there is no way that "99.9%" of what has been reported about BATMAN BEGINS on the internet is untrue. They pointed out that many of the set pics that have leaked go hand-in-hand with the script that many have read and which all the script reviews were based. While there indeed may have been some "considerable" work done on the script and changes have been made, the basic storyline will remain intact. There could even be a "twist to the twist" as a source told BOF seveal weeks ago. "It's a hell of a script," one source said, "there is no way that they [WB, Nolan, etc.] created an entire 'fake' script to leak just to throw people off the scent." Most of BOF's sources believe the script that leaked was Goyer's first draft. Most concede that it is possible that it could have been leaked on purpose to generate some positive buzz for the film--which it did. That begs the question: why try to squash the good feelings for the film by saying that most of what you read about BEGINS is not true? My advise to WB: ride that wave that is all the good buzz for this film all the way to June 2005. People are fired up for this film and are looking forward to seeing it. Use that to your advantage, trust me. Don't throw out a buzz-kill by insinuating that 99.9% of what we have read about the film is not true. Hey, but what do I know? I just one of those little so-called Batman "experts."

Larry Holden talks BEGINS
Monday, May 24, 2004, 8:40 PM CST: I'm not too sure why this story hasn't gotten more run, but the website nabbed an interview with actor Larry Holden--who is allegedly playing "Asst. D.A. Finch" in BATMAN BEGINS. Holden will not confirm that he is in the film, but does say that he has visited the set, read the script, and has "flown to London several times to talk with Chris [Nolan] about things...." Holden also has some interesting comments about all the news that has hit the internet about BATMAN BEGINS. Here's a few blurbs....

"...all the talk on the internet about the script or what have you is way off base."

"...these guys made sure to think out every possible scenario when it came to potential script leaks, etcetera, and they came up with a fool proof plan...they haven't allowed anybody to spoil anything for their audience."

"I have never been considered for any of the roles the 'experts' have bantered about. Not a single one, whether the role is or isn't in the real script."

"I don't care which so-called 'Batman' expert has said what or will say what. They are dead wrong about ninety nine percent of it all."

All righty then. I am not going to speculate too much regarding what Mr. Holden had to say, BUT....BOF has heard--and reported--that there may have been some "considerable" changes to the shooting script since filming began--which is common with all films. There is also speculation that a script may have been purposely leaked to throw people off. Again, all of that is conjecture, with the latter being BS, in my opinion. Click on the previous link to read the entire interview.

More BEGINS UK set pics
Monday, May 24, 2004, 6:40 AM CST: The guys at STRANGE INTERLUDE managed to be "thrown off the set of 'Batman Begins.'" But not before snapping some pretty good set pics. Click on the previous link to check them out.

BEGINS pre-shoot construction in Chicago?
Sunday, May 23, 2004, 8:40 AM CST: This in from "Tommy." Could this set up be part of the location shoot that will soon take place in Chicago? Check it out...

Today by my office on Lake Sreet, there were two very large construction cranes set 6 blocks apart. They had a cable system running between the two for either a camera rig or stuntman or both. The cabling ran from Fulton and Des Plaines to Fulton and the river...pretty impressive span about 7 stories high! Word on the street was it was part of BATMAN production.

Expect a couple of more op-ed pieces soon in honor of the 15th aniversary of BATMAN's 1989 release. One from Paul J. Wares and the other by The Jett Man.

David Goyer talks BEGINS
Saturday, May 22, 2004, 5:10 PM CST: Over in the BOF FORUM, "BatScot" posted an excerpt from a CINESCAPE #75 interview with David Goyer. Goyer, of course, wrote the original BATMAN BEGINS screenplay, which has been polished by director Chris Nolan. He's a bit from the interview....

“My whole life, all I wanted to do was write a Batman movie,” says Goyer. “It was excruciating for me because here I was being offered to work with an amazing director, but time-wise there was no way I could do it. But his agent called back and said, ‘You have to do it.’” By negotiating to only do a first draft, with Nolan rewriting and revising from there, Goyer got his dream and the result is a Batman movie the writer thinks fans are going to eat up. “It’s the most faithful to the comic books and it certainly darker than the Schumacher films,” admits Goyer… “It treats the story seriously and it’s also quite romantic. We were determined to create a new classic and we treated the subject matter seriously.”

A bit about why Ra's and The Scarecrow are the villains....

“We weren’t sure what villains we wanted to use, but we knew it should be villains that hadn’t been used in the films,” says Goyer. “At the same time we didn’t want to make any up. If you look at the rogues gallery, the ones that hadn’t been used were Scarecrow and Ra’s Al Ghul. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring those characters in. We knew we were going to do an original story, but if we do this right, we can then reintroduce the rogues gallery the audience has met before in the movies, but in a new way.”

5/21 BEGINS news round-up
Friday, May 21, 2004, 8:53 PM CST: Our Bat-news detective "Ras2005" contacted "Movie Insider" editor Dan Whitehead regarding their upcoming feature on BEGINS. Here was Mr. Whitehead's response:

The images from Batman Begins are the same ones released on the web - those are the only shots available at this time. The interview is with David Goyer, writer of Batman Begins, and the movies' producer. It's a 4 page feature.

So don't expect any of the rumored "new pics" to show up with this particular magazine feature. It does look worth checking out, however.

5/20 BEGINS news round-up
Thursday, May 20, 2004, 9:23 PM CST: Buster Reeves is Christian Bale's stunt double in BEGINS....British actor/magician/mime Allin Kempthorne has a unspecified role in BEGINS....BATMAN BEGINS merchandise will be the focus of this show in New York.
(Thanks again to my man "Ras2005" for the info!)

5/18 BEGINS update
Tuesday, May 18, 2004, 8:49 PM CST: Yesterday, BOF reported that new BEGINS pics may be released "June-soon." This past Saturday, we wrote that a teaser trailer might be attatched to a WB release this summer. And, BOF also told you all several weeks back that BATMAN BEGINS would have a "major presence" at the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON. It seems that this news is being validated by a scooper over at Garth Franklin's great DARK HORIZONS....

"Expect Batsuit pictures (clearer ones this time) in June with (firstly) 'The Hollywood Insider,' and then expect the onslaught to continue. Warner Bros. hasn't fully decided to release more character photos, like Michael Caine's Alfred, Katie Holmes' Rachel, Gary Oldman's Gordon, etc. but they could be seen also this coming June. Also, if you don't already know, cast & crew interviews and 'official' set pics will be added to the next issue of 'Movie Insider.'"

The scooper also says--as BOF in the last few days--that a teaser might be ties to HARRY POTTER or CATWOMAN. He concluded his report by saying that "Something will also happen big with San Diego Comic-Con." Sounds great....If you are a longtime reader of this website, you know I really dig three things: The Batman. The Dallas Cowboys. And Elvis. Been to Graceland twice, did the Sun Records tour as well. Partied on Beall Street (I love Memphis). Anyway, it seems that the story of The King's life will be told in a CBS miniseries sometime next year. Click here to read all about it from "Stax." Thank you. Thank you very much for reading BOF.

BEGINS Chicago filming info, More Bat-pics on the way?
Monday, May 17, 2004, 7:19 PM CST: The Chicago Film Office has recently announced the exact dates that BATMAN BEGINS will be filming in Chi-Town (I love that town, by the way). The Bat-production will be filming from July 31st to August 21st--so about 3 weeks. Extras casting info will be available on the website (see the previous link) in mid-June....Word has reached BOF that more official BEGINS pics may be made public soon. Like, June-soon. I was told that the pictures may be of cast members other than Christian Bale. Specific cast members were not named, but I am assuming they could be of some of the major cast members--Caine (Alfred), Neeson (Ducard), Watanabe (Ra's), Oldman (Gordon), and Holmes (Rachel)....If you are planning to attend the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON this summer, drop BOF an's Kris Tapley has contributed a nice article to the OPINION section. Click HERE to check it out....The site revamp is complete. Hope it is a bit nicer to view.

5/15 BEGINS news round-up
Saturday, May 15, 2004, 6:19 AM CST: JAMES singer Tim Booth is making his movie debut in BATMAN BEGINS playing an "evil thug." AICN has run a small blurb on this casting as well....JALI has been hired as the decoraters for BEGINS....The UK movie mag MOVIE INSIDER claims to have the first interviews and set pix from BATMAN BEGINS. The issue goes on sell May 27th....Actress Lucy Russell has been cast as the character "Susan" in BEGINS....This should be taken as nothing but rumor right now. But I've heard from more than one source that the BEGINS teaser may be tied to the new HARRY POTTER film or CATWOMAN. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that those are the two most likely candidates. BOF is still looking into this and hoping to get a description what will be seen in the BEGINS trailer.
(Thanks again to "Ras2005" for part of this report!)

5/14 BEGINS news round-up
Friday, May 14, 2004, 9:19 PM CST: FYI: There is a slight visual change to BOF. Nothing major, very subtle, and still working on it a bit. Thanks to all of you who sent in BOF logos. I will be rotating the best of them on the BOF intro page....Our friend "Chaz" sent in a recent report that he had on the KATIE HOLMES PICS website. The report includes pictures of the BEGINS set at St. Pancras Station and the stars' trailers Click on the link provided to check it out....SCIFI WIRE has a bit of information regarding the BEGINS novelization. Del Rey Books will has got the gig of turning the movie into a novel....BOF is trying to find out what movie the BB teaser will be attached to this summer. I believe that it is going to happen, I just can't nail down the film as of now. Stay tuned....

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