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5/15 BEGINS news round-up
Saturday, May 15, 2004, 6:19 AM CST: JAMES singer Tim Booth is making his movie debut in BATMAN BEGINS playing an "evil thug." AICN has run a small blurb on this casting as well....JALI has been hired as the decoraters for BEGINS....The UK movie mag MOVIE INSIDER claims to have the first interviews and set pix from BATMAN BEGINS. The issue goes on sell May 27th....Actress Lucy Russell has been cast as the character "Susan" in BEGINS....This should be taken as nothing but rumor right now. But I've heard from more than one source that the BEGINS teaser may be tied to the new HARRY POTTER film or CATWOMAN. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that those are the two most likely candidates. BOF is still looking into this and hoping to get a description what will be seen in the BEGINS trailer.
(Thanks again to "Ras2005" for part of this report!)

5/14 BEGINS news round-up
Friday, May 14, 2004, 9:19 PM CST: FYI: There is a slight visual change to BOF. Nothing major, very subtle, and still working on it a bit. Thanks to all of you who sent in BOF logos. I will be rotating the best of them on the BOF intro page....Our friend "Chaz" sent in a recent report that he had on the KATIE HOLMES PICS website. The report includes pictures of the BEGINS set at St. Pancras Station and the stars' trailers Click on the link provided to check it out....SCIFI WIRE has a bit of information regarding the BEGINS novelization. Del Rey Books will has got the gig of turning the movie into a novel....BOF is trying to find out what movie the BB teaser will be attached to this summer. I believe that it is going to happen, I just can't nail down the film as of now. Stay tuned....

5/12 BEGINS news round-up
Wednesday, May 12, 2004, 8:19 PM CST: Several bit of Bat-news, so let's get to it....Actor Charles Edwards is playing a Wayne Enterprises executive according to the IMDB....Actor Noah Margetts is playing a "Arkham Thug" according the IMDB....Larry Holden is indeed in the BEGINS cast as Gotham D.A. Carlton Finch. Several sites, as well as BOF sources, are confirming his casting....Sara Stewart is Martha Wayne in BEGINS. BOF reported on May 3rd that she was in the film, and we only speculated that she was Bruce's Mom. BOF scooper "Michael D." says that he heard this while attending the FEARLESS TALES GENRE FEST out in San Francisco. Our scooper says this comes from the director of her latest, LONDON VOODOO....I have heard from more than one source that a BATMAN BEGINS teaser could be paired with a WB flick this summer. No word on which film, but I hope to hell it isn't CATWOMAN.
(Thank's again to our friend "Ras2005.")

5/10 BEGINS news round-up
Monday, May 10, 2004, 6:04 PM CST: BOF scooper "Craig" sent this report....

Went snooping around the Kings Cross/St. Pancras station today. It seems that they are currently filming in the interior of the St Pancras Chambers or as it used to be known THE MIDLAND GRAND HOTEL. Loads of security wearing "TIG" tags around their necks, lots of lighting trucks and through some of the windows you can see the tops of some of the taller lights. They have blocked all the windows running up the back of the Chambers - probably for lighting reasons.

Our scooper sent this link along with his report....Actor Freddie Royston has a unspecified role in BEGINS. Seems that among his talents is that he specializes in "English speaking Arabic and Mediterranean characters." Perhaps a character that has something to do with Ra's....Jonathan D. Ellis is playing a reporter....Seems that the UK shoot has been good for the British film business....Michael Caine has spoken again about his role as Alfred. He is quoted as saying BEGINS " going to be very real and very un-comic bookie."
(Thanks to "Ras2005" for the leads to the second set of news bits!)

Petersen talks BvS, Pearce talks BATMAN
Sunday, May 9, 2004, 6:30 AM CST: As you all know, actor Guy Pearce was once rumored to be up for the role of the Dark Knight in Chris Nolan's BATMAN BEGINS. Not true, says Pearce himself, according to a interview appearing in MOVIEHOLE....

“Well it never even came about. I never spoke to Chris about it, there was never any thought about it. I heard about it through the Internet and went ‘Oh that could be sort of interesting’. If I was ever to do a Batman it would be with Chris Nolan, But it was funny, as I almost felt like I was experiencing a bit of that without even having to go to work. It was kind of a nice rumour I guess.”

Pearce is said to have been offered a cameo as Asst. DA Harvey Dent in BEGINS. This however, is not addressed in the aforementioned interview....Director Wolfgang Petersen, out promoting TROY, talked a bit about his BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN project that went into turnaround almost two years ago. Is it still going to happen? Here's what the director had to say in IN FOCUS magazine....

"I ask the question myself quite often. I was just talking to Alan Horn about it and he said, 'I always liked that concept so much.' I think it's on the back-burner because Warner Brothers decided to go with single 'Batman' and 'Superman' movies. 'Superman' is, at the moment, shelved; I think if they successfully launch it again, then at some point it will be 'Batman vs. Superman' again. I'll definitely be attached to that project whenever."

While I believe that this project is highly unlikely any time in the near future, I do know that WB--Alan Horn in particular--would love to see this thing get done. We'll see....A well known comicbook artist gave BOF his take on the BEGINS Bat-suit. He was able to view other pictures of the suit, in additions to the ones that were released online. This guy knows and loves Batman. Here's his suit review....

Definitley a lot sleeker than the previous franchises costumes and it looks like some form of prototype armor so it fits perfectly with the script. All in all, I can see the comparisons to the previous franchise but I think that the color and texture changes on the costume will really differentiate it when people actually see it on film and in motion. You were exactly right that the texture of it is real impossible to get across in a drawing. It definitely excites me even more about seeing bale in action with this thing on!!

Bat-Pix: Chicago
Saturday, May 8, 2004, 1:00 PM CST: BOF scooper "B.Y." sent the picture that appears below. It is of the Helene Curtis plant in Chicago that is rumored to be a part of the BEGINS shoot in Chi-Town....

Click here and here for two stories regarding BEGINS from our friend "Ras2005." The former is regarding casting, while the latter is info regarding merchandising....Chris Ryall over at MOVIE POOP SHOOT--a site I REALLY dig--has written a HELL of a review on David Goyer's BATMAN BEGINS screenplay. I highly suggest that you click on the previous link and read the thing. It's damn good and spot on--even though the dude says that BOF is only a "decent" source for news on BATMAN BEGINS [tounge planted in cheek--Jett]. Late.

Chicago shoot info, various BEGINS casting bits
Wednesday, May 5, 2004, 8:20 PM CST: A few months ago, "Rob" sent BOF the news that allowed us to first reveal that BATMAN BEGINS would shoot in Chicago. Well, he's back again with more detailed information about part of the Windy City Bat-shoot....

"I've been told that Chicago shooting begins around the XXXX of XXXX. It will start at the old Helena Curtis Plant that was shut down at the Intersection of Cicero Ave. & North Ave. If you have ever seen this place it is huge.

Out of respect for the production, I didn't reveal the exact date of this particular shoot. If any of you Chi-Town BOF'ers can get me a pic of this location, that would be cool...."Ras2005" is forwarded us some more BEGINS bits. Mark Straker has landed a part in BB which is described as "a small, but beautifully formed, role." I have no idea what role it might be....British actress Alexandra Bastedo is playing "Mrs. Delane." Click here for more info....British actress Lucy Russell has nabbed the role of "Susan." Click here for more info....The young british actress Siobhan Hewlett is up for the role of Bruce Wayne's secretary "Jessica" according to an interview in World Movie Magazine.

Source: "Considerable" BEGINS script rewrites
Tuesday, May 4, 2004, 7:09 PM CST: A few weeks ago (April 11th), BOF reported rumors regarding script changes and/or rewrites. At the time, we wrote "Word has it that there may be some additional surprises in the film not revealed in the script." Today, a completely different source sent the following info regarding the leaked BEGINS script. "I wouldn't worry too much about that [the fact the script got loose on the net--Jett]. There have been many considerable rewrites since that online copy was thrown around [online]. Nolan is top quality and the movie with all rewrites is in safe hands." Hmmm. I wonder just what kind of changes might have been made to the script? Could there be additional plot twists and turns not revealed in the leaked script? Interesting to say the least....Listen, I am sorry about all the problems with the forum. As I said previously, the board host is doing extensive server upgrades, thus the technical glitches. FYI.

Monday, May 3, 2004, 2:09 PM CST: "Ras2005" round up some more BEGINS bits and sent them over to BOF....Actress Sara Stewart has joined the cast in an unspecified role. Perhaps Mrs. Jim Gordon or Martha Wayne? I'm just speculating....Looks like WB bought some expensive plants for the BEGINS set....Rick English is doing stunts for the film. That's it for now. Stay tuned!

The Bat-symbol
Saturday, May 1, 2004, 1:09 PM CST: I've recieved a lot of emails asking what the Bat-symbol on Batman's costume will look like in BEGINS. And I've seen that same question on various message forums. Paul J. Wares--BOF forum mod and contributor--whipped up that baby that appears below, which pretty much answers the question....

The symbol is not colored differently than the bodysuit and it is big across the chest. It is part of the suit's outer silicone layer and appears as an outline....I thought the pictures that WB released this week of Bale in costume were great--especially the ones shown on the official site. I know that the suit didn't make everyone happy, but you can't please everyone. Just remember Bat-fans, you are LUCKY to be getting this movie in the first place. It has been only 7 years since that piece-of-crap known as BATMAN AND ROBIN premiered and all but killed the franchise. Be thankful that you are getting another Bat-film so quickly--and an obvious quality one at that. How long has SUPERMAN been wallowing in development hell? Something to keep in mind.

The Dark Knight is revealed!
Friday, April 30, 2004, 9:00 PM CST: Go to the official BATMAB BEGINS site, and click on the Batmobile. Or just look below. From BOF: Thank you WB!!!!

(Thanks to the dude who sent the head's up and all of YOU who sent the emails!)

First official Bale as Batman pic!
Friday, April 30, 2004, 5:55 AM CST: This is it! This is indeed the costume that BOF had been describing to you all and was depicted in our artist's rendering. And I've always maintained that the new costume kicked ass! The small article that accompanies the picure in EW describes the suit as "gray on black." It is one color, but the silicone that covers the bodysuit will give it a different "color" than the other parts of the suit. Anyway, here it is....

Bale's Batman to be revealed tomorrow!
Thursday, April 29, 2004, 5:55 PM CST: Looks like WB is doing the smart thing and releasing a "first look" shot of Christian Bale in the Bat-suit in tomorrow's edition of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY (4/30). Out of respect for the magazine's exclusive--and for the project and talent involved--BOF will keep our promise and not run the pic until we have been given approval from WB. And that should be soon. The shot of Bale in costume--which shows a crouching Batman in the shadows--is indeed the suit described by BOF and shown via an artist's rendering...."Ras2005" sent us a lead to a story regarding BEGINS merchandise . According to Warner Bros. Cosumer Products, "plans are in the works for the upcoming Batman film in 2005." Just make sure you buy all your Bat-stuff through BOF....Seems that U.K. actor Ray Donn has been cast in an unspecified role in BEGINS.

4/28 BEGINS news roundup
Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 6:10 PM CST: "Unknown Dude" sent BOF a couple more BB location shoot pics today. One of a GPD S.W.A.T. truck logo, and the other is one of the "Arkham" logos appearing on the building--which is the National Institute for Medical Research--being used as the sinister asylum....

"Brian" (Movie Man's Guide) forwarded us an email he recieved from an "insider" on the BB. It seems that Christian Bale may be shooting scenes that take place early in the film....

"Me again from deep inside WB. Shoot out at East Tilbury was something to do with a prison in the east, early in Wayne's life. Thats all I can tell you for now."

"Chaz" ( gave BOF a head's up regarding filming appearing in the HENDON TIMES. Here's a bit....

Batman stars Gary Oldman and Katie Holmes came to Mill Hill last Friday night as film crews transformed a medical research centre into the mythical asylum of Arkham in Gotham City.

Massive floodlights loomed over the building, where a mock asylum entrance gate had been built, and black Gotham City police SWAT vans could be seen parked on The Ridgeway. Of the Batmobile, there was no sign.

I think I know what part of the film Oldman and Holmes might be filming....FYI: the BOF forum is down due to EZ BOARD doing some major server upgrading. The board will be back up tomorrow at 8 AM, Texas time (CST). Sorry about that, nothing I can do about it.

4/27 BEGINS news roundup
Tuesday, April 27, 2004, 7:00 PM CST: "Ras2005" has again alerted BOF to some BB news....Martial arts expert Ricky Lam will do battle with The Batman (Christian Bale). Click here for the details....Scott Hinds is also battling The Bat in this film. He's playing a "Ninja Assasin" who's a member of the "Society of Shadow Warriors." Looks like Bruce Wayne will have his hands full....As reported previously (scroll down), artists James Jean and Jock are working on BEGINS for Chris Nolan? Click on their names and check out their websites to get a look at why Nolan wanted to hire them. They do really good work...It's Ducard! No, it's really Liam Neeson at a very recent charity function in Dublin. Of course, this is what he looks like (seems a bit thinner) while currently filming BB.

GPD logo, plate picture
Monday, April 26, 2004, 9:00 PM CST: "Unknown Dude" sent BOF the two pics that appear below. The one on the left is another look at the Gotham Police Department logo/crest. The one on the left is of a GPD squadcar license plate--I think. As BOF pointed out earlier, the Gotham plates look very similar to Illinois plates. Obviously, this is due to the fact that BEGINS will be filming exteriors this summer in Chicago. Anyway, here's the pics....

"Armando" sent us a link to these pictures that look very similar to the ones above....Speaking of pictures, our artist friend sent BOF another rendering of the BEGINS costume--this time in pencil. This is from the same dude who did the original drawings of the costume for BOF, and it is based on the SAME suit--the real BEGINS Bat-suit. *SPOILER* click on the thumbnail below to get a look....

Regarding the suit's color. I talked to a few people about what the suit is made of and how it is constructed. While it is all one color (except for the belt), the silicone only covers the body suit. In different lighting, this may give the appearance that the bodysuit is a different color than the cape, cowl, gloves, etc.

Bale, Nolan speak BEGINS?
Friday, April 23, 2004, 7:30 PM CST: FILMROT.COM has a synopsis of an alleged recent UK TV interview with Christian Bale. The actor was said to be promoting THE MACHINIST, but did talk a bit about his upcoming Bruce Wayne role....

[Bale] rather angrily denied that he was making a "comic book movie" and said that that was actually an insult to the millions of fans out there. He said "We are making a film based on a much loved graphic novel. I think to use the term 'comic book" really under values the source material!" And at the interview's end, Bale said that he cannot say much at all about the project but that if he had to describe it, he would say - and get this for uber-coolness - it "is a cross between Serpico and The French Connection mixed with a really f-ing cool samurai, kung fu movie, and there's like some really strong 70s conspiracy movie vibes in there too! It is definitely not a Batman that you've seen on screen before."

The same report includes an alleged blurb from director Chris Nolan....

Director Christopher Nolan was on BBC Radio 2 this morning and stated that photos leaked of Bale "in costume" would have to be fakes, seeing as the ones that are out there show a costume similar to the style of previous movies -- and he confirmed that the batsuit for BATMAN BEGINS is "fresh, unseen by an audience and really just Batman in his experimental, early stage."

UPDATE: Since writing the above story, BOF has found no evidence that either interview actually took place. While we aren't calling BS on the "interviews," BOF suggests taking this info with a grain of salt and consider it nothing but rumor--until proven otherwise. Anyone who can provide legit proof of these comments by Nolan and Bale, hit BOF with a email.

Various reports on 4/22 BEGINS filming!
Thursday, April 22, 2004, 8:50 PM CST: Here's several reports on today's filming over in London....

"Hi, I was at UCL this afternoon (22 April) and the crew were already packing up all their stuff, so they had actually been filming earlier, throughout the day, rather than tonight as stated on your site. The sign for University Street (WC1) was plastered over with the sign 'Grand Street' over the top. I missed the actual filming but some of the extras were hanging about and lots of the film crew. Just thought you might like to know if you don't already!"
(Above thanks to "Li Ann.")

"Hi from London. Just to let you know they are filming in Malet street tonight--a car chase with 5 USA police cars."
(Above thanks to "Harry L.")

"Hi! Nothing earthshattering, but this is an excerpt from an e-mail a friend who works @ University College London sent me today. Might be of interest to London based Batman fans....
'As you are a bit of a film buff I thought you might be interested to know that part of the new Batman film is being recorded at UCL. Another film to add to the list and yet more chaos. I have so far found the old medics Library converted into a court room, The foster court building has a large lighting rig outside it and they are taking all the signs that identify it as British down (including all the safety notices) and there are about half a dozen US style police cars marked up as Gotham City Police Dept founded 1820 parked in Mallet Street. Apparently they are here for 3 days and have enough lighting to do night shoots in virtual daylight.'"
(Above thanks to "Dan.")

Here's the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON website. If any of you all over there in London can snag BOF a pic or two, I'd be much obliged.

Our friend "Ras2005" is back pointing BOF towards some more Bat-news....

According to BRITISH FILMS.COM, BATMAN BEGINS finish shooting August 31, 2004. At that point, they are heading to Texas and my house for the wrap party. Just kidding...."BATGIRL" artist Jim Jean and "THE LOSERS" artist Jock are working on the project for Chris Nolan. Click HERE for more on the latter.

Hauer speaks again! Designer of "The Tumbler" revealed
Wednesday, April 21, 2004, 6:47 PM CST: Rutger Hauer, who is playing "Mr. Earle" in BATMAN BEGINS, has posted another entry about his work on the film on his message forum. In his latest post, Hauer says that Warner Brothers is "...very cautious about releasing information about the progress 'THE INTIMIDATION GAME' is making." (Really, I couldn't tell.) He also talks about meeting various members of the cast including Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and Michael Caine. He says he is on the lookout for Gary Oldman. Hauer describes the cast as "a great bunch to work with."
(Thanks to all of you who sent the Hauer lead.)

So, who is the guy behind the new Batmobile? "Clarkson's Flunkey" revealed to BOF that Andy Smith is the man behind "The Tumbler." Here is a bit of what the scooper had to say....

Andy Smith was part of the original BRITISH team who engineered the first Batmobile that starred in the Tim Burton "Batman" film, co-starring Michael Keaton [That's funny!--Jett]. He is renowned for his ability to take a rough sketch or a mock-up of a vehicle and turn it into a fully functioning engineered work of art that is second to none. The creators of such mock-ups don't worry about how it will work. That is left to the phenomenal talents of Mr. Smith. I kid you not!

His most recent outing in the world of big boys toys was his trademark influence in the building of the Aston Martins and Jaguars that raced each other across the ice fields of Iceland in the Bond movie "Die another day."

When you finally get to see the beast that is "the Tumbler" in action, mark my words, just like the first Batmobile, you will be impressed. But do remember it is not German nor American, but BRITISH engineering that brings life to something that started off as sketch on the back of an envelope!

Is Dowden Flask?
Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 6:50 PM CST: I had a couple of "insiders" email me today to say that Barry Dowden's role in BEGINS is that of Sgt. Jim Gordon's corrupt partner Det. Flask. BOF is looking at getting a confirmation on it, so stay tuned...."TCB" alerted us to 3 articles (1 2 3) regarding the recent BB filming at Canary Wharf...."Ras2005" points us towards British model Alana's website where she says she tested for a role in "...the new BATMAN film!" She describes the role as "...the girlfriend of a very rich man who's buying everything up in the film. I have to walk out of a restaurant/club on his arm and then pose for photos for the press. We then get in his limo and I start doing my make-up. All of a sudden there's a big 'thud' on the roof ......... it's BATMAN!!!!!!" Hmmmm, I wonder what scene she is talking about.

BEGINS casting info
Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 6:26 AM CST: Various bit of BEGINS news this AM, so let's get at it....
Robert Godwin is Christian Bale's stunt/fight coordinator for BEGINS....John Foo and Dean Alexandrou, part of the NO FX stunt team, worked as "Shadow Warriors" on BEGINS from March 9th to the 25th....David Legano has landed a role in BB as a mercenary according to IC SOUTH LONDON....John Kazek has been cast and is currently filming his part in BB....Barry Dowden has joined the cast as a Gotham PD detective....Michael Coleman has joined the cast as a "patron"....Boxer-turned-actor Tamer Hassan has been offered an unspecified role in BATMAN BEGINS....Duo Vertigo is filming scenes for BEGINS at the London HippoDrome.
(A big thanks to "Ras2005" for the detective work!)/font>

More Batmobile info
Monday, April 19, 2004, 6:35 PM CST: CINESCAPE has posted a new article from a scooper with more info on the BATMAN BEGINS Batmobile. Click on the link for more details....Word is that security is super tight on the Bat-set. And not much info is leaking out as WB and the production are keeping a tight lid on things. Hopefully, WB will release some official pics soon.

Mike Allred does BEGINS art for "GQ!"
Sunday, April 18, 2004, 1:20 PM CST: The Mike Allred Message Board has posted some art that Allred has done for an upcoming GQ article on BATMAN BEGINS. Mr. Allred is the dude behind "Madman" and "X-Statix." Click on the thumbnail below to check it out as it is really cool! (NOTE: The artwork does not reflect the actual production design of BATMAN BEGINS.)


(Thanks to "Atomic Battery" for the lead.)

Filming locale info. Caspien, not Dobson?
Sunday, April 18, 2004, 7:40 AM CST: A SUPERHERO HYPE scooper has more info on a BATMAN BEGINS location shoot over in London. Click on the link for the details.... The IMDB is now listing Katie Holme's "Rachel" character as having the last name of Caspien, and not Dobson. Rachel--who is an assistant Gotham D.A. and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne--has the last name of Dobson in the script. The name Caspien comes from the "YEAR TWO" series in the comics. Perhaps if the name has been changed during the current shoot, it is a nod to that particular comicbook storyline. Keep in mind however, that this site has been known to run with wrong information from time to time. In BOF's opinion, this is info is incorrect.
(Thanks to "Karl" and "The Only Woj" for the leads.)

That AIN'T the suit, and more
Friday, April 16, 2004, 8:40 PM CST: I had many--and I mean MANY--of you email me today with this "spy" pic going around that is allegedly Bale on the set in the suit. Well, flat out, it is BS. It was sent to BOF Thursday night and I knew it was fake when I saw it. But obviously, some thought it to be "legit." It is not real, and the Batsuit looks nothing like it. Bank it....Warner Brothers. Take my advice and get an official pic out. Someone is going to get a bootleg copy and give it to some site that will post it--sooner rather than later. Beat'em to it guys....A shout out to my son Micah to say Happy 7th Birthday....A longtime source emailed me today to say that things were going "great" on the BATMAN BEGINS shoot. All is going well and on schedule. Is it just me, or can't you wait for next summer either?! Adios for now.

Another cast member added
Thursday, April 15, 2004, 8:12 PM CST: BOF reader "Chandler Bong" sent a lead to an article appearing in Leyland Today regarding the casting of Mark Strange in BATMAN BEGINS. Strange says his role is that of a "...Shadow Warrior, part of an elite team sent to combat Batman, who is played by Christian Bale." Click on the previous link to read more about Mr. Strange and his past and present roles. I wonder if we could be related as my Mom's maiden name is "Strange." Probably not....Let me take the opertunity to revisit my advice to Warner Bros. from April 5th. Release an official picture of Christian Bale in the Batsuit. You know some A-hole is going to get his hands on one and give it to someone who does not respect this film as BOF does. Get one out there with perfect lighting that shows just how kick-ass the new costume really is--because it IS kickass. To hell with all those bitching and moaning about it looking like the previous suits--because it DOESN'T. But hey, this is just little 'ol BOF's advice. But it is good advice, trust me WB....And speaking of the costume, you have seen what it looks like, it is right here on BOF. No if's, and's, or but's. Just keep scrolling on down. Late.

More on the 4/11 "Twist" story
Monday, April 12, 2004, 1:53 PM CST: More in from our source who relayed yesterday's news to BOF....

Let me clear up a few things. First of all, this is all rumor. Just some of the buzz I've heard lately. However, it comes from people who I know would hear such things. Also, there are no major changes to the script. Any additional "twist" or alterations are things that could be inserted into the current script quite easily. And if the script is changed from what many have read, it is not any sort of response to the script leak or any negative fan-buzz (of which, there is very little).

I was given some of the alledged plot/twist addition rumors--which I won't reveal as they would be considered a spoiler. *WARNING*: Any changes are not in the first half of the film. So guess.) This source is right when he says that the current plot and storyline will not be altered. It is BOF's opinion that the BATMAN BEGINS script is fantastic and will make for a great film. If, however, Nolan and crew can come up with some additions or a "twist" that makes the movie even better, then have at it. So, is this possible? Yeah, very much so. Is it true? Don't know as of yet. One thing I can say for certain about all this is that we will know for sure June 2005.

A twist to "The Twist?"
Sunday, April 11, 2004, 7:25 AM CST: This in overnight from a longtime source. Those of you who read the script and then wished you hadn't might be in luck....

While all the script reviews and plot synopses that appeared online are on the money, there may be more to the script than meets the eye. Word has it that there may be some additional surprises in the film not revealed in the script. And, how can I word this, there might be a twist to "The Twist." Could they [WB--Jett] have leaked a script with mostly truth and some BS to throw people off? I don't know and that's not what I am suggesting, but.... I guess we'll find out for sure next summer.

To those of you out there celebrating today, have a great holiday. Late.

Official Bale-as-Bats pic on hold?
Friday, April 9, 2004, 2:30 PM CST: This just in. I guess you can thank all those who were part of the script fiasco last week for this--or actually to whomever leaked it in the first place....

Hey dude. Listen, they [WB--Jett] aren't going to release a picture of Bale in the Batman costume as planned. It was going to happen, as I told you previously, but since the script was leaked last week, the thing [releasing the picture of Bale in costume--Jett] is now on hold. I'm not sure when it will be released now, perhaps sometime this summer as you originally reported. But the leaked script clearly f***ed things up.

This is from one of BOF's longtime sources who has been dead-on many times. So, I have no reason not to believe him. You know, I don't blame anyone for wanting to read the script. But BOF had recieved several emails from people who read it, and now wished they hadn't--just as I had warned. And now very likely, the chance to see the suit sooner rather than later is gone. The whole feeding-frenzy over the leaked script and the fact it got loose in the first place still burns my ass. But hell, what's done is done. Late.

BOF's BATMAN costume review, part 2
Friday, April 9, 2004, 9:25 AM CST: If you consider learning what the costume looks like a SPOILER--or just don't want to know--then don't read the following report....

OK. After talking to a few more sources over the week, and doing a little more analyizing of the info that BOF already had, I am going to add a few more details to the BOF costume description of 4/2/04. The costume is constructed of foam rubber as was the case with the last costumes, but it seems to be thinner and not as bulky. It is covered with clear silicone, which gives it a bit of a shine. It is black, with a blueish hue, but seems to come off as "dark gray" in certain light. The Bat-symbol on the suit is part of the silcone, not the material underneath. And as I said earlier, it is big across the chest, yet subtle--i.e. the relief of the suit/symobl is not like that of the BATMAN FOREVER "sonar suit." It is more like an outline on top of the body suit. The suit also has a texture that is hard to describe. It is sort of leather-like, but it is not like the DAREDEVIL suit, nor similar to the suits from the first X-MEN. It just has some kind of texture to it. And the body suit is clearly molded into "body armor."

The cowl. It does fit tight to the face, but it is not as thin as say, the Alex Ross "Batman." It will not move to convey facial expressions as previously thought. It is separate from the body suit, but will fit over the extended neck (of the body suit) fitting as one. No part of the neck is exposed. It will allow for free movement of the head, so Bale won't seem to be wearing a "neck brace" as with the earlier suits. The ears are not as sharp or long as those of previous costumes, and seem to slant forward slightly. However, they are not smallish "nubs" or anything like that. And also as previously stated, the cape seems to "attatch" right above the chest bat-symbol. Lenses? None, according to several sources.

My overall take on the suit is a positive one. I really like it and believe the fans will as well. Just don't be shocked when it is not as radically different from the style of the suits from the previous films. I stand by my original observation: "It is not that drastically different than the costumes of the previous series, yet very fresh, new, and dissimilar at the same time."

BATMAN info roundup
Monday, April 5, 2004, 4:15 PM CST: Memo to Warner Brothers: release a pic of Bale in the Bat-suit sooner, rather than later. Not that I want to see it--because I do want to see an official pic--but because you need to head some A-hole off at the pass. After that script fiasco this pass weekend, BOF's advise is to get that thing out now. Plus, it'll fire everyone up as well. And BOF will be GLAD to premiere it for you! Like they'd let me....So how long have I dug The Bat? Check out the pic to the right....

Speaking of my advice to WB, the word among the "sources" is that is WB plans to do--release a pic of Bale in the suit. I am sure they will do it in the same manner as they did the Batmobile--It'll just pop up online sometime unannounced at the official site....According to Katie Holms Pictures, the actress is in the U.K. now to work on BATMAN BEGINS....BOF reader "Kelly B." sent BOF a very astute observation about the license plate on Bruce Wayne's car--which is a Gotham plate--looks very similar to an Illinois plate! Obviously, the Chicago filming is a location shoot and they want the plates to match up when seen onscreen....Speaking of that Chicago shoot, rumor has it that the city's famous "El" may play a role in the film. And this would make a lot of sense based on the script. You Chicago dudes keep your eyes open this summer when production head's to the Windy City...."Admiral Nelson" alerted BOF to something rather clever about the ride Bruce Wayne is seen in in those recent pics (find the link in one of the previous stories) that appeared online over the weekend. Seems that Bruce (Christian Bale) is driving a Lamborghini Murcielago. Using ENCARTA's translation tool, the word "murcielago" translated as "masculine zoology bat." BOF readers "Justin" and "PZ" point out that the name is in reference to the bull who tried to escape the matadorial ring in Spain in 1879 during a match. The bull had his life spared by the famous matador Rafael Molina. This was a very rare occurrence in bullfighting, and an honor accorded only to those bulls that have shown exceptional courage and spirit in the arena.

Pictures of Bale as Bruce Wayne and more!
Sunday, April 4, 2004, 2:05 PM CST: THE Z REVIEW has some exclusive, and really nice, shots of BATMAN BEGINS location filming at a Canary Wharf eatery over the weekend. Some very good shots of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. And I mean, he IS Bruce Wayne!

Bale as Wayne! (Courtesy our friends at THE Z REVIEW.)

About the BATMAN BEGINS Bat-suit
Friday, April 2, 2004, 8:05 PM CST: Jett here. I have contacted some of my best sources--many that I have had for years. And they contacted their own sources. You know, called in a few favors, pulled a few strings. Anyway, my efforts concluded with BOF learning what the Bat-suit will look like. I know this info to be legit beyond a shadow of a doubt.

While many of the descriptions appearing online were close--including those here at BOF--none have been spot on accurate. It does not look like the Alex Ross suit. It does not look like the suit in the comics, but it is clearly "Batman." It is pretty much one color--a dark, blackish-gray hue. It is textured. The Bat-symbol is big across the chest, but it is very discreet. And it is not the same Bat-symbol used for the official logo--more traditional. And the suit is clearly armored and padded. The belt is a dull yellow, almost gold-looking, with no pouches as depicted in the comicbooks (i.e. military style). Think sleaker. The cowl is tight on the face, but it is almost helmet-like with a very subtle chin covering (it is NOT like a chin strap on a football helmet). It is detailed and sculpted as well and there are no lenses. It appears that it unattatched to the body suit--which will allow for free movement of the head. The body suit extends high up the neck, so there is no gap between the cowl and suit. The ears, well, are neither long nor short. They are shorter than the ones of the previous costumes, but not as short as one might think. They don't seem to be as pointed either. The cape looks to attatch right above the Bat-symbol on the chest.

It is not that drastically different than the costumes of the previous series, yet very fresh, new, and dissimilar at the same time. But hey, that's just what I've heard....BOF told y'all that a pic of Mr. Bale in the Bat-suit may appear online this summer. Let's just say it could be sooner rather than later. Late.

BEGINS release date now in June!
Thursday, April 1, 2004, 9:37 PM CST: According to HSX, BATMAN BEGINS will now open on June 17, 2005--and not July 1st as originally thought. That's cool with me! This actually is on par with past BATMAN release dates. Hey, the sooner, the better! Late.

The Bat-costume, part 2
Wednesday, March 31, 2004, 9:37 PM CST: BOF has done a little investegating since I saw the story regarding the BEGINS Bat-costume today from SUPERHERO HYPE. I was able to find out from a very reliable source--who got it himself from someone firsthand--that the picture appearing on SHH is pretty damn accurate. So accurate, that the "powers that be" were not too happy that it showed up online. Now the fine details of the suit are not displayed, but it does give a general view of the BB Bat-suit--according to BOF sources. I guess we won't know for sure until we actually see Bale in costume.

The Bat-costume?
Wednesday, March 31, 2004, 7:43 PM CST: Over at SUPERHERO HYPE artist Tom Hodges has created a fan-rendering of what The Batman may look like in BATMAN BEGINS--according to "eyewitness reports" sent to the website. After looking at it myself, I must say that it doesn't stray much from the reports that BOF has recieved along with others read online--A dark gray to black body suit, with black gloves, boots, cape, and cowl. And the Bat-symbol--perhaps part of the chest armor--big across the front. Word has it that Bale in the Bat-suit may be made public as soon as this summer--which isn't far off.

The Batmobile is revealed!
Wednesday, March 31, 2004, 6:01 AM CST: Go to the official BATMAN BEGINS click on the Bat-logo. You will then be taken to two pics of the BB Bat-mobile! It is pretty much as described in the script--sort of an "urban tank" called "the Tumbler"--and completely different from the vehicle in the previous films ("LOW and WIDE, a cross between a Lamborghini Countach and a Humvee.") Here's a look at it from the front....

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This thing, in my opinion, kicks some major ass!
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