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It's Official: Bale is Batman!!!!
Thursday, September 11, 2003: Well, I knew he was one of the two finalists, and I had a feeling he was the one. And I knew that the decision was coming REAL soon. And he's it....This press release in today from Warner Brothers announcing that Christian Bale will be the next Batman. Oh yeah, congrats to all you Bat fan-boys, this is what you wanted:

Christian Bale

BURBANK, CA, 11 September 2003Ė- Christian Bale has been cast in the starring role of Bruce Wayne in Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming Batman movie, to be directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by Emma Thomas. The announcement was made today by Jeff Robinov, President of production for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Principal photography on the film is expected to begin in early 2004. The movie is written by David Goyer and Nolan, and will follow the early career of The Dark Knight.

Said Nolan, "What I see in Christian is the ultimate embodiment of Bruce Wayne. He has exactly the balance of darkness and light that we were looking for."

Robinov stated, "Now that we've found the best person to play Batman, we are really looking forward to moving ahead with the rest of our casting, and are excited about the exceptional group we are assembling."

Now, according to Harry at AICN, "one" of the villains is Ras Al Ghul, and The Scarecrow--as has long been reported by BOF--will have a "small part." And the film will also include London as a setting. What has Nolan and Goyer have cooking? The great thing is that we soon shall see!

Also, keep an eye out for some things an earlier scooper--the "Fuel Man"--told BOF. If you remember, he said the following were mandated by Nolan: smaller, sleeker batmobile, & the departure of the rubber suit. He had also mentioned that Bale was one of the names on WB's Bat-list.

It is on! After over five years of running this site. Over five years of trying to make sure that WB would give us the ultimate Bat-film. After five years of wishing and hoping, and ups and downs. After almost getting BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN in the summer of '02--only to have the rug pulled out from under us. We have finally won! We perhaps ARE finally getting the ultimate Bat-film! With a great director, screenwriter, and now an actor that most Bat-fans wanted, how could this go wrong? Good job WB, you got this one right. And I gotta wonder if BOF, and YOU influenced WB at all? Now WB, get that damn movie out--which by the way, is scheduled for a 2005 release. Late.

More Bat-details
Monday, September 8, 2003: OK, first up, I have to be vague with this info. Let's just say that I know more than I can give out right now. More details later....I have heard from more than one source that it is down to two actors--I know which ones, but I just can't say right now. But they are from the group who were screentested. One of them may be apprehensive to take the role, because of a possible role in another famous film franchise in the future....I have heard from more than one source--and this is nothing really new--that Michael Uslan will again Bat-produce, along with Nolan vet Emma Thomas....Casting could come soon. REAL soon. The word is that WB wants to get this thing rolling--and it already is really--because filming will start soon after the first of the year....There has been some talk that WB is considering a Holliday 2004 release--but summer 2005 is also strongly in the mix. More later....Oh, yeah, a bit from VARIETY.

"Warner execs and helmer Chris Nolan are readying 'Batman' for a production start in early 2004....Last week, WB and Nolan tested several actors -- among them Jake Gyllenhaal, Christian Bale, Joshua Jackson, Cillian Murphy and Eion Bailey -- to determine who will next don the bat cape. A casting decision is expected as early as this week. [The Bat]Film, developed from a script by David Goyer, should hit theaters in 2005." The same article--By CATHY DUNKLEY and JONATHAN BING--also comments about the status of BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN, "Longtime production chief Lorenzo di Bonaventura parted ways with the studio in part over a creative battle with WB prexy Alan Horn to push the edgier 'Batman vs. Superman' into production first. Insiders say a final clash of the superheroes is still possible, but the studio is determined first to breath life into 'Batman' and 'Superman' as separate entities -- a function of Horn and WB chairman-CEO Barry Meyer's mandate to build AOL TW's lucrative library gradually."

Is The Scarecrow the villain?
Friday, September 5, 2003 (Second update): I was just about to call it a night, and I got this in from one of BOF's better sources:

Now, I have not read the script--only heard bits and pieces about it. I'd chalk up what I've heard as rumor. And as I have told you before, the word going around for a while is that The Scarecrow is in Nolan's film. I read the AICN story in which Harry speculates that the villain is Ra's. But after talking to a few people today--and believe me this is the hottest thing going around right now--those sets that were described could involve Dr. Crane. They could be sets that will involve feargas-induced hallucinations. I'm trying to get a look at that script, but the studio [WB--Jett] has that thing under TIGHT lock and key. And most people real close to the film aren't saying a damn word. But as more people come aboard during preproduction, tongues will start to wag. But again, those Scarecrow rumors have been strong for a while. But they could have also always been a studio smokescreen.

Various bit of Bat-news and rumor!
Friday, September 5, 2003: Let me preface by reassuring you all that I am still around--just busy as hell right now! And yes, I am fired up by all this exciting new Bat-news. Do you think that I would miss all this after running this site for over five years? It's been the goal of BOF from the beginning--the summer of '98--to help see to it that a GREAT BATMAN film is made. And perhaps this will be it....The Bat-news regarding Nolan's flick is starting to snowball, so here's the latest....Harry has a new article up at AICN, where he speculates that Ra's Al Ghul is the villian in the upcoming BATMAN: INTIMIDATION. Now, I read the "scoop" that led to Harry's assumption that Ra's is the villain, and I just don't see what he sees. Perhaps he's heard something in addition to his latest report, that says:

"...sets are being constructed including a giant lair in the shape of a spiders web. Speculating, the only thing that i can think of would be the black widow played in the the 60s by Bette Davis. There is also supposed to be a few of the sets with a strong egyptian theme but he was fuzzy on the detials as they are only head height in order to make room for the remainder of them to be computer generated."

Egyptian theme? Could be Ra's, but it sure as hell had better not be King Tut! Just joking. Anyway, we should find out soon enough....More details on the Nolan Bat-film come from LATINO REVIEW. According to the site:

1- The title is INTIMIDATION GAME.
2- Emma Thomas (INSOMNIA, MEMENTO) is the producer.
3- Now in full pre-production at Shepperton studios.
4- Shooting starts shooting at the end of February 2004.
5- Shooting in Shepperton studios and on location in the U.K.

And yet even more rumors come in from DARK HORIZONS. The DH source says that "one of the workshops at Shepperton has 'Dark Knight Films' on the sign." The source also says that Christian Bale, Josh Hartnett and Cillian Murphy are the leading candidates to be tapped the new Dark Knight--with Murphy the probable winner. The source says Bale will not take the role because it will cost him Bond in the future. Remember, BOF reported the same thing about Bale a while back. And another DH source--and this is sort of out of left field--went to see Russell Crowe's band "30 Odd Foot of Grunts'" where he allegedly announced that he's been offered a "damn bad guy role thing that the guy from Memento's doing". I don't know about that one, frankly....Well that's about it for today. BOF is checking into all this with some of the site's own sources to get their take on the situation. Stay tuned to BOF, because you know more is coming.

BOF source: This is it! And more Bat-news!
Wednesday, September 3, 2003 (second update): Bunch of stuff, so let's get started....Thanks to Johannes of the great website, I was made aware that I was correct in that WB does not own "" But they DO own "" and ".net." I checked it out and it is true. And it seems that they actually secured these domains just yesterday. I guess some on-the-ball dude squated on the other one. But yep, WB owns them so you can chalk up the INTIMIDATION news as pretty darn true....Over at AICN, Harry has run a follow up to the THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER story that BOF ran earlier today, and his own story regarding INTIMIDATION from yesterday. He's got a nice breakdown of the actors that are up for the role, with pictures and Harry's take on each. Not a bad list, except for Joshua Jackson--just can't see it. Actually, and I am surprising myself, I am really starting to warm to Christian Bale. But a few of the others will work as well, IMO. I am just glad that they are going after an ACTOR, and not someone like *cough* Kutcher *cough*. Harry goes on to say that he has...

" confirmation about the Shepperton Studios story. The title of the Pre-production project is BATMAN: INTIMIDATION and it is the Christopher Nolan film. They've begun crewing up there with special effects guys, set designer and modelmakers... and the riggers and carpenters are lined up with the start of the main bulk of construction beginning around the start of October. The Art Department has been going at full swing for quite a bit now and they've been working on 'quite extensive concepts' that have been shared only with personel that 'need to know.'

And that leads me into this: an email that BOF recieved today from one the best and oldest sources of this site. Someone who has let BOF in on some really good inside stuff--some of which I have not been able to reveal. But he says "go ahead" on this one, since the "cat is starting to get out of the bag....Tell your readers that this is it. Unless there is a total meltdown on WB's part, the fifth 'BATMAN' film will start shooting early next year. And they can thank Chris Nolan for getting this job done." Well, almost. It hasn't started filming yet, and we know what has happened in the past with WB and their superhero films. But, dare we believe that "this is it?" Late.

Nolan's Bat-film getting ready to roll? Filming to begin in February?
Wednesday, September 3, 2003: (From THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) As I said to ya'll yesterday, "Could this really be it?" According to the HR, actors are being called in to test for the role of "Batman" over the next few days. Again, the same names your read about from the EW story are again mentioned in the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. And--I have to mention again--these guys are 20-something. Remember I told you from the get-go that Nolan was interested in a younger Bruce Wayne. That indeed seems to case. Here's a bit of the HR story (by Zorianna Kit):

"It's as if Warner Bros. Pictures were shining a Bat Signal over Burbank, summoning potential Caped Crusaders. Warners and helmer Christopher Nolan are zeroing in on an actor to star in the title role of the studio's next 'Batman' installment, which is scheduled to start shooting in February. Sources said that during the next three days, several young actors are expected to test for the role. The list of potential crime fighters includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Christian Bale, Joshua Jackson ('Dawson's Creek'), Cillian Murphy ('28 Days Later'), Henry Cavill ('I Capture the Castle') and Eion Bailey, who stars in the upcoming HBO feature 'And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself.' Meanwhile, sources say Hugh Dancy, currently shooting the Walt Disney Co.'s 'King Arthur,' may test if his schedule permits and he is able to shave the beard his "Arthur" character, Galahad, is sporting."

News tends to run in cycles with BATMAN. You'll get it in bunches. And it seems after having a lull for a few weeks, the Bat-news is starting to pick up again. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 2, 2003 (Third update): Just some more info....Previous BOF source says that although rumors remain strong that The Scarecrow is the villain in Nolan's film, he himself has heard nothing about this rumored title. However, he says he would not be surprised if such preproduction work was currently going on. Just wanted to clear up that the source was NOT confirming the "INTIMIDATON" title....I did a little digging to see who owned the domains ", net," etc. And it ain't Warner Brothers. If this was a actual title that WB was seriously considering--or even potentially using--they would have secured those URL's. I think you should keep that in mind.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003 (second update): Just checked email from my old account (had to change, as I have been flooded with virus-infected emails), and a very reliable source says that there may in fact be some validity to the earlier report. More details later, but this source says that rumor has it that The Scarecrow is the villain of the film. And the David Goyer script just may have elements of BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING as rumored. I am checking into this, so take with a grain of salt until further notice. But what villain could appear in a film like INTIMIDATION?

Tuesday, September 2, 2003: According to AICN, it seems that some test work is being done on "a" BATMAN film at Shepperton Studios under the name of BATMAN: INTIMIDATION. Here's a bit of the AICN article from scooper "Clancy":

"I am working at Shepperton Studios in England and staff from other productions are all talking about a new Batman movie gearing up for production here. They are calling it 'Batman: Intimidation,' apparently they are doing test shots at the moment. A colleague knows someone on the production and I shall get the name of the director."

Could this be the Chris Nolan Bat-film? If there is indeed a Bat-film at work at the studio, if would HAVE to be--since the Nolan film is the only Bat-flick in the works. Could this actually be it? Let's hope so! So, what do you think of the title? Click HERE to read the entire AICN story. (Thanks to BOF readers Craig, Kerry, and Bo for the head's up!)

Short list of potential Bat-actors?
Monday, September 1, 2003: According to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, Billy Crudup (ALMOST FAMOUS), Jake Gyllenhaal (THE GOOD GIRL), Christian Bale (AMERICAN PSYCHO), Hugh Dancy (BLACK HAWK DOWN), Joshua Jackson (THE SKULLS), and Cillian Murphy (28 DAYS LATER) are all candidates for Chris Nolan's Bat-flick. While it sounds to me as nothing but speculation on EW's part, the age of these actors are consistant to what BOF has heard previously--that Nolan wanted a younger Bruce/Batman in his film. I'd still be leary of this because those names could have been in that article for a variety of reasons. It could be--as I said--speculation, hype for the actor via his "people," or those names could indeed be on Nolan's Bat-list....The NFL football season is upon us! Thank goodness! Here's hoping that my beloved Dallas Cowboys--under the great Bill Parcells--finally break this 5-11 rut we've been in for the last three years. Go Cowboys! Late. (Thanks to our friend "LSOK" for the head's up.)

More on the Hugh Dancy rumor
Tuesday, August 26, 2003: IGN FILMFORCE's "Stax" has run a follow-up story on the Hugh Dancy-as-Batman rumor. This rumor started on DARK HORIZONS last week and gained more strength over at says Dancy is "signed, sealed, and delivered" as the next Dark Knight. Adding more fuel to this fire is an internet entertainment reporter who is a friend of BOF. This person contacted both Dancy's reps and "a source VERY close to the film," and both dodged questions regarding Dancy and BATMAN. "That usually means something," says our reporter-buddy. Go back and click on the FILMFORCE link to read the entire story.

Dancy rumor true?
Friday, August 22, 2003: Is this Hugh Dancy-as-Batman rumor true? Is he indeed Chris Nolan's number one choice? It is, according to a source. This guy goes as far as to say Dancy's casting is almost "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered." The story goes on to mention some news that is consistant with what BOF has reported recently: that Ashton Kutcher would not get the role and that Nolan had until the last summer to pick his Bruce Wayne.

Nolan has his eye on a Bat-actor?
Thursday, August 21, 2003: This is from DARK HORIZONS:

Batman: UK actor Hugh Dancy ("Black Hawk Down", "Ella Enchanted") is apparently talking with Chris Nolan about playing the caped crusader.

Franky dudes, I've been out of the loop lately. As you long-time readers know, this is my busiest time of the year. I promise I WILL look into this, so keep posted. And I'll say this, the dude wouldn't be a bad choice. We'll see....

BATMAN '89 Special Edition details?!
Saturday, August 9, 2003: This is from "Mr. Creaker," a new source with some "info" regarding the upcoming SE BATMAN '89 DVD. I advise you to take this with a grain of salt as it is only rumor. But interesting rumor nonetheless:


Brand New Digitally Re-mastered THX Certified Anamorphic Wide-screen Transfer 1:85.1

1. Tim Burton, Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson Commentary Track
2. Jon Peters and Peter Guber Commentary Track
3. Isolated Score with Optional Danny Elfman Commentary Track.
4. Bat trivia


1.The Summer of Batman ( Feature Length All new Documentary )
2.Bat be Gone ( Deleted Scenes- filmed and Unfilmed hosted by Tim Burton )
3.MUSIC VIDEOS( Princeís Bat-Dance and Party Man and Elfmanís Batman Theme )
4.Original 1989 ABC 20/20 Spot
5.Original 1989 HBO making of segment
6.Original Various 1989 Cast and crew Interviews
7.6 Tv spots, 1 Diet Coke Spot, Teaser Trailer, Full Trailer, Soundtrack Tv spot, Score Tv spot
8.Still Photos, Production Notes, Promotional Materials, Storyboards.


1.Script/ Storyboard to screen.
2.Web links.


10 page booklet featuring newly found photos.

Plus mini versions of the Teaser, Advance and DVD posters.

I was also told that BATMAN RETURNS is getting a similar treatment. Both discs should be out around Christmas time, There is a possibility that BATMAN FOREVER will also be released with them, Not to sure about BATMAN AND ROBIN. From what Iím hearing Joel Schmacher already started a reworked cut of BATMAN FOREVER sometime after B&R. You may have even read that around 1998 it was planned for a fall release. This may possibly get released as a Special Edition this fall, But that is only if Schmacher and the WB work out some time for it to be properly done. Burton had some people working on these discs over the past year while he was filming big fish. As of now the commentary tracks have not been recorded but should be later next month after Burton is done with post production of Big Fish. All people and Features on this and Batman Returns have been yet to be finalized but everything seems to be rolling just fine. My source has been hooking me up, He let me scan this cover art and said he is going to be sending me some more good stuff as it comes in. So hopefully that Batman Returns Cover art wonít be too far off. He also told me to expect Alternate or New Covers for BATMAN ( as you can see ), BATMAN RETURNS and BATMAN FOREVER ( If it makes it ). This is being done so people do not confuse the new discs with the older ones.

I would particularly interested in seeing a re-edited version of BATMAN FOREVER. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to this--IF it is indeed true. Late.

Mattel: BATMAN movie in 2005!
Saturday, August 2, 2003: FIGURES.COM did an interview with Mattel's BATMAN product manager Joseph Cavanaugh and he alludes to a 2005 release date for the next Bat-film--as has been reported here on BOF. Check this out: You mentioned there is a new Batman movie coming out in 2005. Can you expand on that at all?

"Not really. (smiles) I wish that I could. I just heard 2005, Warner Brothers is very serious about doing it and that Warner Brothers is doing everything they can to have a new Batman movie for us for 2005. We would love to have a movie."

2005? That's been the word going around. We'll see soon. Late. (Thanks to BOF reader "Sean" for the head's up.)

DC looking for their "Avi Arad"
Thursday, July 31, 2003: Ahhhhh! Can you smell it in the air? Can you? I sure can, the best time of the year is just about upon us: FOOTBALL season! Anyway....I first saw this over at the great COMICS 2 FILM website. Seems that DC COMICS is looking for their own version of "Avi Arad;" you know, the dude doing a hell of a mob getting the MARVEL characters up on the big screen. Anyway, check out this job listing originating from the AOL/TIME WARNER website:

Posting Job Title

 SVP Media Development

AOLTW Division

DC Comics


New York - New York - United States

Requisition #


Position Type

Full Time

Posting Job Description

DC Comics seeks an SVP Media Development for the Media Development department.

Position establishes relationships with the creative community in film and television. Offers media licenses for sale utilizing the intrinsic value of the properties and the potential value of talent attached to them. Works with internal (WB and New Line) licensees to ensure successful project completion. Performs other related duties as required.

Bachelorís degree in film production preferred, but not required. Relationships with television and film producers required. Familiarity with DC characters and properties required. Understanding the development and production of television and film programming required. 7-10 years experience in television or film development or production required.

One can only wish that someone like Mr. Arad goes to work getting the BEST superhero properties on the big screen--and done RIGHT. (Again, props to Rob and C2F for digging this one up!)

Nolan finally talks BATMAN!
Wednesday, July 30, 2003: METRO caught up with director Chris Nolan and he talked a little to them about his BATMAN project. Does he spill the beans? Does he talk in Bat-detail about the project? "Er, bloody marvellous? I can't. It's absolutely, excruciatingly top secret," says Nolan when asked what his vision was for the film. Here's a bit more:

"How is Batman coming along?"

"Fantastic. I'm having the time of my life."

"What stage are you at?"

"Very early stages, which is where it's tremendous fun. I'm getting to watch my vision of the world of Batman. To do that and get paid for it is brilliant."

Click here to read the rest of the story....I questioned one of BOF's best industry insiders about all the recent rumors we've heard recently regarding Nolan's BATMAN. And he had some interesting things to say. Check this out:

On Michelle Pfieffer reprising her role of Selina Kyle:

"I just don't see it happening. I do believe that the rumor about Selina Kyle making a cameo is true however. But what would be the point of having Pfieffer in the film? Does she, in her mid fourties, have a future in the series? Obviously Selina Kyle's cameo is setting up a potential Catwoman appearance down the line. However, this new film with Halle Berry may cause some problems for the character to appear in a 'Batman' film."

On whether or not Nolan's film will be tied to the previous films:

"I think he is just going to make his film and not worry about the first four films. It may not be a blatant restart, but it won't be screaming sequel either."

On Ashton Kutcher:

"I know WB wants to stick him in something big. I just can't for the life of me see Chris Nolan giving him the role. But, if he does get it, he won the role based on talent. I'm not saying he'll be the next Batman--I'm saying he'll have to earn it. Nolan won't hand it to him because WB mandates it happen. But I still think it will be someone else--probably an unknown."

This guy is in a position to know, but this is also mostly his opinion based on what he has heard. Let's keep that in mind. Late.

Michelle Pfeiffer to return to Bat-franchise?
Sunday, July 27, 2003: I know that I am two days late on this, so you all are going to have let it slide this time. I was out of town and didn't hear about this until I got back today. Anyway....DARK HORIZONS--via a scooper Garth considers reliable--says that former BATMAN RETURNS star Michelle Pfeiffer is in talks with WB about returning to the franchise in the Chris Nolan helmed Bat-flick. But the role could just be that of Selina Kyle, not Catwoman. Here's why DH reported:

"Michelle Pfeiffer is in talks to reprise her role as Selina Kyle - possibly outside of the leather costume - for Chris Nolan's Batman film. Nolan still wants to link the film to the others in the series it seems, but only the first couple - so word is he'd like to have Selina Kyle involved, albiet briefly, and possibly some other familiar faces. Was told the only reason Pfieffer didn't want to do another Bat flick- after Returns - was that she hated wearing the costume, so the deal this time might involve letting her reprise the role, but only as Selina, not as Catwoman."

Just last week, IGN FILMFORCE's "Stax" reported that the character of Selina Kyle was rumored to have a part in the Nolan Bat-flick--perhaps nothing more than a cameo. Could this be what WB/Nolan wants Pfeiffer for? Is the Nolan film a sequel to the previous four films? There have never been any indications that the Nolan film was a restart/origin film--people just assume this. And there are also those rumors saying that Michael Gough would return as Alfred. Remember, THE FRIGHTENING was clearly a sequel, and the word is that the David Goyer-penned Bat-script would be based on it. If WB wanted to go with a restart or prequel, they most likely would have went with the Darren Aronofsky/Frank Miller YEAR ONE project. The only thing BOF has heard that seemed to indicate a restart, was that Nolan was interested in a 20-something Batman. You have to keep in mind that WB could go with a "sequel," but in name only--not with the look and tone of the previous films. All of this is interesting to say the least. Late. (Thanks to "Stax" for the head's up!)

Kutcher still in the BAT-mix?
Wednesday, July 23, 2003 (second update): IGN FILMFORCE has run a story which mostly deals with Mc G and SUPERMAN, but does mention Nolan's BATMAN. And Ashton Kutcher. Here's the Bat-blurb:

"'Ashton Kutcher met with (President, Domestic Production, Warner Bros. Pictures) Jeff Robinov and McG to have an informal chat about Superman recently,'"says the FILMFORCE source. "'No offer was made, as far as we know, but Kutcher apparently reiterated his preference for Batman over Superman.'

Kutcher is the preferred choice of Warner Brothers for either franchise because he might attract teenage girls to go see a superhero movie, a niche audience that many comic book movies don't land. Besides, Kutcher seems hellbent on being taken seriously now as an actor (although one wonders how wearing a rubber cowl or blue and red spandex might accomplish that).

Our sources also informed us that fans and the press should only expect to hear from Warner Brothers when they're denying a published report or have a formal announcement to make. After the very public flame-outs of both Batman vs. Superman and Superman, Warner Brothers apparently won't 'say anything about their Big Three [Batman, Superman, Catwoman] until they are in a position where they have a manageable budget and are good to go. The emphasis is on preparing these movies and making sure everyone is comfortable with the direction they are heading, not rushing into it panicking."

This news is consistant with the BOF reports recently indicating that Kutcher is still in the mix for BATMAN. Word is that WB likes Kutcher and would like to see him in one of these roles. Sources also indicate that Nolan is not keen on casting Kutcher as The Dark Knight. In addition, MOVIEHOLE also says that Kutcher is still in the running. "Rumours are surfacing that Ashton Kutcher might not be out of the Batman contenders comp as rumoured." Stay tuned....Warner Bros. video has released the third BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES DVD titled, BATMAN: OUT OF THE SHADOWS. Here is the description of the DVD, via a WB press release:

The legendary exploits of Gotham Cityís cowled crusader continue in four spectacular episodes from the award-winning Batman: The Animated Series.
Prowling the night in his relentless quest to protect those who cannot protect themselves, Batman pits brains, brawn and Bat-technology against archenemies including the fowl-tempered Penguin and the double-barreled threat of the diabolical Two-Face. From Gothamís towering spires to the cityís thug-infested alleys, itís explosive superhero action as only the Dark-Knight can deliver!

You can add this video to your Bat-collection by clicking on the picture of the DVD cover to the right.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003: If you want to see the much talked-about BATMAN: DEAD END, THE FORCE.NET has made it available in Quicktime format....A lot of you emailed me asking why BOF didn't promote this film beforehand. Well, we don't to protect the guys making these "fan films;" even one done as professional as this one was. Warner Bros. doesn't take too kindly to people using their characters in unofficial films--it's a copyright infringement. So while BOF is in no way against fan produced Bat-films, we don't want help bring these movies to the attention of WB. It is as simple as that. Oh, AICN has a Q&A with B:DE's director.

Pearce says no to BATMAN?
Monday, July 21, 2003 (third update): (From
MOVIE POOP SHOOT) According to interview with Guy Pearce, he has no interest playing Bruce Wayne--not even with pal Chris Nolan directing:

JH: You starred in Christopher Nolanís acclaimed film, MEMENTO. Now word is he may direct a BATMAN film. Have you two talked about you possibly trying on that character. Would that hold any interest for you?
Guy Pearce: I donít think so. (laughs)

JH: Not in your nature to do a superhero movie?
Guy Pearce: Not at this stage in my life. If I was ever going to do it, Chris Nolan would be the person I would do it with. But no we havenít had any of those discussions.

Of course, I don't think he would actually fess-up right now, ya know? But I do believe that the 30-something Pearce is a bit old for what Nolan is looking for in his Batman.

More on The Cat and The Bat
Monday, July 21, 2003 (second update): "Stax," over at IGN FILMFORCE, has written a fantastic story that hits many of the rumors regarding CATWOMAN and how it could affect Chris Nolan's BATMAN--or vice versa. The story does further lend legitamacy to the BOF stories indicating that there is concern how a solo CATWOMAN film will affect Nolan's BATMAN--namely will it eliminate the use of the character in the Bat-franchise:

"The executives are also concerned because the original Catwoman character, Selina Kyle, will apparently have a supporting role (it could be as small as a cameo) in the next Batman film, which will be directed by Christopher Nolan and scripted by David Goyer. (This confirms a rumor reported earlier by Batman on Film [with the help of our friend "LSOK" and other sources--Jett].) This is a conflict because Warner Brothers doesn't want to cross-pollinate their film franchises."

Anyway, I won't say anymore. Just click HERE to read it....Also, make sure you check out the new BOF STORE section. Every little purchase--of some great Bat-stuff--helps keep BOF up and running. Late.

Berry: No ties between The Cat and The Bat
Monday, July 21, 2003: (From DARK HORIZONS) That lucky SOB Garth got a chance to talk to Halle Berry at the SAN DIEGO COMIC CONVENTION, and she confirms that her CATWOMAN film will have not ties to BATMAN--past or future:

"In regards to CATWOMAN she confirms there'll be no connection to the BATMAN franchise and its 'absolutely independent, and when asked what she's aiming to do with the movie she responded 'I think we're going to try new things with the costume, I think it'll be something that you haven't seen before - and because it really is her story about how she became Catwoman, she's not just a sidekick in a Batman movie now - its really her journey, I think you'll learn some interesting things about the character for people who don't know much about how she came about'."

Look, I am willing to give the film a chance. However, once the film is made, then she should be scratched from the BATMAN series--unless they do a crossover and Berry appears in a Bat-film. Which, frankly, I don't think will ever happen. I'm expecting one more bit of news regarding CATWOMAN later today, then that will be the last story on that film here at BOF. Hey, Halle said it herself that it has no connections to the Bat-franchise, so BOF doesn't need to cover it, right?

Some BATMAN takes and musings
Sunday, July 20, 2003: Here are some takes, thoughts, and musings of various BOF sources regarding WB, Nolan's BATMAN, and CATWOMAN. Remember that these are rumors--for the most part--that these insiders have heard, and their opinions of what is going on at the studio/with the projects/etc....There is a rumor going around--and told to BOF by more than one source--that there is concern that using the Catwoman character in her own film series, will take away the possibility of using her in the new BATMAN series. Rightfully so, in BOF's opinion. Catwoman is an important character in the Bat-universe and should make an appearence in the new series--if it is indeed a restart. Having two versions of the character in two different film series just doesn't make sense and could be quite confusing for movie audiences. Now, I am not against seeing Catwoman in her own film. I'd just rather see her in a Bat-film down the line--and as Selina Kyle, not Patience Price. So if this film does get made--which WB is insisting it will--then just forget about using the character in a future Bat-film. That's just the opinion of BOF. CATWOMAN is slated to start filming September 10--we'll soon see what happens....Ashton Kutcher. He's been a hot topic among Bat-fans lately, due to the talk of him being cast as the new Bruce Wayne. The overall take among BOF sources is that he ultimately will not get the role. WB may have liked him at one time--they may still like him in the role. But the word is is that Nolan will not cast him for a variety of reasons....Ah casting. Always the hot topic. Frankly, I'm hoping that this one is not true. There is some scuttlebutt that there are "differences of opinion" over casting. I'm not going to say who the parties are or over what role, but there is talk that casting is becoming an issue. We can only hope that another "Ratner" situation is not brewing. BOF certainly hopes not.

Best BATMAN film ever, huh?
Saturday, July 19, 2003: That's the word coming from the SAN DIEGO COMIC CONVENTION. Titled BATMAN: DEAD END, it is being hailed by many as the best on screen version of Batman yet. The flick is short film written & directed by filmmaker Sandy Collora. Click here to check out THE HYPE's description of the film--which includes a cool pic of The Bat, and here for the AICN breakdown. I'd heard nothing of this beforehand to honest with ya'll, so that is why there has been nothing on it at BOF. I'd LOVE to see it--hint, hint (Thanks to the MANY of you who sent in the head's up!)....Perhaps we can put the CATWOMAN-is-dead rumors to rest. For now. THE HYPE is reporting that the film WILL begin filming Wednesday, September 10.

Follow-up to a previous BOF story
Friday, July 18, 2003: Back on July 5, BOF ran a story from a source that said--more or less--that there was no way in hell that Ashton Kutcher would get the role of Batman. In no uncertain terms, this source said that director Chris Nolan has no interest in Kutcher for a variety of unflattering reasons. A WB insider has responded to BOF that WB denies the rumor. They found the description of Ashton Kutcher by this source untrue and nothing more than a fabrication. While WB will not confirm or deny that Kutcher is the running for the role, they utterly deny the Kutcher rumor as posted by BOF. Frankly, it tore Kutcher a new ass. While this scooper's take was and is not the official stance of BOF--that of a scooper only, BOF stands behind previous stories indicating that Kutcher will not get the role.

CATWOMAN still on?
Thursday, July 17, 2003 (third update): According to SUPERHERO HYPE!, their WB source says that there is no truth in the demise of CATWOMAN. As BOF has said, there have been rumblings of this, as this project has been a difficult one on route to the big screen. But it does seem that things are moving along at a pretty good pace right now, heading towards a fall shooting schedule. I guess we soon shall see.

Conflicting CATWOMAN reports
Thursday, July 17, 2003 (second update): BOF questioned one of our better sources regarding the report from earlier this morning. According to them, CATWOMAN is "still moving forward for all I know. But it wouldn't surprise me if they [WB--Jett] did pull the plug. It might have something to do with 'Batman.' If they use the character [Catwoman--Jett] in her own series, that will all but take her out of any future 'Batman' films. And there are some people at Warner Bros. against that." Nonetheless, over at SUPERHERO HYPE!, they are reporting that all is ago with the film. According to SHH, choreographer Anne Fletcher (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) "has now joined the production." The Hype also reports that a Teamsters site has additional information on filming dates. And they report, via the British Columbia Film Commission, that Thierry Argobast (The Fifth Element) will serve as CATWOMAN's director of photography while Jean Rabasse (Asterix & Obelix) is the film's production designer. Anyway, this morning's report from CINESCAPE should be taken as "unconfirmed rumor," as the website itself suggests. If WB indeed does plan to put the 'ol kabash to the movie, we should know something official soon. Frankly, I couldn't care less. I neither was fired up for it, nor did dislike the prospect of the film. I'd rather see the character of Catwoman in a Bat-film, but that's just me.

CATWOMAN dead? Selina to be in Nolan's BATMAN?
Thursday, July 17, 2003: CINESCAPE is reporting from a very reliable source, that WB may have pulled the plug on the upcoming CATWOMAN starring Halle Berry. I have heard some talk of this in the past--nothing of any substance--and I didn't think there was a need to report it. Click on the CINESCAPE link to read the full article....Could WB--if they did indeed send the film into turnaround--have done this to appease Chris Nolan? Does Nolan want to use Selina Kyle in his Bat-film? Could WB be so anxious to please Nolan and keep him in the Bat-mix, that they would pull the plub on an upcoming film? This from BOF's "unofficial" reporter "LSOK." "A while ago (must've been March/April) a source said that Nolan was thinking of using a pre-Catwoman Seline Kyle as Bruce's love interest in his 'Batman', says LSOK. "I wouldn't bet the house on it, but I guess it is a possibility that WB will pull the plug [on CATWOMAN--Jett] if they think it'll infringe with Nolan's film." Now, this is one of those "take with a grain of salt" rumors. But there is some smoke here. And where there's smoke....

How 'BOUT them DC COMICS properties!
Sunday, July 13, 2003 (second update): How 'bout those Astros! First place going into the All-Star break! Never would have thought it. That and The Tuna going to work on AMERICA'S TEAM here in less than 2 weeks, things are pretty good for the Jettman right now--sports-wise....2005. Didn't I say a while back something about The Bat in 2005? Check this out from VARIETY:

Of course, it's an open question as to whether the world would be a better place with more comic-book movies. But Kevin Tsujihara, an exec VP for business development and strategy for Warner Bros. Entertainment, says Warners is aware it could lose an entire generation of comic book fans simply by not making movies for them. "We're not going to let that happen," Tsujihara insists, "we're going to hire someone soon."

So, to keep the world safe for comic-book lovers, he and installed-last-year DC prexy and publisher Paul Levitz are hunting for someone to manage Hollywood creative relationships -- and they want to do it quickly.

A recent analysis of Warners by investment bank Thomas Weisel Partners called DC a "hidden asset" that is "buried" within WB. Can it be unearthed and unlocked? Many in Hollywood believe so.

"There is no reason why the DC stable of characters can't outperform Marvel's," says Don Murphy, a producer of graphic novel-based movies "From Hell" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

And so, DC is hurrying big-budget movies into production:

-"Catwoman," which stars Halle Berry and will be directed by French f/x vet Pitof, starts lensing in September.

-Director Francis Lawrence's "Constantine" also starts production in September, with Keanu Reeves starring.

-David Goyer, who penned "Blade" for Marvel and New Line, has adapted a new take on "Batman" that should hit theaters in 2005 under the helm of Christopher Nolan.

-"Wonder Woman" is being dusted off and developed. "Smallville" scribe Philip Levens is scripting, "Matrix" producer Joel Silver is producing with original TV show producer Leonard Goldberg.

-Even "Superman" may fly again, with "Charlie's Angels" helmer McG being eyed to direct.

-There's one DC Comics character, Shazam, in development, with William Goldman adapting it.

How 'BOUT them DC COMICS properties!!! MARVEL SUCKS! (Just kidding! While I've always been a "DC guy," I do dig SPIDER-MAN and most of their films!) Late. (Thanks to our 'ol friend 'Super85" for another head's up!)

Goyer talks BATMAN
Sunday, July 13, 2003: THE WEEKLY DIG recently ran a piece on comicbook-based films, which included a blurb from Bat-scribe David Goyer:

"You can make mistakes being too slavish to the source," says Goyer, who recently finished a script for the next Batman film (directed by Memento's Chris Nolan, not to be confused with Batman: Year One, the Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) helmed project about Batman's origin, which is now pushed back indefinitely). "You have to change things, collapse certain characters. We got a free pass with Blade. There's less of a burden to adhere to the mythology, since he didn't even have his own comic at the time. But then with Batman there's been TV shows and movies, so in terms of public consciousness the canon was already set. [Director] Chris Nolan and I had to meet with [DC President] Paul Levitz and other high-ups, to make sure we didn't break the core rules of the character."

Make sure you click the link and check out the entire article. Good stuff. (Thanks to "Super85" for the head's up!)

More from the "Fuel-Man"
Saturday, July 12, 2003: You know that story I did earlier in the week? The one titled "More fuel for the Bat-fire?" The one everyone got so fired up about? Well, the "Fuel Man" is back with some clarification for people who doubted the story--including one of BOF's better sources. Again, this guy is someone who works for a company that is in the running to do work on Nolan's BATMAN. I know what kind of work, but I'm still not saying out of respect for this source--and he didn't tell me not to; that's just how BOF operates (So all of you high level/in-the-know WB people out there who want to give it up, your ID is safe with BOF!). Anyway, here is more of what "Fuel Man" had to say: seems like you are George Dubbiya on Iraq; you seem to be catching heat for our report. I'm sorry for your having to defend the posting; I appreciate that you do, however. I thought I was clear on the circumstances, that is, everything is "in the works," & thus subject to change. YOU seemed to have no trouble understanding; yet, as I re-read the post, I can see where some people might go w/ this. I will try to clarify our circumstances for YOUR benefit; you can post/ not post what you wish.

As I stated before, we are a small XXXXX & XXXXX design firm. We are chasing leads into the movie industry with a small but talented crew. Our meetings w/ WB have been low level. What that means is we have been meeting w/ low to mid level executives & assistants, NOT Nolan himself. They have notes (I referred to them as memos) from THEIR meetings with Nolan or his assistants. These memos are guides for need-to-know info for vendors & designers. So, if you were to apply for a job at Microsoft, Bill Gates would not interview you, Human Resources would do it. Same deal here.

The CONTENT of the meetings? The design elements mentioned I believe will come to pass. Again, even if we get the contract, the costumer, Miniature builder, set builder, CGI studio will all most likely be submitting their own stuff....The info we got from WB was feedback to help w/[the work we want to do on the film.

Design: this movie is particularly challenging as Batman has a solid "look" in place for both the films AND comics. The challenge here is to make Batman look fresh & different, yet remain faithful to the look of the character. So, to wit, the comments on the costume, Batmobile, etc., are the strongest elements that come to pass, either from us or another designer, will most likely happen.

Casting: as in any conversation, talk will drift to all parts of a subject. The names we got were from WB employees. Any "Fanboy Wishing" is coming from them. As you know, a casting agency will handle the bulk of the casting beyond the leads; to my knowledge there is not one yet in place, and if there is we don't know who it is. It's because of that that suggestions are springing up. It's an open field, & WB staff are as hopeful as anyone to see this movie get made. The names mentioned were mentioned, and that is all. I'm not privy to how these people are signed up.

Ashton Kutcher: our impression was, at first they loved him, now they want him gone. I'm sure you have noticed how much he has been in the news of late.

Superman/Batman: since WB is trying to get both franchises up & running, efforts are being made to have the franchises work with each other. For example, if Batman comes out in '05, the best idea would be to have Superman come out in '06, or stagger summer/holiday releases, that sort of thing. It's hoped that the abandoned BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN can get made; it makes more sense to establish the actors first. That's why there is hope to have them be near each other in age, (& young to get more mileage out of the actors), to establish cameos/crossovers, etc.

The McCoughnehay/Bale thing was mentioned, again, as a possible example of this; hence the unofficial title. I know nothing of any actual attempt to contact these actors. Of the possible supporting roles, the impression WAS given that some of these actors would be contacted. But, It also could have just been a list as to who would fit where.

Our biggest impression is that a lot of behind the scenes stuff is going on; meaning, they are evaluating the script. After that, If Nolan is happy, & stays w/ the project, the film will get made

I hope this clarifies things. Perhaps you can shoot down any crap you get over the last post. Good luck, great site. Thanks for sticking up for our post.

Walker not scripting Nolan's BATMAN
Friday, July 11, 2003 (third update): According to the IMDB's full description of the cast and crew of Nolan's BATMAN 5, Andrew Kevin Walker is one of the screenwriters. Ain't true--and you can take that one to the bank. "[Walker], did not ever work on Nolan's script, only met with him a handful of times. He only wrote the BvS script, which I still think is fantastic! But, no he never actually wrote anything for [Nolan's] BATMAN. He met with Nolan, and when it was discussed the direction Nolan wanted to go, he backed off. Nolan wanted a 'younger, earlier' Batman, and he did not like the lines of that, so walked from it," this coming from a source who has 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt credibility with BOF. And according to this source, Nolan wanted to start from scratch with a script--not rewrite or revamp another. "If he would have worked with Nolan, he wanted it to be from was to be original, not a re-write." Now Goyer got the gig not long after Walker's meeting with Nolan, so I assume the job would be under the same conditions. So I say whatever it is that Nolan intends to do, is new and original (as I have said before--Jett) and NOT a revamp or rewrite of a Bat-script already in WB's possession....The other names mentioned as part of the crew in the IMDB listing included, David Julyan (music), Wally Pfister (cinematography), and Dody Dorn (film editing). Checking these people out, they have all worked with Nolan before--so they could be working on BATMAN 5, or it could be assumptions made by IMDB.

A reminder from BOF
Friday, July 11, 2003 (second update): BOF does not post every bit of "news" that comes our way. Trust me--I get A LOT of so-called "scoops" daily. As meticulous as BOF is when it comes to sorting through and reporting Bat-news to you, not everything reported here is gospel. Remember the disclaimer: "unless otherwise noted, all news should be considered rumor and treated as such." Listen, don't I tell you when you can take something to the bank? Remember when I said that Akiva Goldsman was hired to rewrite Bvs? People said that BOF was full of you-know-what on that one, remember? And who was right? Anyway, the point is that I'll tell you when something is "bet the house on it" truth, as well as "take it with a grain of salt" rumor. It seems that a lot you were upset with the last report posted by BOF. Really, I didn't want to rain on anyone's parade or, frankly, piss anyone off. I am not totally discounting the news I brought to you all last Tuesday (July 8). There exists reasons why some of my other sources--including the one I quoted in the previous report this morning--may not have heard the stuff the "scooper" did. According to the dude, he works for a company that is in talks--along with of other of the like--with WB to do work on Nolan's BATMAN. It is possible that because of that, his company may be privy to information that my other souce would not. So, I am not telling you to discount the original "scoop," but have some guarded optimism....Now with that said, I keep getting emails and I have seen on the net, certain things that are "confirmed." Nothing is confirmed except that WB has hired Christopher Nolan to develop and direct a BATMAN film, and that David Goyer is doing the screenplay. That's it. Anything else should be considered rumor--period. No matter how strongly BOF stands behind a bit of "news," right now, it is nothing but conjecture. For example:

*Ashton Kutcher--It is only rumor that he is in the running, and it is not confirmed that he is out of the mix either. I am sure that there are several actors in consideration. That list could or could not include Kutcher.

*Chris Lloyd as The Scarcrow--Rumor and nothing more. It is not even confirmed that The Scarecrow is going to be the villain in the film.

*Micheal Gough to return as Alfred--More rumor. Again, nothing confirming this.

My point again is at this stage, everything should be considered nothing more than rumor. And while I firmly believe that BOF is the BEST, and most reliable source for BATMAN news there is, all what you read here is not set-in-stone gospel. Late.

Your parade is being rained upon
Friday, July 11, 2003: I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade. Really, I don't. I got A LOT of email in regards to the last BOF update. 99.9% positive. So here's the rain....One of BOF's best sources--someone we know and has given us proven info--told me to tell ya'll not to get your hopes up about that last update. "Fanboy wishing. That's what it sounds like to me. While some of it rings true, most of those people are not in the mix. Haven't been and will not. But I'll say this, WB should listen." This source agrees with past BOF news saying that Christian Bale is not in the running for the role of Batman in the Nolan Bat-film. He also agrees with other scoopers who have said that Ashton Kutcher will not get the role. And--in his opinion--Matthew McConaughey ain't going to be The S-man. Could his name have been brought up for it? Sure. But a lot names have. "This 'scooper' offers nothing that you [BOF--Jett] haven't already reported. Just a bunch of names; and any fanboy could have come up with those," says this highly regarded BOF source. He does offer this to all of you, "Hey, I hope he's right."

More "fuel" for the Bat-fire!
Tuesday, July 8, 2003 (second update): So much for being on "standby," huh? This excellent bit of news really sheds some light on what direction Nolan's Bat-film is taking and what it could look like. Now for the disclaimer: This guy can not give away his ID, nor the ID of the company at which he works. This company is in the running (among others) to do some work on the Nolan Bat-film. I know, but I won't say for the sake of protecting the ID of this source. And this is a new source, so BOF does not vouch for the 100% validity of this info. However, I have done this long enough to weed out most of the BS that comes along (daily, trust me on that). And he sent me something that tells me he does what he says he does. And with that said, here's the latest....

ANYWAY, this is some of the info gleaned from our many meetings--

Ashton Kutcher- definite interest, but those pushing for him quickly lost ground. Nolan has a vision & tone for the film. Not so much "Dark," as the character is obviously that, but SERIOUS; Nolan wants to do a comic adventure w/ real world feel. Kutcher won't get past Nolan, & WB won't mess up their relationship w/ Nolan. Read: KUTCHER'S OUT.

Costume-Look for the new bat-rig to be more faithful to the comics, as in not all black. Also, look for the sculpted "rubber" look to go away, a la Spiderman.

Batmobile- smaller, sleeker; think dodge viper crossed with a small dragster.

Villain-Scarecrow is the front-runner; he may not be the one, or the only one. There is talk of introducing a NEW villain via the movie!

Casting-Open field, but Nolan DOES have prospects in mind. It won't be hard to cast this film. There was discussion about Christian Bale, unofficially, because Matthew McCoughnahey is a name being pushed for Superman. Both were teamed in Reign Of Fire. WB wants to coordinate the casting of their premiere properties, as they want to re-launch both for a trilogy-plus run, with an eventual cross-over/team-up. Bale would be a solid Bruce Wayne, having the look, build, & height, as well as the talent for the role.

Whoever gets the nod for both roles is hoped for a 3 picture deal. This will mean a 25-30 something star for each film. THIS ALSO means younger versions of Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, & Harvey Dent, than in the previous films. Alfred will be in his fifties; Commissioner Gordon will be in his forties, & more along the lines of Miller's "YEAR ONE" Gordon. A teen-age Barbara Gordon, Gordon's niece, may make a non-Batgirl cameo. (not Alicia Silverstone's Barbara PENNYWORTH from Batman & Robin).

Logic would dictate that the same treatment would be given to the Flying Grayson's Although all involved say Robin WILL NOT be part of the plot. Harvey Dent WILL NOT be Two-face, solidifying the thought that this is a restart to the franchise. This is significant, as this opens the door for an appearance by The Joker, either in this or future films. Dent will be a contemporary of Wayne's; look for him to be in his mid thirties. Names for the part include Noah Wiley from ER, David Duchovney, & Dougray Scott (also mentioned for Bruce Wayne)! Gordon has no names attached, but agents for Dennis Quaid, Sam Neil, Patrick Swayze (?!) & Dylan McDermott(?!) have all been contacted. WB/Nolan want Gordon to be a significant role in the upcoming franchise. Look for him to be a grizzled, hard as nails cop that begrudgingly befriends Batman.

This is all I can tell you at this point. Any more will endanger our bid. I'm sure none of this is NEWS to you, but now you can see the framework of the ideas forming at Bat-camp.

I'm sorry that I can't tell you my name or our ######### name; we are in the crucial phase of negotiations for this contract.

Great work on your site....good luck.

Some damn good stuff, right? As I said, keep in mind that non of this is confirmed, and therefore should be treated as rumor. But if true, it looks as if WB is being very cautious to make sure this thing is done RIGHT. Late.

Kutcher re-ups for more THAT 70s SHOW
Tuesday, July 8, 2003: Jett here, back in the great Lone Star State. DARK HORIZONS has reported that Ashton Kutcher has resigned to be Michael Kelso for two more years on THAT 70s SHOW. And this rules him out--time and schedule-wise--of nabbing the role of Bruce Wayne in Nolan's Bat-flick. I actually first heard this traveling home from the airport on THE TICKET--a sports-talk radio station in Dallas. BOF has been reporting that while Kutcher is considered a candidate for the role, actually getting it is unlikely. We've even had a couple of reports saying it will never happen. BOFs official take: Kutcher will not nab the role and we're pretty confident in saying that....As far as that report I posted from Minnesota last Saturday, I still can't confirm the validity of that report. So I again warn that that story should be taken with a large grain of salt and be considered nothing but rumor at this point. With that said, much of it is consistant with what BOF has been hearing....As far as the other casting news--Christopher Lloyd as The Scarecrow (first brought to you here at BOF) and Michael (not "Al") Gough returning as Alfred--should also be considered nothing but rumor at this time. While both could actually pan out, there has not been any official casting as of yet. And it is not been confirmed that The Scarecrow will even be the villain in this film. But again, there is a lot of "chatter" saying that these guys will be cast in those roles. Time will tell....With all that said, BOF is returing back to "standby" mode through the remainder of July. Despite all the "news" we have been getting over the last few weeks, new generally runs slow during the summer. So we'll keep a watch out for all Bat-news and BOF will be the first to bring it to you....Please make note of the new BOF email. All comments and news should be sent to until the next "big" Bat-story, Jett out!

Role of The Batman wide open...Bruce Wayne to be on SMALLVILLE
Wednesday, July 2, 2003: Patrick Sauriol, news editor at CINESCAPE, has put together a recap of the recent BATMAN 5 rumors--including some of the news you've already read here at BATMAN ON FILM. However, one of the website's own sources has chimed in saying that "...the role is still anyone's to grab. Supposedly the decision about who will play the new Batman is contingent on the director [Christopher Nolan--Jett] and senior WB personnel, which makes sense." Obviously, Kutcher is not the done deal as some websites have reported. BOF has long maintained that other actors would be tested and considered before a decision is made....ZAP 2 IT is reporting that a young, pre-Batman Bruce Wayne will appear on SMALLVILLE this upcoming season. For details, click on the previous link and read the entire story.

Yet MORE damn BATMAN news!
Tuesday, July 1, 2003 (second update): You know, this stuff is coming in non-stop it seems. Here's DARK HORIZONS ' Bat news o' the day. Of course, it is mostly a bunch of stuff that you're 'ol buddy Jett here at BATMAN ON FILM has already brought you. Ok, here it is....Ashton Kutcher is *SHOCK!* WB's top choice for the role of Bruce Wayne, but he ain't Chris Nolan's. Seems (and where have I heard this before...?) that Nolan may want an "unknown" and will continue to screentest several actors--maybe even up to 20+. And he's got until the end of the summer to present the new Dark Knight to the head honchos at WB....As far as Guy Pearce is concerned, "I wouldn't hold my breath," the DH source says. "I think that was mostly rumor that he was going to pull a 'Burton' and cast an actor he recently worked with and has a good relationship with. He's looking in the 25-30 range as far as actors go." Remember, BOF has said that Nolan wants to go young, so this seems to fit the bill. Yes, we did say that it could be "18 to 25 year old young," as a source told us previously. I think this was the time that Andrew Kevin Walker met with the director, prior to the Goyer hiring. The key thing is that Nolan wants to go young--as reported first to you by your friends here at BATMAN ON FILM....And who broke the story about Chris Lloyd? "Chris Lloyd as Scarecrow," the DH source continues, "yes, he has been spotted around the backlots. No, we don't know for sure what for. He was spotted with Nolan twice, and then alone the other 3 times. I read a report that he was seen shaking hands with Nolan and had a script in his hand [uh, I wonder where...?], I can't confirm this, but I will try to look into it to see what I can get out of the situation. Take that last bit with a grain of salt. A damn big one at that." I think I said to take that grain of salt a few days ago, right? Nevertheless, there must be something to it....Now as far as the Micheal Gough, not Al Gough (Or is this guy talking about Al Grogh, former head coach of the New York Jets--and protege of current Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells--and now the head man at the University of Virginia?), here's a bit more on him returning as Alfred Pennyworth: "Al Gough as Alfred again? You're on the money. He is both Nolan's and WB's first choice, and will most likely get the role, even though the film is a restart of the franchise. (This is just a way to pay homage to the previous films and keep some familiarity with audiences, because almost nobody else from previous films will be cast)." Just more Bat-news for all ya'll BOF fans.

Yet more BATMAN news regarding Bat-casting
Tuesday, July 1, 2003: MOVIEHOLE has contacted one of their "highly reliable" studio sources attempting to get to the bottom of the BATMAN casting rumors. He addresses the Christian Bale-as-Batman rumor, and--GASP!--it is damn near the exact thing that BOF has been telling you. "To answer your question - tough one [regarding casting, particularly Bale--Jett]. Everyone is up for BATMAN. Anyone who has a half-decent agent and is in the Batman profile is going to try to keep their name on the list. Christian was only interested in the Aronoksy[sic] Batman Year One project which has since been shelved. When we think about the WB Batman project, it's a wild card," so says their source. Let me point out this statement: "Anyone who has a half-decent agent and is in the Batman profile is going to try to keep their name on the list." People, this is spot-friggin'-on. A lot of the names that you--and I for that matter--hear, is a result of agents trying to get their guy's name in the mix. Try to get a little buzz going. Don't think for a minute that sites such as BATMAN ON FILM aren't used to gauge public response to potential Bat-actors. You can take that to the bank.

The report goes on to mention Hollywood super-agent Patrick Whitesell, who represents Bale, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, and several other hot 20/30-something actors. Many of whom would love to be the next Bruce Wayne. "Whitesell has a track record in getting his clients cast in big movies. Whitesell also represents James Marsden who was unhappy with his begoggled role in X-Men [Cyclops--Jett] and would love to get more face time as Bruce Wayne. So would Joaquin [Phoenix] (but he's unfortunately short). So Whitesell has a lot of candidates to forward for WB's consideration. Bale is one of them but he has the handicap of being box office poison. Also, after Reign of Fire tanked, Bale has been loathe to touch another big SPFX movie," so says the MOVIEHOLE source. He also mentions a left-field candidate--Freddie Prinze Jr. Now I'd rather have Ashton Kutcher than him, personally. Nevertheless, some pretty good stuff coming from this report. This is a HOT role and I am positive that there are many actors who want it and agents who are trying to get it for them. Stay tuned, I expect the final casting of The Batman to take place before the fall....Oh by the way, you can be assured that BATMAN ON FILM does not consider, nor will ever report that "Gilbert Gottfried" is up for the role of Batman nor Superman--even though some jackhole forum moderator on a particular superhero website suggests BOF will. And he can take all those "dimes" that he's saving and shove them up...naaah. I'll let it go. BOF is beyond such petty nonsense. Late. (Thanks to "LSOK" for directing BOF to this story.)

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