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More from the "Fuel-Man"
Saturday, July 12, 2003: You know that story I did earlier in the week? The one titled "More fuel for the Bat-fire?" The one everyone got so fired up about? Well, the "Fuel Man" is back with some clarification for people who doubted the story--including one of BOF's better sources. Again, this guy is someone who works for a company that is in the running to do work on Nolan's BATMAN. I know what kind of work, but I'm still not saying out of respect for this source--and he didn't tell me not to; that's just how BOF operates (So all of you high level/in-the-know WB people out there who want to give it up, your ID is safe with BOF!). Anyway, here is more of what "Fuel Man" had to say: seems like you are George Dubbiya on Iraq; you seem to be catching heat for our report. I'm sorry for your having to defend the posting; I appreciate that you do, however. I thought I was clear on the circumstances, that is, everything is "in the works," & thus subject to change. YOU seemed to have no trouble understanding; yet, as I re-read the post, I can see where some people might go w/ this. I will try to clarify our circumstances for YOUR benefit; you can post/ not post what you wish.

As I stated before, we are a small XXXXX & XXXXX design firm. We are chasing leads into the movie industry with a small but talented crew. Our meetings w/ WB have been low level. What that means is we have been meeting w/ low to mid level executives & assistants, NOT Nolan himself. They have notes (I referred to them as memos) from THEIR meetings with Nolan or his assistants. These memos are guides for need-to-know info for vendors & designers. So, if you were to apply for a job at Microsoft, Bill Gates would not interview you, Human Resources would do it. Same deal here.

The CONTENT of the meetings? The design elements mentioned I believe will come to pass. Again, even if we get the contract, the costumer, Miniature builder, set builder, CGI studio will all most likely be submitting their own stuff....The info we got from WB was feedback to help w/[the work we want to do on the film.

Design: this movie is particularly challenging as Batman has a solid "look" in place for both the films AND comics. The challenge here is to make Batman look fresh & different, yet remain faithful to the look of the character. So, to wit, the comments on the costume, Batmobile, etc., are the strongest elements that come to pass, either from us or another designer, will most likely happen.

Casting: as in any conversation, talk will drift to all parts of a subject. The names we got were from WB employees. Any "Fanboy Wishing" is coming from them. As you know, a casting agency will handle the bulk of the casting beyond the leads; to my knowledge there is not one yet in place, and if there is we don't know who it is. It's because of that that suggestions are springing up. It's an open field, & WB staff are as hopeful as anyone to see this movie get made. The names mentioned were mentioned, and that is all. I'm not privy to how these people are signed up.

Ashton Kutcher: our impression was, at first they loved him, now they want him gone. I'm sure you have noticed how much he has been in the news of late.

Superman/Batman: since WB is trying to get both franchises up & running, efforts are being made to have the franchises work with each other. For example, if Batman comes out in '05, the best idea would be to have Superman come out in '06, or stagger summer/holiday releases, that sort of thing. It's hoped that the abandoned BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN can get made; it makes more sense to establish the actors first. That's why there is hope to have them be near each other in age, (& young to get more mileage out of the actors), to establish cameos/crossovers, etc.

The McCoughnehay/Bale thing was mentioned, again, as a possible example of this; hence the unofficial title. I know nothing of any actual attempt to contact these actors. Of the possible supporting roles, the impression WAS given that some of these actors would be contacted. But, It also could have just been a list as to who would fit where.

Our biggest impression is that a lot of behind the scenes stuff is going on; meaning, they are evaluating the script. After that, If Nolan is happy, & stays w/ the project, the film will get made

I hope this clarifies things. Perhaps you can shoot down any crap you get over the last post. Good luck, great site. Thanks for sticking up for our post.

Walker not scripting Nolan's BATMAN
Friday, July 11, 2003 (third update): According to the IMDB's full description of the cast and crew of Nolan's BATMAN 5, Andrew Kevin Walker is one of the screenwriters. Ain't true--and you can take that one to the bank. "[Walker], did not ever work on Nolan's script, only met with him a handful of times. He only wrote the BvS script, which I still think is fantastic! But, no he never actually wrote anything for [Nolan's] BATMAN. He met with Nolan, and when it was discussed the direction Nolan wanted to go, he backed off. Nolan wanted a 'younger, earlier' Batman, and he did not like the lines of that, so walked from it," this coming from a source who has 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt credibility with BOF. And according to this source, Nolan wanted to start from scratch with a script--not rewrite or revamp another. "If he would have worked with Nolan, he wanted it to be from was to be original, not a re-write." Now Goyer got the gig not long after Walker's meeting with Nolan, so I assume the job would be under the same conditions. So I say whatever it is that Nolan intends to do, is new and original (as I have said before--Jett) and NOT a revamp or rewrite of a Bat-script already in WB's possession....The other names mentioned as part of the crew in the IMDB listing included, David Julyan (music), Wally Pfister (cinematography), and Dody Dorn (film editing). Checking these people out, they have all worked with Nolan before--so they could be working on BATMAN 5, or it could be assumptions made by IMDB.

A reminder from BOF
Friday, July 11, 2003 (second update): BOF does not post every bit of "news" that comes our way. Trust me--I get A LOT of so-called "scoops" daily. As meticulous as BOF is when it comes to sorting through and reporting Bat-news to you, not everything reported here is gospel. Remember the disclaimer: "unless otherwise noted, all news should be considered rumor and treated as such." Listen, don't I tell you when you can take something to the bank? Remember when I said that Akiva Goldsman was hired to rewrite Bvs? People said that BOF was full of you-know-what on that one, remember? And who was right? Anyway, the point is that I'll tell you when something is "bet the house on it" truth, as well as "take it with a grain of salt" rumor. It seems that a lot you were upset with the last report posted by BOF. Really, I didn't want to rain on anyone's parade or, frankly, piss anyone off. I am not totally discounting the news I brought to you all last Tuesday (July 8). There exists reasons why some of my other sources--including the one I quoted in the previous report this morning--may not have heard the stuff the "scooper" did. According to the dude, he works for a company that is in talks--along with of other of the like--with WB to do work on Nolan's BATMAN. It is possible that because of that, his company may be privy to information that my other souce would not. So, I am not telling you to discount the original "scoop," but have some guarded optimism....Now with that said, I keep getting emails and I have seen on the net, certain things that are "confirmed." Nothing is confirmed except that WB has hired Christopher Nolan to develop and direct a BATMAN film, and that David Goyer is doing the screenplay. That's it. Anything else should be considered rumor--period. No matter how strongly BOF stands behind a bit of "news," right now, it is nothing but conjecture. For example:

*Ashton Kutcher--It is only rumor that he is in the running, and it is not confirmed that he is out of the mix either. I am sure that there are several actors in consideration. That list could or could not include Kutcher.

*Chris Lloyd as The Scarcrow--Rumor and nothing more. It is not even confirmed that The Scarecrow is going to be the villain in the film.

*Micheal Gough to return as Alfred--More rumor. Again, nothing confirming this.

My point again is at this stage, everything should be considered nothing more than rumor. And while I firmly believe that BOF is the BEST, and most reliable source for BATMAN news there is, all what you read here is not set-in-stone gospel. Late.

Your parade is being rained upon
Friday, July 11, 2003: I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade. Really, I don't. I got A LOT of email in regards to the last BOF update. 99.9% positive. So here's the rain....One of BOF's best sources--someone we know and has given us proven info--told me to tell ya'll not to get your hopes up about that last update. "Fanboy wishing. That's what it sounds like to me. While some of it rings true, most of those people are not in the mix. Haven't been and will not. But I'll say this, WB should listen." This source agrees with past BOF news saying that Christian Bale is not in the running for the role of Batman in the Nolan Bat-film. He also agrees with other scoopers who have said that Ashton Kutcher will not get the role. And--in his opinion--Matthew McConaughey ain't going to be The S-man. Could his name have been brought up for it? Sure. But a lot names have. "This 'scooper' offers nothing that you [BOF--Jett] haven't already reported. Just a bunch of names; and any fanboy could have come up with those," says this highly regarded BOF source. He does offer this to all of you, "Hey, I hope he's right."

More "fuel" for the Bat-fire!
Tuesday, July 8, 2003 (second update): So much for being on "standby," huh? This excellent bit of news really sheds some light on what direction Nolan's Bat-film is taking and what it could look like. Now for the disclaimer: This guy can not give away his ID, nor the ID of the company at which he works. This company is in the running (among others) to do some work on the Nolan Bat-film. I know, but I won't say for the sake of protecting the ID of this source. And this is a new source, so BOF does not vouch for the 100% validity of this info. However, I have done this long enough to weed out most of the BS that comes along (daily, trust me on that). And he sent me something that tells me he does what he says he does. And with that said, here's the latest....

ANYWAY, this is some of the info gleaned from our many meetings--

Ashton Kutcher- definite interest, but those pushing for him quickly lost ground. Nolan has a vision & tone for the film. Not so much "Dark," as the character is obviously that, but SERIOUS; Nolan wants to do a comic adventure w/ real world feel. Kutcher won't get past Nolan, & WB won't mess up their relationship w/ Nolan. Read: KUTCHER'S OUT.

Costume-Look for the new bat-rig to be more faithful to the comics, as in not all black. Also, look for the sculpted "rubber" look to go away, a la Spiderman.

Batmobile- smaller, sleeker; think dodge viper crossed with a small dragster.

Villain-Scarecrow is the front-runner; he may not be the one, or the only one. There is talk of introducing a NEW villain via the movie!

Casting-Open field, but Nolan DOES have prospects in mind. It won't be hard to cast this film. There was discussion about Christian Bale, unofficially, because Matthew McCoughnahey is a name being pushed for Superman. Both were teamed in Reign Of Fire. WB wants to coordinate the casting of their premiere properties, as they want to re-launch both for a trilogy-plus run, with an eventual cross-over/team-up. Bale would be a solid Bruce Wayne, having the look, build, & height, as well as the talent for the role.

Whoever gets the nod for both roles is hoped for a 3 picture deal. This will mean a 25-30 something star for each film. THIS ALSO means younger versions of Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, & Harvey Dent, than in the previous films. Alfred will be in his fifties; Commissioner Gordon will be in his forties, & more along the lines of Miller's "YEAR ONE" Gordon. A teen-age Barbara Gordon, Gordon's niece, may make a non-Batgirl cameo. (not Alicia Silverstone's Barbara PENNYWORTH from Batman & Robin).

Logic would dictate that the same treatment would be given to the Flying Grayson's Although all involved say Robin WILL NOT be part of the plot. Harvey Dent WILL NOT be Two-face, solidifying the thought that this is a restart to the franchise. This is significant, as this opens the door for an appearance by The Joker, either in this or future films. Dent will be a contemporary of Wayne's; look for him to be in his mid thirties. Names for the part include Noah Wiley from ER, David Duchovney, & Dougray Scott (also mentioned for Bruce Wayne)! Gordon has no names attached, but agents for Dennis Quaid, Sam Neil, Patrick Swayze (?!) & Dylan McDermott(?!) have all been contacted. WB/Nolan want Gordon to be a significant role in the upcoming franchise. Look for him to be a grizzled, hard as nails cop that begrudgingly befriends Batman.

This is all I can tell you at this point. Any more will endanger our bid. I'm sure none of this is NEWS to you, but now you can see the framework of the ideas forming at Bat-camp.

I'm sorry that I can't tell you my name or our ######### name; we are in the crucial phase of negotiations for this contract.

Great work on your site....good luck.

Some damn good stuff, right? As I said, keep in mind that non of this is confirmed, and therefore should be treated as rumor. But if true, it looks as if WB is being very cautious to make sure this thing is done RIGHT. Late.

Kutcher re-ups for more THAT 70s SHOW
Tuesday, July 8, 2003: Jett here, back in the great Lone Star State. DARK HORIZONS has reported that Ashton Kutcher has resigned to be Michael Kelso for two more years on THAT 70s SHOW. And this rules him out--time and schedule-wise--of nabbing the role of Bruce Wayne in Nolan's Bat-flick. I actually first heard this traveling home from the airport on THE TICKET--a sports-talk radio station in Dallas. BOF has been reporting that while Kutcher is considered a candidate for the role, actually getting it is unlikely. We've even had a couple of reports saying it will never happen. BOFs official take: Kutcher will not nab the role and we're pretty confident in saying that....As far as that report I posted from Minnesota last Saturday, I still can't confirm the validity of that report. So I again warn that that story should be taken with a large grain of salt and be considered nothing but rumor at this point. With that said, much of it is consistant with what BOF has been hearing....As far as the other casting news--Christopher Lloyd as The Scarecrow (first brought to you here at BOF) and Michael (not "Al") Gough returning as Alfred--should also be considered nothing but rumor at this time. While both could actually pan out, there has not been any official casting as of yet. And it is not been confirmed that The Scarecrow will even be the villain in this film. But again, there is a lot of "chatter" saying that these guys will be cast in those roles. Time will tell....With all that said, BOF is returing back to "standby" mode through the remainder of July. Despite all the "news" we have been getting over the last few weeks, new generally runs slow during the summer. So we'll keep a watch out for all Bat-news and BOF will be the first to bring it to you....Please make note of the new BOF email. All comments and news should be sent to until the next "big" Bat-story, Jett out!

Anonymous: Kutcher will not be The Batman!?
Saturday, July 5, 2003: OK, I'm taking a quick break in my vacation--I'm up in Minnesota as I write this--to get this report to ya'll. I did get the emails from all of you regarding the discarded YEAR ONE designs that were posted over at SUPERHERO HYPE!. You can click on the SHH link a few words back to check them out. I thought they were really nice and I hope that Nolan gives us a different looking Batman from movies past--which I think he will, actually. The designs seemed to be inspired from the original, Bob Kane drawn Batman from 1939....Now the news that I just had to give ya'll. I have not had the chance to check this source out due to the fact that I am away from the homebase down in Texas. So I am warning to take with a grain of salt. But it is yet more info that is consistant to what I am hearing overall. So check this out--and all you "Kutcher haters" should be happy if this proves true:

FYI: Kutcher will NOT be Cast as Bruce Wayne. Nolan want's an unknown, He thinks Kutcher comes with too much baggage (Dude Where's My Car?, That 70's Show).

He thinks Kutchers antics as of late to try and gain publicity nods and attention (dating Demi) is uncalled for and pathetic.

Apparently Nolan told Kutchers camp that he would consider him for the part if he started acting like Mature Hollywood and less like the idiot he plays on That 70's Show. He doesn't think that Kutcher would suit the needs of the BATMAN audience, the way that Clooney/Kilmer did, and even though Nolan wants "Young Hollywood" in the next Batman flick, he said that Kutcher just doesn't fit the part, nor will he ever.

When Nolan told Ashton's camp he needed to be more mature, he didn't mean to grab an older more respected Actress in Hollywood and try to "Date" her. The Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher "Romance" is a publicity stunt, One which will not score Kutcher the part in the new Batman Flick.

Other Batman News: Al Gough will be the only Original cast member to Return (Gough of course plays the part of Alfred Pennyworth). Christopher Lloyd has been chosen to play the part of the evil villain Dr. Jonathan Crane (AKA "The Scarecrow"). These are the only two cast members attached to the project thus far, and I can guarantee that Ashon Kutchers name will not be included in the credits when the film finally does hit theaters. Collin, who?


Again, take this right now as strickly rumor. I'll be back in Texas late Monday evening, and I'll be trying to contact some BOF sources via email in the meantime. Now, back to my vacation--talk to ya'll again on July 8! Late.

Role of The Batman wide open...Bruce Wayne to be on SMALLVILLE
Wednesday, July 2, 2003: Patrick Sauriol, news editor at CINESCAPE, has put together a recap of the recent BATMAN 5 rumors--including some of the news you've already read here at BATMAN ON FILM. However, one of the website's own sources has chimed in saying that "...the role is still anyone's to grab. Supposedly the decision about who will play the new Batman is contingent on the director [Christopher Nolan--Jett] and senior WB personnel, which makes sense." Obviously, Kutcher is not the done deal as some websites have reported. BOF has long maintained that other actors would be tested and considered before a decision is made....ZAP 2 IT is reporting that a young, pre-Batman Bruce Wayne will appear on SMALLVILLE this upcoming season. For details, click on the previous link and read the entire story.

Yet MORE damn BATMAN news!
Tuesday, July 1, 2003 (second update): You know, this stuff is coming in non-stop it seems. Here's DARK HORIZONS ' Bat news o' the day. Of course, it is mostly a bunch of stuff that you're 'ol buddy Jett here at BATMAN ON FILM has already brought you. Ok, here it is....Ashton Kutcher is *SHOCK!* WB's top choice for the role of Bruce Wayne, but he ain't Chris Nolan's. Seems (and where have I heard this before...?) that Nolan may want an "unknown" and will continue to screentest several actors--maybe even up to 20+. And he's got until the end of the summer to present the new Dark Knight to the head honchos at WB....As far as Guy Pearce is concerned, "I wouldn't hold my breath," the DH source says. "I think that was mostly rumor that he was going to pull a 'Burton' and cast an actor he recently worked with and has a good relationship with. He's looking in the 25-30 range as far as actors go." Remember, BOF has said that Nolan wants to go young, so this seems to fit the bill. Yes, we did say that it could be "18 to 25 year old young," as a source told us previously. I think this was the time that Andrew Kevin Walker met with the director, prior to the Goyer hiring. The key thing is that Nolan wants to go young--as reported first to you by your friends here at BATMAN ON FILM....And who broke the story about Chris Lloyd? "Chris Lloyd as Scarecrow," the DH source continues, "yes, he has been spotted around the backlots. No, we don't know for sure what for. He was spotted with Nolan twice, and then alone the other 3 times. I read a report that he was seen shaking hands with Nolan and had a script in his hand [uh, I wonder where...?], I can't confirm this, but I will try to look into it to see what I can get out of the situation. Take that last bit with a grain of salt. A damn big one at that." I think I said to take that grain of salt a few days ago, right? Nevertheless, there must be something to it....Now as far as the Micheal Gough, not Al Gough (Or is this guy talking about Al Grogh, former head coach of the New York Jets--and protege of current Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells--and now the head man at the University of Virginia?), here's a bit more on him returning as Alfred Pennyworth: "Al Gough as Alfred again? You're on the money. He is both Nolan's and WB's first choice, and will most likely get the role, even though the film is a restart of the franchise. (This is just a way to pay homage to the previous films and keep some familiarity with audiences, because almost nobody else from previous films will be cast)." Just more Bat-news for all ya'll BOF fans.

Yet more BATMAN news regarding Bat-casting
Tuesday, July 1, 2003: MOVIEHOLE has contacted one of their "highly reliable" studio sources attempting to get to the bottom of the BATMAN casting rumors. He addresses the Christian Bale-as-Batman rumor, and--GASP!--it is damn near the exact thing that BOF has been telling you. "To answer your question - tough one [regarding casting, particularly Bale--Jett]. Everyone is up for BATMAN. Anyone who has a half-decent agent and is in the Batman profile is going to try to keep their name on the list. Christian was only interested in the Aronoksy[sic] Batman Year One project which has since been shelved. When we think about the WB Batman project, it's a wild card," so says their source. Let me point out this statement: "Anyone who has a half-decent agent and is in the Batman profile is going to try to keep their name on the list." People, this is spot-friggin'-on. A lot of the names that you--and I for that matter--hear, is a result of agents trying to get their guy's name in the mix. Try to get a little buzz going. Don't think for a minute that sites such as BATMAN ON FILM aren't used to gauge public response to potential Bat-actors. You can take that to the bank.

The report goes on to mention Hollywood super-agent Patrick Whitesell, who represents Bale, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, and several other hot 20/30-something actors. Many of whom would love to be the next Bruce Wayne. "Whitesell has a track record in getting his clients cast in big movies. Whitesell also represents James Marsden who was unhappy with his begoggled role in X-Men [Cyclops--Jett] and would love to get more face time as Bruce Wayne. So would Joaquin [Phoenix] (but he's unfortunately short). So Whitesell has a lot of candidates to forward for WB's consideration. Bale is one of them but he has the handicap of being box office poison. Also, after Reign of Fire tanked, Bale has been loathe to touch another big SPFX movie," so says the MOVIEHOLE source. He also mentions a left-field candidate--Freddie Prinze Jr. Now I'd rather have Ashton Kutcher than him, personally. Nevertheless, some pretty good stuff coming from this report. This is a HOT role and I am positive that there are many actors who want it and agents who are trying to get it for them. Stay tuned, I expect the final casting of The Batman to take place before the fall....Oh by the way, you can be assured that BATMAN ON FILM does not consider, nor will ever report that "Gilbert Gottfried" is up for the role of Batman nor Superman--even though some jackhole forum moderator on a particular superhero website suggests BOF will. And he can take all those "dimes" that he's saving and shove them up...naaah. I'll let it go. BOF is beyond such petty nonsense. Late. (Thanks to "LSOK" for directing BOF to this story.)

Gough to return to BATMAN?
Monday, June 30, 2003: DARK HORIZONS has recieved a bit of Bat-info from one of it's scoopers regarding the BATMAN situation--mostly the same stuff, but something new as well. First the new stuff, "...still Nolan, still Goyer, still Kutcher as the frontrunner, though nothing official yet [which explains the recent denials such as those to E! Online]." OK, nothing you haven't heard here at BOF. Now the new stuff. According to this DH scooper, it is a "possilbility" that Micheal Gough may reprise his role as Alfred in the film. If true, that indicates to me that this is a sequel--and THE FRIGHTENING script is clearly a sequel. And of course the rumor is that Goyer is revamping the storyline of the script for the Nolan film. Interesting to say the least....Got a bit of news from one of the absolute best BOF industry sources. Now this is mostly SUPEMAN info, but it sheds a bit of light on why Nolan's BATMAN is likely to it the big screen first. Basically, the Bat-project--with a solid director, screenwriter, and producers--has it's stuff together. And he tells me just who WB may be "sniffing around" to play the Last Son of Krypton.

"FYI: Heard a rumour that WB were sniffing around Hugh Jackman for 'Superman' -- better than any other suggestion I've heard so far. At least Hugh has the 'nice guy' appeal that Chris Reeve oozed, and Josh Hartnett sorely lacks. Having said that, you can bet that WB won't move ahead on Supes until they get a director that they're comfortable with. McG? Ratner? No way -- and you may recall that I said as much to you months ago.

Now, I didn't say Jackman was going to be the S-man. In fact, I seriously doubt it. But you can bet that if this source says WB was "sniffing around" Jackman for the role, then they were sniffing around the guy.

BOF update: I'll be in Dallas and Minneapolis from Wednesday through the Monday after 4th of July weekend. So, BOF will be completley on hiatus. Even if I find out some good Bat-news, I won't be able to pass it along to you until next week. So no updates from July 2 until July 8. And if nothing happens before then, all of you here in the States have a great and safe holiday. Late.

E! ONLINE confirms BOF Bat-news....Is Bale in the Bat-mix or not?
Saturday, June 28, 2003: E! ONLINE has run a story that's pretty much inline with what BOF has been reporting this past week. From E!:

So, we called Warner Bros. and asked them if Ashton Kutcher was Batman, and they said, "No." Naturally, we're hearing from everybody else that he is.

We also asked if the Batman 5 is about to happen and whether screenwriter David Goyer was, in fact, flying up to Vancouver, British Columbia--where Goyer's shooting Blade 3 this summer--to hang with director Christopher Nolan and talk about preproduction. Again, the answer was, "No."

So, we asked the basic "Is the movie shooting in Vancouver?" question. And, as they say, we were "met with static." So, when are these big announcements going to happen? When will we get that splashy pronouncement about the next Batman and the fact that it will likely roll out some time in 2004 or 2005? ('Nuff Said has already pieced this together.) When will it be too late in the summer to start shooting the movie?

Our sources report that the script is great, actually, and that everything is smooth sailing, except for the disagreement between the studio and Nolan over the casting of Bruce Wayne. The studio wants Kutcher, Nolan wants Guy Pearce or somebody who could actually play the role. Not always a bad thing. When Sony and Sam Raimi went to war in the Leonardo DiCaprio versus Wes Bentley Spidey fight, we got Tobey Maguire out of the deal, so why not? As long as Kutcher gets punk'd in the equation, we could care less.

Actually, it should be that they couldn't care less who gets the role besides Ashton. Anyway....Is Christian Bale in the mix for the role of Batman or not? BOF has recieved two conflicting reports--sort of--from two good sources. One sources says, "Bale is NOT in the running. His name associated with the role is nothing more than fanboy wishing." OK, while that source snuffs out any rumor of Bale as Bruce, another keeps the fire burning. "I've heard Bale's name in conjunction with 'Batman,' but so are a lot of others. But yeah, I'd say he at least is in the mix. But of course, that could have been only for 'Batman vs. Superman' [I think he is actually refering to Aronofsky's YEAR ONE--Jett] last summer." The saga continues. Enjoy (Thanks to "Steve" for the head's up on the E! story).

More on Nolan's BATMAN
Thursday, June 26, 2003 (second update): Head over to for more on the BATMAN situation and perhaps WB's intentions for their DC COMICS-based films. Basically, the scooper tells the website that WB and Nolan have decided to extend the deadline for casting Batman until the end of summer (around the end of August). At that time it'll either be Kutcher--the studio's choice, or someone else of Nolan's liking. Apparantly, WB holds Nolan in such high regard, that they're willing to let the casting of Bruce Wayne be his call. Also, the scooper told the website that the 2005 release date first indicated by your's truly here at BATMAN ON FILM is on the money. Again, head over there for the entire article. (Thanks to "Steve" for the head's up)

"Doc Brown" in Nolan's BATMAN?
Thursday, June 26, 2003: This is from a new source, not a BOF regular, or long-time scooper. As a result, I'll have to attatch a disclaimer to it: BOF does not vouch for the total validity of this rumor, so keep that in mind as you read it. However, this bit of news from "Dan_Man" is interesting nonetheless. Let me give you a quick background of this dude and then I'll procede with his info. This dude dates a chick who works as a tourguide at Warner Brothers Studios. He and his girlfriend attended the showing of BLADE RUNNER at UCLA that was hosted by Chris Nolan--you know, the one in which it was announced that BATMAN would be his next project. Anyway, on with his scoop:

"Last week during lunch she [the girlfriend--Jett] mentioned to me that the director we saw at the 'Blade Runner' screening had been visiting Warner Bros. a lot (she had seen him various times walking around the office area ). I then told her that he ought to be visiting a lot seeing that he's directing the new 'Batman film.' She then proceeded to say, 'Oh yeah that's right, I wonder who Christopher Lloyd is going to play.' Evidently Mr Lloyd has been seen with Nolan several times in past week. last time my girlfriend saw him he had left what looks like a production office with a script. Nolan followed him out the door and they shook hands. Could DOC BROWN end up being the Scarecrow?"

"Word has it that Nolan...asked Warner Bros. to give him till the end of the summer to make his choice. Looks like he got his wish, Kutcher is basically in the role as far as Warners is concerned. But Nolan has a little over 2 months to find someone he fully likes and can convince the WB. I've heard from these people that Christopher Lloyd is basically locked in as The Scarecrow and has visited the studio more often than any of the other potential actors."

Christopher Lloyd as the Scarecrow? You know, that wouldn't be bad casting--if even true. While I have heard from reliable sources that Nolan plans on using THE FRIGHTENING script as basis for what David Goyer is writing, it is not a lock that The Scarecrow will even be the villain in the Nolan Bat-flick. So again, take this news with a grain of salt, but I am sure you'll find it interesting as I did. Late.

Nolan's BATMAN: 2005?
Wednesday, June 25, 2003: (From various BOF sources) You know, I planned to slow things down here at BOF during the summer. Since I have been doing this, news, etc. tends to be a bit slower this time of year. Of course last summer, we had the whole BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN saga. Anyway, a few tidbits came in today....A longtime BOF source wrote in to give a possible timeframe for Nolan's BATMAN. "2005," says this source. "I feel pretty confident saying that the studio is shooting for a 2005 release for the Chris Nolan 'Batman' film. I'm sure it would get a holiday or summer slot, most likely the latter. Look for pre-production and filming to start in 2004." 2005 huh? While I hope like hell that this happens, I'll believe it when I see it (see BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN fiasco, c. 2002)....The former webmaster of PURE BATMAN 5 RUMORS, "Frosteey" (who now is part of the ARONOFSKY.NET website), dropped BOF a line saying that he watched a re-run of THE DAILY SHOW and it just so happened to be the one with Guy Pearce. He says that at no time did Pearce mention anything regarding BATMAN--despite reports to the contrary. I didn't see the show myself, so maybe this is the case. Could someone have just been trying to strir up some Bat-rumor about Pearce? "Frosteey" also confirms through his sources some things BOF has been hearing: while Kutcher is indeed a serious contender for the role--perhaps even the front-runner, there are other actors in the mix. That's it for now, so much for "down time," right? Late.

Nolan Bat-film has a producer?
Tuesday, June 24, 2003: (From various BOF sources) According to a few BOF sources, Edward L. McDonnell will produce Nolan's BATMAN. McDonnell most recently served at executive producer of SHANGHAI KNIGHTS. He also served as producer of THREE KINGS and Nolan's INSOMNIA. Also, Greg Silverman is the executive in charge of getting this thing rolling. And word has it that this project is on the extreme fast-track....BOF readers, I have several irons in the fire regarding this Nolan Bat-film. Things are starting to move, so stay posted to BOF. (Thanks to "LSOK")

CATWOMAN to film in the fall
Monday, June 23, 2003: (From DARK HORIZONS and FILM JERK) According to online reports, CATWOMAN will film from September to December. The film will star Halle Berry as the feline fatale, although the character's name changes from the comicbook Selina Kyle, to movie Patience Price. In addition, screenwriter Ed Solomon has been hired to basically rewrite the entire script, since the word is that WB honchos were not too keen on previous one. He replaces screenwriter John Rogers, who is no longer with the project, and whose draft was rewritten by John Brancato and Mike Ferris. This will be WB's first comicbook-based film since--and you guessed it--1997's BATMAN AND ROBIN....Oh, by the way, if you want to read some of the CATWOMAN script, click HERE and head over to IGN FILMFORCE. Once there, read the story and follow the links....You know, Ashton Kutcher has not even been cast for Nolan's BATMAN, ok? Yet. Anyway, the absolute insane response to his potential casting is friggin' hillarious! Just for fun, I checked out various message boards around the net--including the BOF MESSAGE FORUM, just to see what people were saying. And you would have think that Kutcher's casting would bring about the apocalypse! Now, there are some people who seem to be able to give Ashton a chance--if and when he is even cast. But most say they just can't see "Kelso" in the Bat-suit. And we're talking about threats of boycotting the film, starting petitions, refusing to ever pay to see a WB film again, etc, etc. You know, I think I have seen this reaction once before. Hmmmm when was it? Oh yeah, it was back in '88 when they cast an actor mainly known for goofy, comic roles. I think I remember people bitching and moaning about "Mr. Mom" being cast as Batman. People sent petitions against this dude being cast as Bruce Wayne to WB. They threatened to boycott the film. But WB went ahead and made the film with this comedian guy. How did that turn out anyway?

Kutcher rumor "legit"
Saturday, June 21, 2003: After I posted yesterday's story on BOF, I headed up to Big D (Dallas) to check out the Astros vs. the Texas Rangers (My 'stros kicked butt, btw!). But I did fire an email off to a longtime BOF source, hoping to get their take on this Kutcher-is-Batman rumor. Just got back into town, and here is the latest....BOF's source responded simply by saying that the "rumor is legit. This could actually happen." Ok, so I believe it is safe to assume that this is not some fan-boy, internet hoax....Over at DARK HORIZONS, Garth ran a story on the rumor that included info from one of his sources. Here's a bit of it"

"Essentially, the studio has had another 'Ratner' situation on their hands, because the director wants someone, and the studio wants someone else. That someone the studio wants is Ashton Kutcher. Thankfully, it's not as big a deal as the whole Superman thing [which has been madness], because in this place everyone gets along - and from what I hear Kutcher is the new Batman. Done deal."

This DH report obviously throws a bit more credibility to all of this. I'd suggest you sit tight, keep checking out BOF, and let's see how this all shakes out.

Kutcher IS Batman?
Friday, June 20, 2003: (From E! ONLINE) "Young and unknown." That was BOF's description of the actor who would be the next Batman. This is what director Chris Nolan was looking for, as he wants to explore The Bat young. As in "18 to 25 young," was how a BOF source depicted Nolan's take on the Bat late last year. Well, that indeed seems to be the case. Now this uh, dude (tounge firmly in cheek--Jett), is not a complete unknown, but he isn't a mega superstar and household name either. But he is young and would fit the bill as a young Bruce Wayne. And his name has been attatched to this project before, and he even tested for Brett Ratner for SUPERMAN when he was still attatched to direct that project. So who is it? Well, according to E! ONLINE, it is Kelso himself, Ashton Kutcher! According to the report, WB is fast-tracking the project with the latest script revision due soon. Remember, several sources related to BOF that Nolan wanted the script complete by this summer, so this is on-line with that timeframe. And the word is that WB is fast-tracking BATMAN. Here's a bit from the piece explaining how this could happen:

"When now out director Brett Ratner got close to casting SUPERMAN this year, he tested and retested Kutcher, who apparently did well. The 'known mostly as a comic actor and that's even a stretch' Kutcher seemed to want Bats over Supes (who wouldn't?) and is now close to being announced as the lead in the flick to be directed by Christopher Nolan."

Before you go on a Kutcher-as-Batman-induced-bender, let BOF remind you all that once upon a time, a dude mostly known for his comic work was cast as Batman. That was 15 years ago when Michael "Mr. Mom" Keaton was tapped to don the cape and cowl. And let me tell you, there was an absolute HUGE outrage over Keaton's casting. And how did that turn out? To this day, there are people who are still clamoring for MK to return to the role--which is never going to happen by the way. I will say this, Kutcher is much more physically suited for the role than Keaton was. And perhaps he can act his ass off in a dramatic role. BOF advice: if he lands to role, keep an open mind. Stay tuned to this one, it is starting to get good.

Guy Pearce confirms Bat-interest?
Monday, June 16, 2003: (From DARK HORIZONS) Actor Guy Pearce (MOMENTO) was quoted recently on THE DAILY SHOW saying: "Chris Nolan seems to think I'd make a good Batman", Jon Stewart: "When did you turn that down?", Guy Pearce: "I haven't yet". Interesting. Seems that Nolan might be differing from the rumors that he wants to go young and unknown--although it isn't like Pearce is ultra-famous and a superstar here in the U.S. And he's what, 35ish? About about the same age as Keaton (a bit older), Kilmer, and Clooney were when they took the role. He'd be a good choice in my opinion. I guess we'll find out eventually.

Uh, I just ain't buying that script "spoiler"
Thursday, June 12, 2003: Hey ya'll. Jett here. Listen, I told you loyal BATMAN ON FILM readers not to take much stock in that potential Goyer script "spoiler" from earlier in the week. I ran it past a couple of BOF's oldest and best sources since then, and, uh, they don't think much about it. Frankly, it just ain't jiving with what I have been hearing. I'm not saying that it is total BS, but I'll just say that BOF is not prepared to stand behind it. At all. FYI boys....As far as that Rob Estes rumor, sources insist that Nolan intends to go with a young actor--25ish, give or take a few years--to portray The Dark Knight. Estes is around 40. Figure that one out.

Another Bat-candidate, a new animated Bat-series, and Goyer script info?
Monday, June 9, 2003: Since summer is upon us, news tends to move slower. As a result, don't expect consistant updates here at BOF unless something breaks. Plus, you know how slow getting Bat-movie news can be anyway, right? Ok then, a few odds and ends....An unconfirmed source tells BOF that among the actors that director Chris Nolan has met with is former "Melrose Place" star Rob Estes....I'll warn you--just in case--that this next bit of news could be a possible Goyer script spoiler. Again, this is unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt. According to this scooper, the storyline may include a scenario where the Scarecrow sets up The Batman to look like a villain, while he becomes a hero to Gotham. Thus when Bats takes him down, this does not sit well with fair Gotham. Sounds kinda, BATMAN RETURNSish doesn't it? Again, BOF can't confirm this rumor, so keep that in mind....Seems that WB has got yet another animated BATMAN series in the works. But just what's it going to be? According to SUPERHERO HYPE! says that it'll be some sort of YEAR ONE-type series featuring a young Bruce Wayne/Batman. "A source tells us that WB is preparing for a brand new Batman animated series. It will be based on a young Batman and his early years as a superhero. Almost a 'Year One' of sorts aimed at the young teens. The producers of 'Static Shock' are developing this new series," says the website report. Then today, AIN'T IT COOL NEWS reports that that the series will be titled BATMAN WIRED and feature a armor-clad Batman, apparantly from the continuity set by the original animated series. So which one is it?

So there you have that. Not much, but at least a little something. Hang in there, hopefully something bigger will break soon. I'll still be around, but this is also the time I go on vacation. In the next few weeks, I'll be heading up to Dallas, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and San Antonio. Not consecutively, but I'll hit each for a few days. For now, Jett out.

Goyer to helm BLADE III
Monday, June 2, 2003: (From several on-line sources) Screenwriter David Goyer, scribe of the BLADE movie franchise, has been tapped to direct the third installment of the series. Goyer also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming film. Filming is to begin sometime this summer. Goyer was hired last spring to pen the screenplay for Warner Brothers' and director Chris Nolan's BATMAN film. This shouldn't affect the timeframe for Nolan's Bat-flick as rumor has it that Goyer may have already submitted a first draft. It is possible that another screenwriter may be hired for any rewrites and script polishing. Or Nolan himself may work on the script.

Five years for BATMAN ON FILM!
Sunday, June 1, 2003: In June of 1998, JettD60's BATMAN 5 Page hit the web. Five years later, BATMAN ON FILM is still bringing you the latest Bat-movie news. Thanks to all of you readers who have made this site what it is today. Here's to another five years--and hoping we get a Bat-film before then!

Nolan going with an unknown in BATMAN?
Monday, May 26, 2003: A real short update today. Not a lot of news, just some rumblings here and there. But what seems to be a constant is the route that Chris Nolan may want to go with the casting of The Dark Knight. He wants to go young and with an unknown. As someone told me recently, Nolan "seems to be looking to go as unknown as humanly possible." FYI.

Ledger in the Bat-mix?
Tuesday, May 20, 2003: (From AIN'T IT COOL NEWS) Now this is nothing but pure speculation. Rumor. Conjecture. But interesting nonetheless. Basically, a scooper at AICN says he saw actor Heath Ledger meeting with director Chris Nolan at a Los Angeles hotel recently. Could they have been discussing BATMAN? Perhaps. Click here to read the entire article. Just remember, this is nothing but speculation. Late.

BATMAN up next for Nolan?
Saturday, May 17, 2003: (From AIN'T IT COOL NEWS) Remember the other day I told ya'll that the news on the Nolan Bat-flick will start rolling in? Well, it's starting to happen. And expect it to pick up speed. Anyway....Nolan's next project will be his Bat-flick, according to a few scoopers over at AICN. Here's a bit of the AICN report:

"Just thought I'd let you know that a friend of mine went to a screening of 'Blade Runner' that Christopher Nolan hosted thursday night. In the Q&A, Nolan brought up 'Batman' and said that it WOULD be his next movie! There were rumors that he was doing something else first, but apparently that's not the case."

There is an additional report from the same event in which another scooper goes on to say how Nolan was strongly influenced by BLADE RUNNER and that it was mentioned that BATMAN would be his next project. I do know that there is a lot of activity surrounding the project, so let's hope that BATMAN will indeed be Nolan's next film. Click here to check out the entire AICN report....I've got a couple of names for you: Blake Gafford and Hayden Spears. Think what you will about these two names....

A young Bruce Wayne for Nolan?
Wednesday, May 14, 2003: Trust me on this one. Wayne will be young in the next Bat-flick. No 30-something Dark Knight--not that there is anything wrong with being 30-someodd years old! But I have long suspected that we would be seeing a more youthful Caped Crusader in the next film. And Nolan should go that route--or what would be different? As one of BOF's best sources said back in February, "...maybe, just maybe, he wants to go back to the origin of Batman. Somewhere along the lines of 'Year One' ideas? Maybe, just maybe, Nolan wants to explore Batman when he was young. Young as in 18-25 young." This guy would know, trust me. So who's it going to be? We've already heard the Ashton Kutcher rumors, but that ain't most likely going to happen. Did Chris talk to him? I'd say that there is a good chance that he did--as well as other young actors. In fact, I know of a few he did. But I just can't tell you whom. Another BIGTIME website is going to run a story on it very soon. Can't say which one, but it is coming with a bit more detail. Let's just say I gave ya'll a "head's up" on the situation. Late.

DUDE! Where's my cowl?
Sunday, May 11, 2003: (From DARK HORIZONS) So why didn't Ashton Kutcher sign on as Superman or accept the lead role in KNIGHT RIDER? Could it be that he wants slip on a certain cape and cowl instead? On Friday, DH reported a rumor going around that has Kutcher in talks to play the Dark Knight in Chris Nolan's upcoming Bat-film. BOF didn't report this right away, as I wanted to get some more info regarding this rumor. On of BOF's better sources got back to us overnight with this response:

"I don't know whether or not Ashton Kutcher met with Chris Nolan, but the word is that Nolan is meeting with actors regarding the 'Batman' role. He's met with Boreanaz and some others, so I guess it is possible. But I wouldn't put too much stock into it just yet."

Not much of a confirmation, but not a flat-out denial either. I will say that one of BOF's sources told us earlier that Nolan "...wants to go back to the origin of Batman. Somewhere along the lines of 'Year One' ideas? Maybe, just maybe, Nolan wants to explore Batman when he was young. Young as in 18-25 young." That was from back in February. And if that is indeed the case, Kutcher would certainly fall--agewise--into that category.

Special edition BATMAN DVDs, Aronofsky talks YEAR ONE, and a bit on Nolan's Bat-film
Tuesday, April 29, 2003: A scooper tells AIN'T IT COOL NEWS that they had a chance to hear director/screenwriter Darren Aronofsky speak at his college recently, and DA mentioned his BATMAN: YEAR ONE project. If you have been following BOF recently, you know that I have maintained that this project is all but dead. But nonetheless, here is what Aronofsky had to say about it:

"Aronofsky said that he wrote a faithful adaptation of Year One with Frank Miller. Warner Bros. owns the screenplay and he understands that they are very protective of the Batman franchise and is unsure about what will become of it. He did say that is is definitely not his next film."

Not really that much of a revelation, huh? Like I have said previously, WB was not too hip on what he and Frank Miller came up with and have moved on. I agree with Harry Knowles alright. Let's hope that Nolan and Goyer nail the material and WB greenlights their Bat-film....TOON ZONE is reporting that WB intends to release special edition DVDs of BATMAN and its 1992 sequel, the macabre and weird (yeah, yeah, ya'll know I don't like this film!) BATMAN RETURNS. According to the report, WB plans to release these to tie into the upcoming new live-action BATMAN film. This is good news as I know A LOT of you all have been requesting this. I'd still rather see a SE BATMAN FOREVER instead of the bile-spewing Penguin flick, but hey, that's just me (Thanks to "Super 85" for the head's up--Jett)....A BOF scooper has sent a bit of information regarding the timeline and script stage of the Nolan Bat-project. This is unconfirmed, so keep that in mind while reading, ok? According to this source, David Goyer is not far off from finishing the script. And it is different from THE FRIGHTENING script that made the rounds on the net recently. And he also claims that BOF is on the money regarding the speculation of a Summer 2005 release date. We'll see.

Nolan: BATMAN can wait, part 2
Friday, April 18, 2003: I hope this will get many of you all to relax:

"Don't read anything into Chris Nolan doing another film before starting 'Batman.' This was something he intended to do all along and will work on it while Goyer is scripting the 'Batman' project. Besides, the studio [Warner Brothers--Jett] is intent on releasing 'Superman' first, "Batman' will follow. 2005 is likely the year the studio is targeting a 'Batman' release."

Make you all feel a bit better? Look, if indeed WB is targeting 2005 for Batman, then there is plenty of time for Nolan to work on this new project and then start his Bat-flick. Plus, Goyer is just starting to pen the script anyway. I believe if you read a previous BOF update from March 13, it said that Nolan wanted to have the Bat-script finished by the end of summer, 2003--with preproduction to follow. Sounds reasonable. That would allow for preproduction to start by the end of the year, continue through 2004, and allow for filming to start in the late summer or fall of 2004. Now I am just speculating here, don't take it as gospel. I'll be digging into this a bit more, so stay tuned.

Nolan: BATMAN can wait?
Thursday, April 17, 2003: (From VARIETY) Looks as if Chris Nolan will move on to direct another project before he gets around to helming his Bat-film. VARIETY is reporting that Nolan intends to direct The Prestige, based on a novel by Christopher Priest about a bitter feud between Victorian era stage magicians. The script for this film has already been written by none other than Jonathan Nolan, the director's brother. Chris Nolan is also set to produce.

So what does this mean for BATMAN? Absolutely nothing, but don't expect it to start filming before the end of the year. I am sure that Goyer will continue to write the screenplay and the Bat-project will be ready by the time Nolan wraps this film. But again, with all the crap I have seen with potential Bat-films over the last five years, you never know. But from all I can gather, there is no need to worry. Plus, I have always suspected that 2005 would be the earliest we would see Batman, on film, anyway. I'll be checking into this, so head back here to BOF soon.

BATMAN AND SUPERMAN set to film soon?
Tuesday, April 15, 2003: Jett here. This bit of news first broke over the weekend and originated in Australia. According to this Aussie report, WB intends to start filming both their BATMAN and SUPERMAN projects soon--perhaps even at the same time. And they will be released close together as well. Harry Knowles of AICN has even chimed in on the situation speculating that both projects will be lensing by year's end. I will say this: I am hearing a lot of rumor that WB is going to "fast track" the Nolan-directed, Goyer-penned Bat-film. And hell, all SUPERMAN needs is a director...and Superman himself. But all humor aside, WB is damn intent on making the SUPERMAN film, so these reports may not be your average rumors. I guess we will soon see--the end of 2003 is just a little over 8 months away.

Nolan and Boreanaz meet, and a bit on THE FRIGHTENING!
Monday, April 14, 2003: Jett here. A few Bat bits-and-pieces....Last week, SUPERHERO HYPE! ran a story from a scooper who said that he had spotted Chris Nolan and "ANGEL" star David Boreanaz together outside a Hollywood cafe. Well, no big deal, right? Well, today DARK HORIZONS has run a blurb that says that Boreanaz spoke to LA college students recently and confirmed that he did meet with Nolan and BATMAN did come up. But, according to DH, "there is nothing set in stone as he has yet to see a script." Boreanaz has long been a fan-favorite to slip on the Dark Knight's cowl. Wouldn't be a bad choice at all, if anything does pan out here....As far as any THE FRIGHTENING news, here's a bit for ya'll. I have yet to confirm whether or not the script that got loose a few weeks past was legit or not--but sources say that it is. WB does indeed have a script titled BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING and is very keen on it. And as BOF reported previously, Nolan intends to use this script--to be rewritten by David Goyer--as a starting point for the film he intends to ultimately direct. I can confirm through several sources that WB went ballistic when AICN first posted a B:TF script on their site a few weeks past. AICN pulled the story and the script per request of WB; and from what I have heard, they really put the heat on Knowles and Co. to take it down. Since I didn't see the script posted on AICN, I have no way to know whether or not that was the one that so many of you all saw all over the net--but I think it was. I wonder why WB tripped out so much over a "fake" script making the rounds over the internet? Hmmmm.

Alan Horn speaks!
Tuesday, April 8, 2003: (From AICN) A scooper from AIN'T IT COOL NEWS has written in to Harry Knowles in regards to Alan Horn speaking to her college class. He talked about a variety of WB projects, and mentioned the status of both the BATMAN origin film and BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN--yes, it is still alive and well at the studio! Here's a bit of what was said:

Regarding BATMAN:

"First Batman origin story has Bruce witnessing the murder of parents, enraged and guilty he turns to crime before he becomes a crime-fighter. Builds the Batcave and mobile, hires Alfred, studies martial arts, etc. "


"'We will do it.' He says it's 'dark and mean-spirited' but really, really good. The plan is to have Superman and Batman origin stories released within the same year (starting in 2005). Each movie (I think he said there would be three of each?) will deal with the Superheroes' origins and began to establish their relationship to each other which will set up 'Superman vs. Batman' to follow the backstories.

Superman and Batman find themselves at odds in 'Superman v. Batman' when Bruce goes out seeking bloody vengeance on the murderer of his new bride, Jennifer. Superman opposes him, fights him to the near death - then it's discovered that the guy behind Jennifer's murder is also this big baddie in Superman's circle and they unite to fight or something sweet like that."

Pretty good stuff and just about what BOF has been hearing and reporting--especially the blurb that WB intends to do BvS. The article also talks about the MATRIX sequels and SUPERMAN. Click on the link above to read the entire story.

Nolan to do THE FRIGHTENING, rewritten by Goyer!
Wednesday, April 2, 2003: I can't say who this source is, but trust me, this is legit, OK? According to this source, Chris Nolan has decided to go with the BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING and it will be rewritten by David Goyer. This individual tells BOF that with rewrites, sometimes it is totally changed, while other times it stays pretty close to the original script. Now, the script that I read--and that got loose all over the net--was pretty darn good. Good concept, but it was clearly a sequel to the previous four Bat-films. And it has been indicated to me that Nolan plans to restart the series and go with a new continuity. So I guess you can safely assume that The Scarecrow will be the villian in the next Bat-film. I am still looking into this, so keep checking here at BATMAN ON FILM for the latest Bat-movie news!

Joel Schumacher talks BATMAN!
Monday, March 31, 2003: (From CHICAGO SUN-TIMES) Director Joel Schumacher, whose PHONE BOOTH opens nationwide this Friday, recently sat down with the paper's Mike Thomas. And low and behold, JS talked a little Batman:

A. (Regarding Micheal Jackson--Jett)He's called me a few times. He wanted to play the Riddler in "Batman Forever," and they wanted me to do his "Scream" music video. There was really no role for him in "Batman Forever," and I was working on something else when the "Scream" video came out.

Q. You were brought aboard to overhaul the "Batman" franchise because supposedly Tim Burton's version was too dark, right?

A. They said "Batman Returns" ended it--I don't know, people returned the toys, and they hated it or something. And then we made it a big hit again with "Batman Forever." Now they say I ruined it with "Batman and Robin." But you know what? Batman's been around since 1939. He will kick ass in Gotham again, trust me.

Q. With you at the helm?

A. [Laughing] No, no, with someone younger and more talented, I'm sure.

I like Joel. I thought BATMAN FOREVER was pretty damn good. And Joel wasn't solely to blame for that piece 'o crap known as BATMAN & ROBIN. JS has made some good films during his career--but his last Bat-outing just wasn't one of them. I am looking forward to seeing his latest--I've heard nothing but good things about it. Hope it does well....If you all get the chance, check out our new sponsers. Just trying to keep your favorite Bat-movie site afloat. Late.

YEAR ONE artwork?
Sunday, March 30, 2003: (From SUPERHERO HYPE!) The aforementioned website has stumbled upon some artwork that was concieved for the most-likley dead BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Looks good! Click HERE and then follow the links to check it out. Again, nice stuff, but it'll never be used now that WB has obviously turned their attention toward Chris Nolan's Bat-film, which is to be written by David Goyer.

"Something different" from Nolan & Goyer?
Saturday, March 29, 2003: Now this is good news. One of BOF's better sources sent in this news Friday night:

"Tell your readers that they should expect something completely different from what they have seen previously (past Bat-films--Jett) or what has been rumored. And don't expect any villians from the previous four films to be in this one; i.e. The Joker. I don't think Nolan wants to just remake Bat89. By not having The Joker, Riddler, Penguin, etc. in his film, he will avoid the enevitable comparisons to the previous four films. Word on the street is that Chris likes The Scarecrow for this one. But don't bet the house on it. Just expect something different and very good from Nolan and Goyer. And hiring Goyer was a VERY good thing."

I just really hope that this Bat-project does not fall into the trap that the SUPERMAN film is in right now. And I hope WB quits worrying about how many damn toys they could sell and lets these guys produce a hell of a film. Late.

Goyer confirms writing Bat-script
Friday, March 28, 2003: (From COMICS CONTINUUM) Screenwriter David Goyer confirms to THE COMICS CONTINUUM that he is indeed writing a new BATMAN script for WB. "Yes, that was an accurate story in Variety," Goyer said. "Beyond that, I'm not allowed to comment on the nature of what I'm writing!" Goyer is writing the screenplay for director Chris Nolan's Bat-project. Goyer evidently got the job after the director and the studio met with several potential scribes. BOF reported earlier that Andrew Kevin Walker was one of the first to meet with Nolan. A very good source shed some light on Walker's meeting with Nolan:

"When he (Walker--Jett) met with Nolan, it was explained to him, that Nolan had 'ideas of his own' on which way he wanted to take the movie and script. Was interested in looking at a younger Batman/Bruce. I am not sure if that is still the case, but may be. If I find anything else out, will let you know."

Anyway, I am really digging this marriage of Nolan and Goyer. Here's hoping that they are able to produce the ultimate Bat-film. And that WB allows them to!

Nolan's Bat-Project has a screenwriter!
Thursday, March 27, 2003: (From VARIETY) According to the trade, WB has tapped David Goyer--writer of the BLADE film series--to pen Chris Nolan's BATMAN project. As BOF reported not too long ago, the Goyer script will feature a brand-new, orginal version of Batman--based on a take by Nolan. This film will have nothing to do with the "delayed" BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN (which WB insists they still want to do sometime--Jett), and the shelved BATMAN: YEAR ONE (it's dead--Jett). BOF reported several weeks ago that Nolan had net with Andrew Kevin Walker in regards to his Bat-project, but that's all it was--just a meeting. I also mentioned that Nolan intended to meet with other screenwriters. Obviously, he met with Goyer and decided to go with him as screenwriter for the film. It was also reported by this website that Nolan intended to take some elements of BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING and use them in his flick. So we can ASSUME that perhaps The Scarecrow will be the villian in this film. But you know what they say about assuming, don't you? Nonetheless, this is good news for fans who want to see Batman, on film. (Thanks to "Mr. Chuff" and others for the head's up!)

OK, here's the deal on BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING!
Sunday, March 23, 2003: The BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING script that got loose late last week is indeed real. Here is what a source told BOF about the script:

"The Frightening script is never going to be made. It is not a current project, and WB no longer has any intention of making it. I looked over the draft you have, your draft is very old. Regardless, expect the Nolan project to resemble it in some way, its a popular piece of literature over at WB. The reason its been leaked so much is because once the project was axed every minion in the company had access to it."

OK, we know that the script is real. One BOF's readers was in the AICN chat and Harry Knowles himself was there. This is what our scooper "B G" reports:

"I'm in the AICN chat channel right now with Harry aka headgeek, asking him about the script, Harry said 'it was a spec script that WB was looking at, but abandoned.' He also said: 'it is an old abandoned project from which Mr. Memento [Chris Nolan--Jett] is starting his ideas.' he also just said soemthing else: 'Like I said, it was the starting point from which Nolan will leap off...He's taking the characters and the title, and going in a new direction...and that was announced when Nolan hopped aboard.'"

OK, that about confirms the previous bit of news. So it seems that WB had this script written on spec, and liked it. For some reason, they are not going to use it as is. But Nolan is going to take the premise and the characters and go from there. So that makes sense to why Nolan was interviewing Andrew Kevin Walker and other screenwriters. Obviously, the script we all read is a sequel to the previous Bat-films, and I know for a fact that Nolan does not plan on doing a sequel. As BOF reported a while back, his project would be something new. Could Nolan give us a Batman in his prime and tell his origin through flashbacks? I would say that could be a possibility--especially done "Memento" style.

As far as why AICN pulled the story regarding the script, I emailed them and asked them just that. "Father Geek" cleared it up, and confirmed what you have read above. He also said "Expect Ain't it Cool to post something on the matter in the next week or so, we're keeping quiet on this for a reason, but you're on the right track." Hope all of this clears things up for now.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I have already stated this previously, but I have had several more reports telling me that Darren Aronofsky is not actively working on a Bat-film and YEAR ONE is a shelved project at WB. In other words, it's done. So right now, it's just Nolan and his Bat-project. Late.

BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING: real or fake? Part II
Saturday, March 22, 2003: After a few days of checking this out, this is what I have pieced together so far. Undoubtedly, BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING exists. WB has secured two domains in that name. So we can say for sure that at some point--and perhaps even right now--BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING was an active project at WB. It's real. So who orginally wrote the script? Was it Ragael Yglesias and Terry Hayes as rumored back in November? I believe that they have publicly denied it--but of course that really doesn't mean anything. How many drafts of this script exist? And is this particular project what Chris Nolan was hired by WB to work on? We know that he met with Andrew Kevin Walker, and that he intended to meet with other screenwriters. Was it to rewrite or polish B: TF? Lot's of questions, but not many answers--yet.

And what about this BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING script that hit the net late this week? The big question is is it real or fake? Did someone actually leak an authentic Bat-script, or did some fan pen a pretty good story? Frankly, I don't know for sure. I'll say this: in the five years of operating this site, I have never seen a script for an active, potential project get loose on the net like this. Usually, someone will get hold of a script, read it, and give a review of it or something. Or you'll find a script online after a project is over and done. But not what happened with this thing. It has been posted all over the net for goodness sakes! Hell, everyone has read the damn thing! I can't tell you how many people have sent it to me over the last few days. So if this script was real, there is no way in hell WB will go with it now. But in my opinion--and I could be wrong as hell--I don't think it's the real deal. I just don't see how a script for an active project could get loose like this. Yet I don't know for sure.

So right now, we know that WB has Chris Nolan working on a Bat-film. BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING is a real project that exists--or existed--at WB. Stay tuned readers, this may be getting good.

BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING: real or fake? Uh, Fake!?
Friday, March 21, 2003: I told ya'll I was digging deep. Got this response today, from a good source, mind you:

"All that shi# you reported. It's all bullshi#."

FYI, boys. FYI. I guess we'll see.

Friday, March 21, 2003: Ok, had to get this in this AM because it is pretty good. Had a guy send me a copy of this Bat-script that originated on AICN. It is allegedly an early draft of BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING. I posted it briefly late last night, then removed it, replacing it with a very short description. Anyway, I got an email in last night that gave me some very interesting insight into this situation. Here's what they had to say:

"The Frightening is a script that was bought and paid for by the WB, you can count on that. I can't tell you whether or not they are still considering the project, we don't know yet. As far as what Ain't it Cool posted: it was taken off per the request of the WB, AICN posted a script that is still considered in the works by Warner and its contents are still considered sensitive. Humorous that despite their best efforts the script is all over the web now. Now as far as the script you posted, it is legit, but I noticed many typos throughout, which tells me that someone probably typed it in from a hard copy and made mistakes in the process."

"The script was originally leaked about 2 months ago by XXXXXXXXXXX. It was a huge ordeal when the higher ups saw what was posted all over the web, now it looks like there's been a second passing. As far as how current the script is, I don't know if the WB is still ordering rewrites on The Frightening script, what I do know is that it was an official project a couple months ago."

So, according to this new source, the script is real. Jett's take: I am not 100% convinced, so for right now take this with a grain of salt. Just a small one. Hang in there, I'm digging deeper.

Thursday, March 20, 2003 (second update): So I get about a thousand emails asking if I read the script for BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING that AICN posted? Well, no. I checked out the website yesterday, but no story about this script--I even search the archives. So then I find out through the grapevine that AICN ran a story about this script--saying it was an early draft of B: TF, and then pulled it very quickly. Well, I read it. And I think what I read was what was seen--briefly--on AICN. Is it legit? I don't know for sure right now. Is it good? Yeah, it is. And in the Jett Man's opinion, it would suit Nolan's style very well.

Yes, the villian is the Scarecrow. Bruce Wayne is affected by the fear toxin--and that is the main storyline of the script. He is confined at Arkham. The Joker makes an appearence. Gordon is an important figure in the story, and the Bats/Gordon relationship is done very well. Hell, it's good! Trust me.

Now if it ain't real, then someone out there really got a good one over A LOT of people. But that's cool. The deal is that there is a huge demand for a GOOD Batman film. A HUGE demand. I just hope WB realizes this as well....And hey, is this SUPERMAN project F'ed up or what?! I'll be in touch.

(Thanks to "B G" for the script--Jett.)

Could Nolan be doing BATMAN: THE FRIGHTENING?
Thursday, March 20, 2003: Our friends at the very good THE LAST SON OF KRYPTON website--which is kinda like BOF, but with Superman--did some investegating and gave us a head's up regarding the following. BOF was informed that Warner Brothers had secured two domains: and .net. I looked into it and sure enough, both are indeed owned by the studio. Both were obtained on January 28 of this year, and will expire on January 28 of 2005. Now, this about the time it was announced that Chris Nolan would be developing and directing a BATMAN project for the studio. Connected? I don't know. But this is sure interesting as I thought that the rumors about THE FRIGHTENING were BS. And in a related story, it seems that briefly yesterday, AICN ran a story regarding a B:TF script--and then pulled the story rather quickly off their website. I have gotten my hands on what I believe is the script detailed yesterday on AICN. I'll take a look at it today sometime and report back to you all ASAP.

Halle Berry set for CATWOMAN!
Friday, March 14, 2003:: (From VARIETY) Halle Berry is set to play Catwoman in the WB film of the same name. She is replacing Ashley Judd who was previously tied to the role. Judd left the project to do "Cat on a Hot Tim Roof" on Broadway. Nicole Kidman was also mentioned for the role. Filming is to begin later this year. French director Pitof is helming the flick which was scripted by John Rogers and rewritten by Mike Ferris and John Brancato. Denise Di Novi is producing. While I am not all that fired up for the film myself, I think Halle Berry was a good choice for the role. Let's just hope the script doesn't suck. I've heard that the rewrites have improved the story tremendously....A side note here in regards to another DC Comics movie property at WB. It seems that WB's continuously F'd up SUPERMAN project has narrowed the role of Kal-El down to two: Brendan Fraser and soap actor Mathew Bomer. IMO, go with Bomer WB. You have to cast an unknown for Superman, ya'll know what I'm saying? Plus, Bomer is a Texan from Spring, and his dad played for the Dallas Cowboys. Being a Texan and a Cowboy fan myself, that's reason enough for me! Anyway, why am I concerned with the Last Son of Krypton? Because if this film sucks and tanks at the box office, you can forget about seeing a Bat-film anytime soon. Get your act together WB!

Nolan's BATMAN: script by end of summer?
Thursday, March 13, 2003: I got a unconfirmed report that Chris Nolan intends to have the script completed for his BATMAN film by the end of the summer. Pre-production would then follow.

Jett's take: Take this with a grain of salt. For one thing, I don't know if WB and Nolan have hired a screenwriter yet. Heard that they may have, but don't know for sure. On the otherhand, Nolan may be writing this script himself--although I have consistantly heard that an outside scribe would be tapped to pen the screenplay. Remember, Nolan has talked to Andrew Kevin Walker, so I assume that he probably has talked to others as well. But if this is true, then you could say that WB is targeting a 2005 release, which is realistic. I'll be checking into this a bit more, so stay tuned.

Oh yeah, one more thing to ponder. With the SUPERMAN project seemingly in such disaray, the speed of developing the Bat-project may have been kicked up a notch. Just a thought.

BATMAN FOREVER screening with Lee & Janet Batchler
Tuesday, February 25, 2003: BOF has been informed that The Scriptwriters Network will be holding a special BATMAN FOREVER screening on Tuesday, March 11th, at 7:30 pm. The showing of the 1995 Bat-flick will include a Q&A with the original writers, Lee and Janet Batchler. The screening will take place at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, CA. The Q&A will be moderated by noted screenwriting instructor/author Richard Walter, who will take questions from the audience.

Batman film fans should be interested in hearing the Batchlers' take of how they got the gig to pen the BATMAN 3 script and what they think about the differences between their original screenplay and what finally made it to the screen. As we all know, BF was rewritten by Akiva Goldsman.

The BF screening/Q&A is part of the Scriptwriters Network "Story to Glory: Memorable Movies and the People Behind Them," a film series devoted to showcasing screenwriters. ArcLight Cinemas are located at 6360 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Tickets are $11.00 and may be purchased in advance at If you are out in So-Cal and are a Bat-fan, or you dig BF, you ought to check this out. Wish I could! (Thanks to Dina and Christopher for the info!)

Judd off Cat to do Cat
Thursday, February 20, 2003: (From VARIETY) Ashley Judd will not be doing CATWOMAN. VARIETY is reporting that filming will conflict her starring turn on Broadway in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Evidently, WB got a strong rewrite of the John Rogers script by the team of Mike Ferris and John Brancato, who rewrote Tedi Sarafian on Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. With director Pitof at the helm, WB set a start date of late summer or early fall for CATWOMAN. Rumor has it that WB has offered the role to Nicole Kidman.

Friday, February 14, 2003: You can chalk this one up as fact. BOF has learned from several VERY reliable sources that screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker--who recently penned the "on hold" BvS--has met with WB and/or director Chris Nolan regarding screenwriting duties for the director's upcoming Bat-flick. No decisions have been made, nor have any contracts been signed, but a meeting has indeed taken place. And as BOF has reported before, Nolan will probably talk to other writers about this project. Rumor has it that WB liked the BvS script enough to consider bringing Walker back for this new project that Nolan is now slated to direct. I am still hunting more specific details, so stay tuned....In addition, I have learned that the Nolan project will indeed be an original, non-sequel Bat-film. Even if it is an "origin" film, both WB and Nolan intend for this to be something new.

To whom will Nolan give screenwriting chores for BATMAN?
Wednesday, February 12, 2003: I know a writer who MAY be assigned the new Bat-film that Chris Nolan is now heading up. You know him--I know him. Can't say who he is yet--gotta get permission from a great source. But I'll let ya'll know as soon as it is possible. Just know this: Batman, on film, is coming along nicely (cross your fingers)....You know that BvS script review that made the rounds a few weeks ago? Well, I don't agree with it. I didn't then and I don't now. However, I may not be right, because it is just my opinion. Just like the reviewer's take is his opinion. We don't all agree, and that's cool. Just had to say that. Late.

Chris Nolan doing an ORIGINAL Bat-film?
Tuesday, February 11, 2003: (From ZENTERTAINMENT and BOF's own sources) This in from the aforementioned website. Seems to jive with what BOF has been hearing and reporting: that Nolan's Bat-flick will not be a sequel or prequel. It will be something new. Here is a bit of ZENTERAINMENT's report:

"The Nolan Batman will be a totally original project. No Year One, No Frightening, No Beyond, No Triumphant. Where the storyline will go is left up to the new screenwriters, whose names are top secret at this point."

See, the rumors we are hearing are starting to sound similar, despite their origin. Hang in there, I am on it and perhaps something big will break soon.

Chris Nolan doing an origin Bat-film?
Thursday, February 6, 2003: Got this in today. Now this source I WILL vouch for. This one has been on the money and is one of BOF's all-time best and more acurate sources. Check this out:

"Dig deep into your sources, find out that Nolan may 'talk to a lot of script writers' and maybe, just maybe, he wants to go back to the origin of Batman. Somewhere along the lines of 'Year One' ideas? Maybe, just maybe, Nolan wants to explore Batman when he was young. Young as in 18-25 young. Dig deep, my friend, find it to be the plan...."

I promise you that you can trust what this source has to say. I while I ran yesterday's "scoop" for all of yall's enjoyment, it is my opinion that Nolan was hired to do a restart/orgin Bat-film. Now, I just gotta find out what screenwriters he is talking to....

Chris Nolan doing a sequel? And is Chase Meridian going to be Catwoman?
Wednesday, February 5, 2003: (From THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and BOF's own sources.) Just ponder this one. The Jett Man is not swearing by it. Yet. Nor am I willing to stake my reputation on this one. Yet. I am still checking into it, but I found it a bit interesting and thought all of BOF's loyal readers may likewise. Now, go get that big-ass grain of salt and dig the following:

"I wish to be unamed, but I have heard and have had it confirmed that Chris Nolan is writing his own sequel to the franchise. I have no details except the villains he had to choose from were Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Clay Face, and Killer Croc. Also, he very much wants to bring it back on terms with the comics, so we may see Barbara Gordon in this one.

As for 'The Frightening,' Nolan LIKED it, but wanted to do a different script, [but something similar]. So Bruce or Dick or someone may end up in Arkham."

Not stading by this one at all, but wanted to at least throw it out there for yall's reading pleasure....So, what is the deal with this CATWOMAN film?! I guess WB is hell-bent on making this thing. Now, I don't dig the storyline at all, but I DO like the names of the actresses associated with this "film." Ashley Judd. Halle Berry. But there is another name in the mix now. A veteren of the Bat-films nonetheless. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is, uh, reporting, that Nicole Kidman has been offered the role and is waiting to read the most recent script before signing the dotted line. Before she does, I hopes she checks out the HR's description of this proposed flick: "Catwoman is about a cat-loving gymnast who runs an animal-grooming business. While she is a vulnerable woman, her alter ego, Catwoman, is superconfident and fights evil." Yeah, sure, OK. That's it for now, boys and girls. Can't wait to see what is next!

YEAR ONE: Dead or Alive?
Tuesday, February 4, 2003: Got this in today from a VERY good source:

"Is YEAR ONE dead? Hmmmmm. Let's just say that the project [Y1--Jett] is still "in development," wink-wink. And so is BATMAN BEYOND and BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN--which Warners insists that they still want to make. So 'dead' may be a bit strong to describe YEAR ONE. Is it going to happen? Probably not--especially with Aronofsky at the helm.

Word is that the studio [WB--Jett] just didn't like what Darren and Frank Miller came up with--despite the rewrites. And with Lorenzo gone, Darren and YEAR ONE lost their biggest supporter. So I think they finally just put it up on the shelf along with BATMAN TRIUMPHANT and BEYOND. You can chalk up the hiring of [Chris] Nolan as the final nail in coffin for the Aronofsky Bat-project--although I don't know if Warners wants Nolan to come up with his own origin script or helm a 'sequel.' That remains to be seen.

As far as BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN, I believe Horn when he said that he intends to do it. I feel the studio looks at this project and sees nothing but dollar signs--lots of them. But whether it actually gets to the screen is another story. It may also depend on just how much Wolfgang Petersen really wants to do it on down the line."

Aronofsky off YEAR ONE?
Monday, February 3, 2003: (From ARONOFSKY.NET, AICN, and BOF's own sources) If you are a regular reader of this webite, you know that several, unrelated sources of mine have indicated that the YEAR ONE Bat-project is dead. Further proof that this may indeed be the case comes via ARONOFSKY.NET. Seems that a reliable source of the site has informed them that despite WB still claiming that Darren Aronofsky is still attatched to Y1, he is actually off the project. Here is a bit of what they had to say:

"We have recently been in contact with a very reliable source who told us that, although official word is that Darren is attached to the film, the studio was not keen on the Aronofsky/Miller all. If the film every does happen, it will be without Aronofsky."

Now, while I can't confirm or deny this news, it is--again--consistant with what BOF has been hearing for a while. And with the recent news that WB has hired Chris Nolan to "revive" the Bat-franchise, this webmaster finds it hard to believe that a Aronofsky-directed Bat-film will ever come to light. Here is a bit of what Harry at AICN had to say about this matter:

"Darren Aronofsky has had an insanely difficult time post REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. I have heard that Warners is very very cold on BATMAN: YEAR ONE as Darren and Frank conceived it, God I want That Script! And while it may be dead at Warners, the project is actually one of the things that Lorenzo DiBonaventura has with his production company and there's always a chance that he'll continue to develop it and bring it back, but with the Christopher Nolan BATMAN being the new kid on the block, expect that to have more steam than anything else."

Remember, this is a project that has been around since 1998 when Joel Schumacher pitched the idea to WB. Aronofsky has been unofficially attatched since 2000--a little over three years--and this film is no further along than it was then. Don't you think that if WB was really interested in the Miller/Aronofsky script that they would have done something with it by now? It ain't happening folks.

Now, what I am really interested in myself--and I am trying like hell to find out--is whether the Nolan project is going to be a restart, or a sequel (of sorts) to the last four films. Now that is the question, and your FAVORITE Bat-film site is on it! Late.

Musings from 'round the net regarding Chris Nolan and BATMAN
Thursday, January 30, 2003: Well, after a lull, it sure seems that the Bat-news is starting to pick up a bit. Here are a few things other sites are saying about Chris Nolan and his recent attatchment to a Bat-project at WB. Click here to see what AICN's "Moriarty" has to say, and here to see IGN FILMFORCE's "Stax's" take.

As for BOF, I am looking into it. I got hold of one of my best industry sources and here is what he had to say:

"Chris Nolan, eh? I hadn't heard that one [Dude's been busy--Jett]. BUT! I'm off to L.A. tomorrow for a few days of "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" press junket stuff, with a big party out at XXXXXXXXX [one night]. Sooo...obviously, I'll find out what I can. Talk soon."

I can't wait to see what he finds out. Seems that this party is at a certain studio....Stay tuned boys and girls, this could get interesting!

WB hires Chris Nolan for BATMAN
Tuesday, January 28, 2003: (From VARIETY) VARIETY has run a story reporting that MEMENTO writer/director Chris Nolan has been hired by WB to revive and direct a new BATMAN film. Nolan also directed the recent INSOMNIA with Al Pacino and Robin Williams. "All I can say is that I grew up with Batman, I've been fascinated by him and I'm excited to contribute to the lore surrounding the character," Nolan said. "He is the most credible and realistic of the superheroes, and has the most complex human psychology. His superhero qualities come from within. He's not a magical character. I had a fantastic experience with the studio on 'Insomnia,' and I'm keen to repeat that experience." It is unclear whether or not Nolan has been tapped to write the screenplay as well as direct.

Variety states that the impact of Nolan's Batman project on the other Bat-movies is unclear. However, BOF has reported several times recently that WB intended to develop other Bat-projects in additon to YEAR ONE--which is rumored to be dead--and BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN--which has been shelved and officially on "hold." Nonetheless, the hiring of Nolan is a good sign that the studio is intent on bringing The Batman back to the big screen.

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