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October 15, 2011
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Here's a short interview with Eliza Dushku talking about voicing Selina Kyle/Catwoman in both BATMAN: YEAR ONE and CATWOMAN...

You seemed to easily groove into this character. Where did you go to discover who Selina Kyle is?

I found the attitude for this character deep down in the Eliza Dushku archive of bad girls (laughs). They're in there somehow, somewhere for some reason, and I tap into them when I need them. Theyre characters with an edge. I grew up with three older brothers in Boston, and my mother was a single mom. So I spent my early years running the streets with the boys. After I fell into the film and television business, I went back to public school in Boston, and kids didn't think it was that cool. So I had to kind of fight for my street cred. I adopted this really sort-of-hard exterior, and got in a couple fights.

Does being part of the BatmanBatman mythology have any special significance to you?

It's incredible being part of the Batman legacy. It's iconic. It's Batman. I grew up with brothers and we would play Batman and Robin. Well, I would always try to get in and play, but usually they would let me join the game as some character or another, and they would immediately kill me off (laughs). So, I used to watch from afar. So now look brothers -- I get to be a part of this and you don't (laughs hard).

Do you have a pet cat? How do you feel about cats?

I had hobo cats growing up. We had cats that would climb up on the roof of the house. We would get them off the roof, then two nights later they would be meowing on the top of the roof again. They have little attitudes, too. I ended up with dogs, mainly, but if a cat could act like a dog and could play like a dog and can play rough, then those cats got along with me. I just dont want house cats or Siamese cats -- they're a little too snooty for me.

Did you enjoy attempting to bring a comic book to animated life?

I love that in the DC Comics world, the stakes are high from the get-go. A week ago, I was watching THE DARK KNIGHT. I love what they did, but its different from what we did for BATMAN: YEAR ONE and CATWOMAN. When you're recreating comics, there's different intonations and character strengths that come out. Thats what I was focused on bringing forth. Its a little exaggerated, a little nuanced, a little more dramatic. But it's also full of layers and seething with this very cool energy.

Was there anything you wanted to personally add to the character that made the experience of voicing Catwoman that much more fun?

Well, I wanted to purr, and they let me purr -- so that was really like getting a bit of extra credit. I wanted to get in there and really emphasize her relationship with her cats, as I think its very feral and very significant. And everyone was really cool about letting me play around with my ferocity.

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