REPORT: Why Matt Reeves Signed On To Direct THE BATMAN
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: February 27, 2017

One of the main topics discussed on the latest BATMAN ON FILM PODCAST was Warner Bros. inking Matt Reeves as the director of THE BATMAN. And if youíve been following this story on BOF, you know that Reeves actually walked away from negotiations with the studio before ultimately agreeing to take the gig.

So, why did he walk and what caused the change of heart?

Was it over money as has been reported? Or was it something, else?

According to Mario-Francisco Robles (former lead editor at LATINO-REVIEW.COM) over at SPLASHREPORT.COM, Reeves didnít break off talks solely due to money; it was way more about the creative control he would have on THE BATMAN. Per the report, Warner Bros. capitulated to Reevesí demand to be able to make HIS Batman movie and not be simply a hired gun to make someone elseís film.

If this is how it went down Ė and I donít have any reason to believe otherwise based on what Iíve been hearing Ė then props to Matt Reeves for sticking to his guns. And you know what else? Warner Bros. should be congratulated for doing the right thing!

Let this guy make the best damn Batman film he can! If that means throwing out the previous Johns/Affleck/Terrio script, then so be it. If that means there are little or no references to the greater DCEU, thatís going to have to be more than fine.

And I think thatís the approach that WB figured out (or maybe remembers?) works best.

If youíve been following what Iíve saying on BOF (be it on the website, the BOF Facebook Page, or on the BOF Podcast), Iíve been saying and hinting that going forward, Warner Bros. will be allowing filmmakers not only to make the DC films that want to make, but also without having to account for whatís going on in other DC films helmed by different directors.

The first DCEU film made under this ďnewĒ approach will be James Wanís AQUAMAN in 2018. The word on the street has it that Wan would only do the film if he was given significant creative control. Now it looks like Reeves has been given that same courtesy. Did GOTHAM CITY SIRENS director David Ayer get the same sort of deal? Let's hope so.

For the full report, CLICK HERE. Itís a good story and worth a read.

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