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Hugo Strange & PREY: What's The Deal?
Authors: Jett and Mark Hughes
November 20, 2010
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Is RISES Based on PREY?
Author: Jett

Over at BOF, we’ve LONG hypothesized that the character Dr. Hugo Strange could be a major character in BATMAN 3 -- which we know now is officially titled THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. If you want to know how long we’ve discussed this, check out Mark Hughes’ story following this one. Anyway…

SCRIPTFLAGS.COM is reporting that they received word from a “PR contact“ involved with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES that the film will be based on the Batman story PREY by Doug Moench (from LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #11-15).

If you are not familiar with PREY, it’s set in the “Year One-ish” timeframe of The Batman’s career. In a nutshell, the mayor of Gotham creates a police task force to bring down the vigilante known as “The Batman.” Psychiatrist Dr. Hugo Strange -- who is obsessed with Batman -- will assist by finding Batman’s true identity. Members of this “Get The Batman!” task force include Jim Gordon, who is secretly sabotaging the operation, and Sgt. Max Cort, a loose-cannon of a cop who hates crime and Batman. Strange and Cort end up joining forces with Cort becoming the murderous vigilante known as “Night Scourge,” In short, these two do everything they can to completely bring down and ruin The Dark Knight.

Now tell me such a storyline wouldn’t make sense as the basis of RISES’ plot -- especially the way the THE DARK KNIGHT ended?

So, do I think that Hugo Strange is in RISES? Yes -- admittedly, because I want the character to be in the film. Let's assume that Hugo Strange is in RISES, OK? I don’t think that Tom Hardy is playing that character. I believe he’ll play a Sgt. Max Cort-type of character. Perhaps Hardy’s character will be an original creation loosely based on Max Cort/Night Scourge?

And for Hugo Strange, how about Robin Williams? I’m just saying…

If “Team Nolan” used PREY in cooking up the plot of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, I expect it to be much like the way YEAR ONE and THE LONG HALLOWEEN influenced BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT. That would be as inspiration, not straight-up adaptations.

I'd also recommend that you take all of this with a big grain of salt. As I've said on BOF many, many times, very few people know the details of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. If someone were to leak information -- such as the aforementioned "PR contact," they would be easily ID'ed. I don't think anyone is willing to risk their careers simply to slip some little 'ol website a Bat-Scoop.

Author: Mark Hughes

A story via an online Batman blogger claims that a “source” revealed to him that Tom Hardy is playing Hugo Strange in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. This story has circulated the Internet the last few of days, being picked up by several sites and even resulting in a second wave of rumors.

The truth of the matter is that there’s been talk of Hugo Strange possibly being in BATMAN 3 for quite some time now -- on BOF and many, MANY other websites and message boards across the Net.

Not long ago, I found an interview from April 2010 in which comic book writer Mark Millar referenced Steve Englehart as a writer he read as a child. I linked that to Millar's recent claim that he knows the identity of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES villain as someone from his favorite comics as a kid. Englehart, of course, wrote the STRANGE APPARITIONS story arc.

I passed this on to some other people, and they passed it along, etc., etc. It was just Bat-Fans passing along information and a theory -- nothing more -- and nobody intended it to be presented as anything other than speculation and a theory. It seems though, that someone saw this hypothesis and within hours, passed it along to various websites as an actual "exclusive" from a "source" with access to good information about the film.

BOF’s “Jett” has received many an email from alleged “inside sources” that have claimed Hugo Strange is the main villain in TDKR, but he dismissed these claims. Why? Not because he doesn’t think the character is in the film, but because Hugo Strange -- if you know the character -- makes a whole lot of sense as the film’s villain.

The story presents this rumor as coming from a source who supposedly has been reliable in the past. This reliability is a reference to this source supposedly reporting that The Riddler will not appearing in the film, and two certain actresses being candidates for roles -- both of which were in fact the subject of serious fan discussion and speculation on the same fan sites that featured the discussions about Hugo Strange. The “source” of these stories seems to be lurking on a couple of fansites and then compiling the more compelling theories from unsuspecting fans and pretending to have access to "exclusive" information.

Personally, I do think Hugo Strange is the best option for a villain in the next film, I have said so for more than a year now (along with plenty of other people), and I do think that the Millar information is interesting and potentially telling (which is why I sought it out and talked about it with other people).

However, it is only opinion and speculation, and was never meant to be presented as anything other than pure fan conjecture.

In case anyone is interested -- and perhaps wants to join our longtime conversation -- the "Is Hugo Strange in BATMAN 3" discussion can be found HERE and HERE on the BOF MESSAGE BOARD. - Mark Hughes on Facebook

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