THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Make the most of it!
Author: Jett
October 29, 2010
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JULY 20, 2012...

The release date for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Depending on how you look at it, TDKR will arrive in theaters in a little over a year and a half…

Or 21 months…

Or 600ish some-odd days.

I’m sure that seems like an eternity to many of you, right? If so, think about it this way…

Remember all of the anticipation and buildup for THE DARK KNIGHT? We just couldn’t wait for it to get here, correct? Well, TDK came and went and is now over two years behind us.

So in the grand scheme of things, this year and a half/21 months/600 some-odd days will go by in the blink of an eye -- and you BETTER make sure you really, Really, REALLY enjoy the entire experience.

Why? Because this is most likely director Chris Nolan’s last Batman film. And once he’ s gone, there’s no telling what Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment will do with the Batman film franchise.

And quite frankly, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM after TDKR either. More on that in a bit.

One of the things that I’ve lobbied for since "BOF Day One" is the long term continuation of the Batman film franchise. I’m of the belief that as long as Warner Bros. hires quality filmmakers who respect and care for the character, Batman on film can go on for decades and doesn’t have to end.

Will that happen? I don’t know for sure -- that’s up to the fine folks at Warner Bros. Pictures and the newly formed DC Entertainment. One would suspect that with Batman being their #1 comic book/superhero asset, the answer to that question has got to be a resounding “Yes!”

But you never know, they might put the cinematic Caped Crusader on ice for a bit and concentrate on other DCU endeavors. Like...

The Green Lantern series, the upcoming Superman reboot, or other solo films based on DC Comics characters.

What this all boils down to my friends is that I’m imploring you all to enjoy every single minute of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’s production, promotion, and theatrical run.

For goodness sake, DO NOT sweat the small stuff! Already we’ve got some so-called “fans” flipping out over the film’s title! And you know once the cast is revealed -- along with whom they are playing -- these same “fans” will go ballistic over that as well. And heaven help us when the first promotional images are released, because you just know there’s going to be another “THE JOKER IS PERMA-WHITE DAMMIT!” situation.

To heck those people I say! Let them wallow in their geek misery, bitch and moan, and spew vile nonsense on various internet message boards. While they knock themselves out with that sort of embarrassing behavior, I’m going to enjoy the hell out the TDKR ride!

So what's going to become of BOF once this is all over? I’m not sure to be honest.

On one hand, this site has accomplished every single thing it set out to do...and MORE. I never thought that my little "hobby" would be where it’s at today when I started this site a year after BATMAN AND ROBIN ("JettD60's BATMAN 5 Page" Anyone?). I also never thought little ‘ol BATMAN ON FILM would become what it has either. To think that all I ever wanted was to see a good Batman film. Boy, did I -- no we -- get that and more!

BOF has allowed me to do things that I never thought or dreamed of doing. I’ve met and made friends with a lot of cool people -- including my hero Michael Uslan. I’ve been to the set of Batman films, met many members of the cast and crew, and even went to the premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT in New York City back in ‘08. I can see any movie I want early and can cover the great San Diego Comic Con as "press." I'm not going to BS y'all -- the perks of running BOF are cool.

All of that aside, the most important thing about BOF to me is that it earned the respect of a lot of important people and allowed me to represent “The Batman Fan."

Well, most of them. *wink*

That there -- RESPECT -- allowed me to do all of those things (and more) that I previously mentioned.

What’s next? We’ll see. I definitely want to see the Batman film series continue on after Nolan. And if it does, someone’s got to be around to make sure a BATMAN AND ROBIN never happens again, right?

And who else but me is going to continuously point out how and why a Justice League film with Batman is such a bad idea? Hell, once I’m gone, they may even think they can slip a “Batman…IN SPACE!” on us. It hasn’t happened on my watch yet, so perhaps I need to keep that thing ticking. Anyway…

Don’t worry about BOF -- what happens, happens.

What I really care about is each and everyone of you to enjoying the final Batman on film experience with Chris Nolan and co. as much as possible. Think about it, this will be the first time that…

The same actor (Christian Bale) has played The Batman three times…

The same director (Chris Nolan) has helmed more than two Bat-Films…

We’re going to get a BONA FIDE Batman on film TRILOGY.

Enjoy it, y’all.

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