"Menace of the Madniks!" (Season 2/Episode 18)
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EPISODE SUMMARY: When Booster Gold uses time time travel to go back in time and visit his currently-deceased friend, the Silver Age Blue Beetle, he throws the timestream into chaos and needs Batman's help to resolve things.

"Menace of the Madniks!" was written by James Krieg and directed by Michael Goguen. It originally aired on October 15th, 2010.

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"Menace of the Madniks!"

Batman is chasing Ma Murder through the streets of Gotham into a warehouse, and only to find himself lured into an ambush. They try to cover him in concrete, but suddenly the Haunted Tank bursts through the wall and General J.E.B. Stuart opens fire. Ma Murder flees and Batman leaps into the tank and has the General pursue. They finally catch up and the General opens fire, knocking Ma off the road. Batman rescues her and thanks the General for his help.

Later, Batman is fighting the Madniks, a group of costumed anarchists. Booster Gold arrives with reporters, and Booster Gold says that he's there to avenge his friend, Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. Batman explains that Ted was his friend, and a real hero, and says that Booster wouldn't understand. Batman delivers the final blows, and Booster realizes that the Caped Crusader has actual feelings for his deceased friend. Booster decides to visit his old friend, and has Skeets transport him two years into the past.

Two Years Ago
Booster and Skeets arrive at Blue Beetle's headquarters in Hub City. Skeets secretly warns Booster that he can't change history, and Booster insists that he just wants to give his friend some closure by helping him defeat the Madniks. Meanwhile, Batman contacts Blue Beetle, who makes sure he doesn't discover that Booster is there. Once he signs off, Blue Beetle admits that he's eager to capture the Madniks. No more does he speak than he gets a robbery alert that the Madniks are robbing STAR Labs. Blue Beetle is eager to take them on and the two heroes leave. The Madniks find a quark pistol at the lab and take it, and the two heroes arrive to stop them. The Madniks' leader, Krebs, fires the gun, blasting a hole in the wall. Their leader prepares to shoot at the heroes, but Booster fires an energy blast, causing the gun to explode. The heroes take cover while the Madniks are exposed to the gun's radiation. Blue Beetle admits that his friend did good, and Booster and Skeets then slip away. Booster is confident that they haven't changed anything, and Skeets teleports him back to the present day.

Present Day
Hub City is in ruins and Batman is fighting a giant energy monster. Booster immediately denies that he's involved, and Batman realizes that he's involved. Skeets teleports them back into the past, just after their last visit. They go to see Blue Beetle, who reluctantly admits to Batman that he's a friend with Booster. Blue Beetle insists that Booster is a fun friend and Batman is a work friend. They explain what happened, and Blue Beetle suggests that the Madniks were exposed to radiation from the quark pistol. They go to Hub Island Penitentiary to talk to the Madniks, and discover that the villains are already making their escape. Their leader tries to climb the electrical fence, but he and his teammates transform into giant energy monsters when they're exposed to the energy. The heroes arrive but the Madniks drain the Bug's energy, causing it to crash. Blue Beetle uses his BB gun on them, but they simply grow larger. Booster makes the mistake of opening fire, making the Madniks even stronger. The villains smash the penitentiary apart, trapping the heroes in debris. Water floods the area, threatening to electrocute them when it reaches the exposed wiring.

Batman and Booster argue about how to get themselves free. Blue Beetle finally suggests a new plan, and has Booster reach Batman's utility belt. Under Batman's instruction, he opens the proper tab, causing an inflatable raft to open and free him. They free Blue Beetle and get clear just in time.

The heroes realize that the Madniks are heading for the Hub City nuclear reactor. When they arrive, they siphon off the power, becoming ever larger. Blue Beetle adjusts his BB gun's radiation signature in the hopes of undoing the mutation, and Booster insists on doing it. When Batman tries to stop him, Booster admits that Blue Beetle was his friend and he wants to make up for his mistake. Batman realizes that Booster was a true friend, and says they can do it together.

Blue Beetle ties the gun into Booster's suit circuitry, and then draws the Madniks' attention while Batman and Booster move in. Booster grabs the reactor and Batman activates the gun, and the adjusted radiation goes through the reactor core and hits the Madniks. They transform back to normal while Batman gets Booster to the surface. Blue Beetle is satisfied that his two best friends are finally getting along.

Back at the Beetle's headquarters, Blue Beetle receives a message from Batman saying that his Uncle Jarvis is on the loose. Batman and Booster say their final goodbyes without giving away Blue Beetle's final fate, and then depart. The past Batman arrives to collect Blue Beetle for the mission.

Booster apologizes to Batman, who thanks him for getting a chance to say goodbye to his friend. They see robbers escaping and Batman goes to work, and invites Booster to help him. - TV.COM

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