"Four Star Spectacular!"
(Season 3/Episode 10)

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Batman teams up with Adam Strange, The Flash, 'Mazing Man, and The Creature Commandos in four separate vignettes.

"The Eyes of Desparo!" was written by Matt Youngberg, Ben Jones, Stephen DeStefano, and Adam Van Wyk; and it was directed by Ben Jones. It originally aired on November 4, 2011.


Batman: Brave & Bold
The Complete Third Season

World's War
On Earth, Adam Strange is rushing to his Zeta Beam transport site after finding the perfect anniversary gift for wife, Alanna. However, when he reaches the spot, Adam stares in horror as Zeta Beams strike down all across the city, teleporting away everything they strike. As the beams sweep steadily across the city, Adam flies after them and accidentally drops his wife's present, which is smashed by a car. The hero finally catches up to the beams and enters one, and finds himself on an alien planet amidst all of the teleported debris.

After finding a teleported dog and taking it with him, Adam discovers space pirate Kanjar Ro on the planet, standing next to a gigantic negaton bomb. He confronts Kanjar, who explains that he used his energy rod to reroute the Zeta Beams. Once he has successfully gained control of the teleport beams, he plans to teleport the negaton bomb to Rann, Adam's adopted planet. The bomb will kill every living being on the planet, leaving it deserted and the perfect base for Kanjar to launch his conquest of the galaxy. Kanjar's men attack Adam and Zeta Beam rays strike down as Kanjar attempt to gain control of them and teleport his bomb to Rann.

In Gotham City, Batman is knocking out a crook when Adam, the bomb, and the villains briefly appear down the alleyway. Before the Caped Crusader can do anything, the group disappears again, and they teleport from planet to planet. Along the way, Adam manages to defeat most of the pirates. He finally turns toward Kanjar, who is ready to surrender… until he realizes that they're on Rann after all, in the capital city. As Alanna and Rann's security force arrives, Kanjar prepares to detonate the bomb, explaining that his energy rod will protect him from the radiation. The dog bites Kanjar on the leg, giving Adam the opportunity to grab the energy rod and teleport Kanjar and the negaton bomb away just in time. The space pirate disarms the bomb but then discovers that an alien monster is preparing to eat him. Meanwhile, Adam apologizes to Alanna for his tardiness and gives her the dog as an anniversary gift.

Double Trouble
In Central City, Batman has fought Captain Boomerang only for the villain to pin him to a chimney with boomerangs and take his Batarangs. As the Australian super-villain prepares to dispose of the Caped Crusader with the latter's own weapon, Flash arrives just in time and knocks him out. Batman points out that he signaled Flash two minutes ago and wondered what took him so long. Flash explains that he was delayed...

Two minutes earlier, Flash receives Batman's signal and goes to help his friend. As he races down the street, Flash discovers a giant mirror blocking his path. In a matter of seconds more mirrors have sprung up, creating a maze of mirrors trapping Flash. The snaggle-toothed Mirror Master appears in the mirrors, sending an army of mirror duplicates out to wear down limitless horde of duplicates, but he quickly tires.

To make matters worse, long-time Flash foe Abra Kadabra, a magician from the 64th century, arrives to ask Flash if he missed "it." He chooses not to fight Flash, explaining that he can't change his own history. He has come back in time because he found a newspaper announcing Flash's death at the hands of Mirror Master on that very die. The newspaper has a photograph of the Flash's empty costume. When the mirror images surround Flash, Abra Kadabra complains about how he has to watch a primitive snaggle-toothed villain defeat his arch-nemesis. Getting an idea, Flash studies the images and realizes that only one of them has asymmetrical teeth. He knocks out the real Mirror Master, dissipating the maze and the duplicates. Furious, Abra Kadabra blasts the Flash and seemingly kills him, disintegrating him within his costume. Realizing that he may have wiped out his own existence, Abra Kadabra travels back to his own time. Someone takes a photo of Flash's empty costume.

As Batman and Flash take Captain Boomerang to prison, Flash explains that he used one of Mirror Master's mirrors to create a duplicate of himself, and then let Abra Kadabra kill him. History happened exactly as Abra Kadabra saw in the newspaper, but without the Flash dying.

Kitty Catastrophe
Fiona and Owen prepare to go out to a movie but need a cat-sitter for their cat, Precious. 'Mazing Man arrives and explains that he's is 100% green and serves at the local cat shelter. He convinces the couple to let him watch Precious and they agree. However, 'Mazing Man soon discovers that Precious refuses to be entertained. It runs into the chimney but, unseen by 'Mazing Man, runs out the back. The hero tries to coax it out without success and inadvertently wrecks the mantle and then the entire wall.

Desperate, 'Mazing Man tries to put the chimney back the way it was, without much success. He keeps working throughout the night to try to put it together. When Owen and Fiona come back, the desperate 'Mazing Man promises to do whatever he can to make it up to them, sobbing and begging. Precious comes out to greet them and the chimney is more or less the way it was. Relieved, 'Mazing Man leans against the chimney... and it falls apart again.

The War That Time Forgot
In the South Pacific in 1943, Lt. Matthew Shrieve and his team of Creature Commandos are flying in to find several missing American planes, as well as missing special operative Batman. Pterodactyls attack the plan and Shreve manages to bring the plane down for a landing on a seemingly uninhabited island. The four Commandos abandon the plane with Shreve: Sgt. Vincent Velcro, a vampire; Pvt. Elliot Lucky Taylor, Frankenstein's monster; Dr. Myrra Rhodes, a Medusa; and Warren Griffith, a werewolf. They explore the island and discover that it is inhabited by dinosaurs appear bestial at first, and the Commandos easily hold off their attacks. However, an albino Tyrannosaurus Rex commands the dinosaurs to surround the intruders and then speaks. He explains that he is the Ultra-Humanite and that he plans to use the dinosaurs to control the world.

The Ultra-Humanite offers the Commandos a chance to fight at his side as fellow freaks. However, they refuse to join, assuming that he's working with the Axis powers. The villain uses a remote control to force the dinosaurs to do his bidding, and orders them to capture the Commandoes. However, Batman arrives and distracts the dinosaurs. The Commandos charge forward and Velcro, in bat form, grabs the remote. Dodging pterodactyls, he drops it and Shreve shoots it apart in mid-air. The dinosaurs, freed from their master's control, go after the Ultra-Humanite. The villain flees to his fortress but is unable to get the door open more than a crack. With time running out, he ejects his brain canister, which contains the "real" Ultra-Humanite: a disembodied brain in a container with mechanical legs. The dinosaurs soon break into the fortress and corner the Ultra-Humanite.

As Batman and the Commandos depart Dinosaur Island, Shrieve takes photos of the dinosaurs. He plans to use them as proof for his superiors that the island can provide a military force of dinosaurs. However, the Commandos destroy the camera, insisting that while they chose to become monsters, the dinosaurs are simple creatures that have no choice in the matter. The "monsters" tell Shrieve that they plan to make sure the dinosaurs are untouched by Man's wars. - TV.COM

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