"Cry Freedom Fighters!" (Season 2/Episode 21)
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EPISODE SUMMARY: Batman teams up with Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters to battle alien invaders on their home turf.

"Cry Freedom Fighters!" was written by Steven Melching & Thomas Pugsley. It was directed by Ben Jones. It originally aired on November 12th, 2010.


"Cry Freedom Fighters!"

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, Stargirl battles Mantis, the Power Parasite. When she discovers that her Star Staff is useless against the villain, she fires a flare into the air to summon Batman. However, she's disappointed to discover that it's Blue Beetle who arrives. Mantis charges and absorbs the energy from her staff, making him even more power. Blue Beetle tells Stargirl to step aside so he can taunt the villain. Mantis leaps after him and Blue Beetle signals to Stargirl to get into position. He then fires an energy blast at Mantis... and Stargirl hits the villain at the same time. The combined energies prove too much, and Stargirl admits that Blue Beetle is okay. As she takes away the villain, Batman calls and Blue Beetle assures him that Stargirl is coming along.

Thugs try to stop voters from casting their vote, and Batman arrives to stop them. Plastic Man is strolling by and notices what's going on. The thugs reveal that they are aliens wielding energy lightning bolts. One of them pins Plastic Man down, but a hero comes to his aid: Uncle Sam, the living embodiment of patriotism who derives his strength from the spirit of the people. As the people cheer him on, Uncle Sam grows ever more powerful. Once they have subdued the villains, they try to question one. He sets off an explosive blast rather than reveal the Supreme Chairman's identity.

Uncle Sam takes Batman and Plastic Man to his nearby ship, the Rocket's Red Glare, and shows them an intercepted transmission. Teletig, the leader of the resistance forces of Qward, signaled for help, warning that the Supreme Chairman plans to conquer Earth. The invaders attempted to undermine Earth's governments by striking at voters. Meanwhile, Plastic Man examines Uncle Sam's cache of treasures with an eye for profit, but a miniature hero, Doll Man, objects. Uncle Sam introduces the rest of his team; Human Bomb, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, and The Ray. The six heroes are the Freedom Fighters. Uncle Sam invites Plastic Man to join the team, puzzling his teammates. Batman warns Plastic Man that the Freedoms are sincere in their ideas, but Plastic Man asks for chance to prove himself as part of a team. The Freedom Fighter's ship departs for Qward.

The Qward warriors inform the Supreme chairman that their operatives failed, and he beats them for their failure. As the Freedom Fighters fly to Qward, Plastic Man insists that he's sincere, but Doll Man isn't convinced. They mimic a meteor's trajectory and try to approach the planet, but are detected. The ship is hit in mid air, but Uncle Sam uses his patriot power to provide a shield. They crash land and come to a halt just short of a cliff. Plastic Man volunteers to scout ahead, impressing Uncle Sam. He spots the Qward Weaponers terrorizing a nearby village and attacks them, while signaling the others. The Freedom Fighters charge into battle with Batman and take on the Weaponers. They win, but Uncle Sam begins to run low on patriotic power. The natives emerge from hiding and Uncle Sam tries to rally them to their cause. The aliens admit that they have lost too many, and Uncle Sam wishes them well. Black Condor locates the Qward capital, and Uncle Sam comes up with a plan to get in undercover.

Batman and Uncle Sam bring in the others, using Plastic Man as a cart. Doll Man lures a guard in, pretending to be a doll, and the Freedom Fighters attack the guards. They find Teletig in the chairman's hall, but it's a trap. The Weaponers uncloak and attack, and Uncle Sam raises his shield to defend them. As he runs low on power, the heroes launch an offensive. However, one by one they are brought down by superior numbers. Plastic Man begins to retreat, and Doll Man accuses him of cowardice. Uncle Sam protects Plastic Man from an energy blast, and Plastic Man gets him to safety while Batman and the others are captured.

Plastic Man takes refuge in an empty building, and the ailing patriot tells Plastic Man that he's their last hope. When Plastic Man admits that he's no patriot, Uncle Sam says that patriotism comes from the heart, and that he has faith in him. Uncle Sam says the spirit of freedom is all around and he has to unleash it, and then disappears, leaving his top hat, and Plastic Man has an idea. He goes back to the village and calls upon them to help. When they insist they're not heroes, Plastic Man says that on his planet, people stood up for their freedom no matter the cost. He speaks movingly if somewhat incoherently of great moments in American history, and the people rally.

The Supreme Chairman prepares to broadcast the execution of Batman and the Freedom Fighters, unaware that Batman is working to free himself. However, he is unable to do so before the Weaponers move to the attack. Plastic Man suddenly bursts in and tosses Uncle Sam's hat onto the floor, and then starts singing patriotic songs. People across the planet are inspired, and Batman tells the others to sing. Uncle Sam reforms and easily protects his comrades, then attacks the Weaponers. Batman frees himself and Plastic Man release the Freedom Fighters, and they charge into the battle with Teletig. Batman attacks the Supreme Chairman, who summons his battle armor. He's overwhelmed, but Uncle Sam loans him the power of patriotism, transforming him into a Star-Spangled Caped Crusader. Invigorated, Batman takes down the Supreme Chairman but it's Plastic Man who delivers the final blow.

Later, the heroes depart and Doll Man apologizes, saluting Plastic Man for his patriotism. President Obama sends a special transmission to thank Plastic Man... who isn't sure who he is. - TV.COM

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