OPINION: What's REALLY Best For Batman On Film?
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: February 15, 2017

I don’t know if Ben Affleck is going to play Batman again.

I don’t know if he’s NOT going to play Batman again either.

The ONLY people who know the answer to this question for sure, I imagine, are a few of the higher-up folks at WB, director Matt Reeves (maybe – if he’s agreed to take the job), and Mr. Affleck himself.

But SOMETHING is going on with this project and Ben Affleck. To say "everything is awesome" – no matter how much you want to believe all the rumors are bullshit – is akin to metaphorically sticking your head in the sand.

Look, I've been hearing "THE RUMOR" for a while now, OK? And believe me, I don't want it to be true or come to pass either.

Regardless, I think we're at a crossroads when it comes to Batman on film.

Honestly, I’m extremely torn when it comes to my opinion of what’s best for Batman on film and the route that Warner Bros. should take going forward.

On one hand, I really, Really, REALLY like Ben Affleck as Batman and would love to see him play the character in a solo film. (FWIW: I’ve been a supporter of Affleck as Batman since the late 1990s and he was my number one choice to direct a solo Batman film after Chris Nolan – even before he was cast as Batman in BvS.)

On the other hand, if Mr. Affleck is indeed wanting to leave the role (for whatever reason(s), I’m not going to speculate), I’m not sure that I want the dude to do the film if his heart isn’t truly in it.

BOF’ers, what IS the best thing for Batman’s future on film?

Well, we know one thing for sure: Whether Ben Affleck stays or goes (Why am I suddenly earworming a tune by The Clash?), there’s going to be another solo Batman film.


It’s not like it was back in 1997 – post-BATMAN & ROBIN – when we really didn’t know if we’d get another Batman film in the foreseeable future, OK? The Batman film franchise is on MUCH more solid ground (Thank you Chris Nolan!) than it was in those days and Batman on film is a proven box office winner. So yeah, you can bet your as… – err, bottom dollar – that we’ll be seeing a solo Batman film in theaters sooner rather than later.

Like, 2019 sooner.

Again I pose the question: What is best for the live-action future of the cinematic Batman?

At this point, I think there are only two options: Make THE BATMAN as planned with Ben Affleck, or recast and reboot the whole damn thing (and how that could affect a shared cinematic DC universe too).

BUT, there are, um, “sub-options” in play here as well.

So, I shall address each of the aforementioned two options – and each’s sub-options – in the next two installments of this three part series. First up, I’ll breakdown option one: Make THE BATMAN with Ben Affleck.

In the meantime, what do you think should happen with the Batman film series going forward? Post your WELL THOUGHT OUT and INSIGHTFUL opinion WORTHY OF CIVIL DISCOURSE in the comments section below!

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