"The Butler Did It" (Season 2/Episode #9)
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Spellbinder, a three-eyed mystic, with the ability to induce both hypnosis and visions, sets his sights on stealing the valuable Eye of Sarkana - mesmerizing Alfred to commit his crimes,

"The Butler Did It" was written by Alexx Van Dyne and directed by Brandon Vietti. It originally aired on August 20th, 2005.

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"The Butler Did It"

Alfred moves through Wayne Manor, opens a display case, and takes a rare vase. He goes outside with it, is confronted by Batman, and runs into the forest. Alfred wakes up and realizes it's a nightmare. Bruce drops in to reveal that Alfred's working on a blind children's charity but when Alfred gets out he realizes he's fully dressed, and the key to the case is in his pocket.

Alfred and Bruce go to check out the display case -- the vase is missing. Bruce checks the security cameras which confirm that Alfred took the item. Later at the children's charity, Bruce introduces the High Priest of Sarkonna, who is donating the famous Eye of Sarkonna. Bruce meets with his two co-contributors and both of them have had similar "inside job" robberies, committed by their butlers. Bruce makes a quick departure while as the clock strikes eight, Alfred responds to a post-hypnotic command to bring the valuables to a mysterious figure. Alfred opens the safe and grabs the money, unaware there is a bat-tracer on him. Bruce arrives and finds Alfred missing and the money gone and dons the costume to go after him.

Batman pursues but Alfred engages him and the other butlers, but he is reluctant to hit him and gets knocked off the fleeing van. Batman catches up to them as they give the loot to a mysterious three-eyed figure, who fires a blast of energy from his eye that envelops Batman. The figure turns into a dragon and the ground beneath him splits open. Batman uses his grapple gun to save himself but in the underground he is confronted by the dragon again. Batman realizes he's hallucinating but more monsters manifest and he's knocked unconscious -- it's actually the three butlers attacking him. The Bat-Wave goes off, waking up him and the butlers, but the figure escapes.

Bruce realizes the Bat-Wave freed the butlers of the hallucinations but not him. He believes the figure was a "spellbinder," a type of monk he encountered in his travels that had the power to open their mystic " third eye" and cause hallucinations. Bruce concludes the Spellbinder is going after the fourth "eye" -- the Eye of Sarkonna. Alfred insists that he be locked up and Bruce obliges, then meditates to draw forth his strength of mind.

The Batman watches the charity event from above as the High Priest delivers the Eye, unaware the Spellbinder is nearby. Promptly at 8 o'clock, the two charity co-hosts go into a hypnotic state and Alfred realizes the photographer who took the charity pictures was the Spellbinder. Alfred realizes Bruce was also hypnotized and that if he responds to Spellbinder's commands, the crook will realize they're one and the same.

Alfred grabs the Bat-Wave but is locked in -- he makes an escape through an air vent and across the roof. The High Priest opens the casket holding the Eye ... but the charity hosts have already taken it, and a hypnotized Batman also drops in. The Spellbinder begins to realize the Batman is under his spell but Alfred activates the Bat-Wave and frees him from the spell, and the Spellbinder believes Batman was trying to trick him. The Spellbinder unleashes his hallucinatory powers upon him, grabs the Eye, and flees into the sewers. Batman confronts him and Spellbinder reveals the Eye enhances powers. Spellbinder blasts Batman with hallucinatory energy and beings, initially overcoming him. Drawing upon his training, Batman unleashes the power of his mind, including a giant bat to dispel the hallucinations. He catches up to Spellbinder and knocks him out and Alfred congratulates him then goes to grab a nap. - TV.COM

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