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TDK Viral Marketing Updates
Author: Jett

Here’s the latest on all the viral activity going on online with THE DARK KNIGHT. To the MANY BOF'ers who sent in info, “THANKS! Too many of y’all to name, but I appreciate your contributions very much. First up, links to the previous viral events:

* THE JOKER FLYBY, SDCC 2007 (Video)

OK, now on to the latest events....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
11:14 AM: "TrojanKnight" sends in the following viral update:

"Not sure if you had seen this one yet, but I thought I would send it your way. If you go to GPDIAD.COM page and log in to get the older sound byte (from the Pie House; username: Barhyteglenn, password: tevredenheid) there is now an associated file link.

Click on the associated file, and it gives you a recording of someone in 'GPD Internal Affairs' questioning 'Man 2' from the orignal sound byte (thought to be 'Officer McCree'). The byte mentions that 'Karl is dead' and that 'All of us cops...we know [Dent] is watching....'

Kind of interesting. Thought I would let you know, since it isn't on the webpage yet."

It is now. Thanks to "TrojanKnight."

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
6:36 PM: OK, I guess you've all discovered what today was all about: the reveal of the first teaser poster for THE DARK KNIGHT!

Also, if you live in New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, or Los Angeles, you may be in luck. CLICK HERE to find out why. Hint: It has something do do with IMAX and tickets.

4:52 PM: A report with pics from "VLKERS54":

“Here are the pictures from the cake I picked up in Chicago on Halsted St. The cake had a phone number on it. Inside of the cake, was a phone and charger, a joker card, and a note from The Joker. The piece of paper says:

‘Wow, you really took the cake! Now, put the icing on it: call xxx-xxx-xxxx immediately from this phone and THIS PHONE ONLY. DO NOT give this phone number to anyone else. Let's hope your fellow goons came through as well as you. Once the layers are in place, you'll get your just desserts.

I'm a man of my word.’

I called the number, and it was a lady from ‘Rent-a-Clown’ and she thanked me for calling -- told me they now ‘know who I am.’

I then got a text from The Joker saying: ‘Good work, clown! Keep this phone charged and with you at all times. Don't call me. I will call you...eventually.’

That's it! Hope this helps with ...something.”

The "Chicago Joker Cake!" (click to enlarge)

1:51 PM: Several reports that the bakeries gave the winner a cake with a cell phone within! Also included were Joker cards and a letter from The Joker....

There are also more stuffed animals therefore more locations:

San Francisco, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Portand, OR
Los Angeles, CA
Washington, DC
Miami, FL
St. Louis Park, MN
St. Louis, MO
New York (again)
Seattle, WA
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix. AZ
Cleveland, OH

11:48 AM: I guess it's another wild goose chase! Go to WHYSOSERIOUS.COM/STEPRIGHTUP and see what The Joker wants you to do! Actually, just click on the stuffed animals and each will give you a specific location -- but don't call them! And, they are all bakeries in...

Fayetville, GA
Denver, CO
New York, NY
Austin, TX
Chicago, IL
St. Clair Shores, MI

Monday, December 3, 2007
7:06 PM: "Stelt" says to check out WHYSOSERIOUS.COM/STEPRIGHTUP.

6:55 PM: Both "Chris P." and "Stelt" said that they got an email from "The Joker" (HUMANRECOURSES@WHYSOSERIOUS.COM) that said" "Heads up, clown! Tomorrow means that there's one last shifty step left in the interview process: Arwoeufgryo"

Thanks to those to BOF'ers for sending that in.

Several readers sent word that a new image is up at WHYSOSERIOUS.COM/OUTOFTIME/ALDER.HTM -- dead dude's feet with toe-tag.

8:56 AM: Here is the transcript of the Gotham PD audio feed that could first be heard on December 2nd:

“Man 1” is most likely Lt. Karl Breitup, “Man 2” is most likely Detective Sergeant Jason McCree, and “Woman 1” is most likely Betty

[footsteps approach]

[Man 1] You order?

[Man 2] Just coffee for both of us. Nobody eats here.

[Man 1] Flass did.

[both chuckle]

[Man 2] Yeah, Flass would eat off a train floor.

[Man 1] I heard he's lost a lot of weight.

[Man 2] What'd you expect, the guy's a vegetable.

[Woman 1] Your coffee, you want anything with that?

[Man 1] Hey Betty, just the special.

[Woman 1] You don't want pie or nothin'?

[Man 2] Ah, no thanks. The missus made three pies for the Thanksgiving. I'm all pie'd out.

[Woman 1] So is it just coffee? What am I, some kind of barista or somethin'?

[Man 1] Hey, I promise, we'll tip good.

[Woman 1] Half of my tables just drinking coffee. Stupid Italians. Now, Mr. Falcone, he liked a piece of pie. Special's with the check.

[Man 2] She charged us for the coffee. Well you know we gotta pay here - there'll be a drop point... Look at this, will ya? Two bucks for coffee.

[Man 3] It's okay guys, coffee's on the department this time. (hushed and serious) Internal Affairs, hands on the table. I'll take your side arms and we'll all go downtown.

[Man ?] Internal Affairs?

[Man 3] Keep your voices down. Hands on the table.

[commotion in background. Gunshots fired]

[Man ?] Get down, get down!

[Man 4] Fire, we got fire. Backup, we need backup.

[Man 2?] Oh, God, Karl!

[Man 4] Officer down.

[gunshots] [bullets ricochet][shuddering and panting can be heard]

[Man 2?] ...couldn't stay up in the parking lot. You had to arrest us in the middle of a restaurant?! Who do - who do you think eats here?! Boy Scouts?! Just who the hell do you think eats here?! Jesus Christ! Karl!

[Man 4] 2361, I need backup. 1445 Maloney.

[Dispatch] Unit 2361, we have reports of shots fired. Units are on the way.

[Man 4] We got an officer down, repeat an officer down.

[Dispatch] Copy that.

[Man 4] Suspects are two white males, one f- [feedback]


Thanks to "SwantonBomberX" from the BOF MESSAGE BOARDS!

Saturday, December 1, 2007
"AJKOS13" sent in the following info. Go HERE (It's part of that "Gotham PD Internal Affairs" site), username "Barhyteglenn ," and the password is "tevredenheid." FYI...



Here’s a transcript of that phone call many have received from that “bad Gotham cop”:

“I know that you got, um, big ideas about bein' some sort of good citizen? But nobody . . . nobody likes a squealer. You hear me? You don't know nothin' 'bout what you're callin' about and you don't know what decent standup guys like McCree and Breitup put up with out on the streets. They're out there . . . listenin' to the lip, puttin' their lives on the line so that you can call the police when you think you hear somethin' in the bushes and that some standup cop will come out in the middle of the night and so that you can sleep ok. He's workin' in the middle of the night and you're layin' in the . . . in, in, in the bed. Ya hear me? Well, you keep makin' calls on guys like McCree and Breitup and you just see what happens next time you need one o' the boys in blue, if you get my drift. These people who you're gettin' all misty eyed over, you think of who they are and you think about how they might have brought it on themselves and you think about who you want on . . . your . . . side! You wanna know what the score really is? Check out document LC6551. You know where to look.”

Thanks to “Ken T.” for sending that in…

Go HERE, type in “BreitupKarl” for the username, the password is “21485,” and then search for document “LC6551.” Have fun…

This viral site is now online: GOTHAMTECHNOLOGIE.INC.COM

That’s about it for now. As always, if you discover something new, send it in!

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