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"The Joker?"

June 18, 2007
The "look" of Heath Ledger as The Joker according to "The Goon":

* The Joker’s face is different, yet similar, to the pictures that have been released.

* Extremely different both look-wise and in manner to the two previous live-action interpretations.

* The white face looks to be “cracking” -- like dried-out face makeup.

* The Joker’s hair is long, greasy, and colored blondish/brown with green “highlights.”

* His clothing gives off a “…a demented Willy Wonka” vibe. The Joker also “…wears a long velvet purple trench coat with a diamond pattern purple shirt, a green vest, and very waist high purple pants. He sports purple gloves and a very long chain wallet.”

* There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING funny about TDK's Joker. He's one sadistic bastard. He'll be hated.

* From what “The Goon” has heard, Heath is taking The Joker to “…all-new f***ed-up levels.”

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