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TDK PROLOGUE London Premiere, Roven Talks TDK
Author: Jett
Friday, December 7, 2007

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2:52 PM: According to FILMDETAIL.COM, the "TDK PROLOGUE" screened in London as well as New York and LA and was hosted by producer Charles Roven. Here's a few things he had to say:

* TDK features a darker incarnation of The Joker -- but will still have some comic moments.

* TDK should be PG-13 like BEGINS.

* Heath Ledger won the part of The Joker because of his range as an actor and his initial meetings with Chris Nolan about the character.

* No discussion yet of who will be the villain in their next Bat-flick.

BOF can add that the prologue will be shown in London for fans to see. Details coming soon.

Thanks to "Miranda Fox" for sending in the link!

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