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Nolan Talks The Joker, TDK, and More!
Posted by: Jett
Thursday, December 6, 2007

6:02 AM The "TDK Prologue" was screened in LA for various members of that city's media and IGN got the chance to chat with director Chris Nolan. Here's some of the very interesting things that he had to say:

On BATMAN #1 and other inspirations for The Joker:
"Well, you know to be honest, we looked at all of them. We didn't look at those first stories until after we'd come up with our story and Jonah started working on the job. It's a weird thing. He called me up halfway through his job and said, 'By the way, have you looked at his first and second appearance recently?' And I think maybe years ago I'd seen them. I think David Goyer had told me about them. Went back and looked at them and we wound up at a place that's drawn very directly from that stuff. But we arrived at it in our own way by researching a lot of the more recent Joker stuff, and thinking about what this icon is when viewed through the prism of Batman Begins. When viewed in the world we created, in the tone we created. And what we arrived at is somebody who is quite a serious guy, really, considering his name's the Joker and that turned out to be quite similar to his original conception."

On the lack of TDK Joker smiling:
"There are different types of being funny. The sequence you've seen has a very dark sense of humor to it, I think. Very sardonic sense of humor to what he's doing and that's the way in which he's funny. And, yes, it's very easy to confuse that with a lot of smiling and a lot of laughing but what he does in the film is very difficult to capture in stills to be perfectly frank. It's one of the reasons we wanted to show this sequence as well, to get his introduction out there. It's the total package. It's the way he moves, the way he is, it's the way he inhabits the character. I'm just so excited by it. I think people will be really blown away by it."

On the casting of Heath Ledger:
"To be honest, I don't exactly remember when it came to pass. I'd met with Heath several times on projects in the past and nothing had ever come of it. And I think he'd heard I was looking for someone to play the Joker before we had a script, and I'd heard that he was really actually into the idea. And we met and we got each other. We both had exactly the same concept in our heads of who that guy would be in this film in the way that we'd interpreted it. It wasn't specific to, "Oh, he's going to look like this or talk like that" at all. It was about a psychological concept. It was about a character concept. It was about the threat of anarchy. It was about anarchy being the most frightening thing there is. Chaos and anarchy in this day and age, and I think it is. It's certainly the thing I'm most afraid of."

Will there be an origin for The Joker?:
"Well, we never wanted to do an origin story for the Joker in this film. The arc of the story is much more Harvey Dent's; the Joker is presented as an absolute. It's a very thrilling element in the film, and a very important element, but we wanted to deal with the rise of the Joker not the origin of the Joker, if that makes sense."

Will Bale's casting in T4 pull him away from the Batman franchise?:
"That would be news to him. No, it's great...he's not afraid to take risks and take on all kinds of different projects."

Regarding JUSTICE LEAGUE's affect on the Batman franchise:
"To be perfectly honest, it's not really something I've thought about much. I really am just immersed in making this movie. Whatever will happen will happen...."

"...I will say, and I said it a lot about BATMAN BEGINS and it was genuinely the truth, is I don't think in terms of sequels."

There's a lot more good stuff in the interview, so click on the link provided to read the whole thing.


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