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Leaked TDK Pics
Posted By: Jett
Sunday, December 2, 2007 - 10:52 AM

Yes, I know that some new stills of Heath Ledger as The Joker (5) and Christian Bale (1) as The Batman have popped up online. Since they were probably leaked without permission, BOF is not posting them at this time (I'm currently awaiting confirmation on just what the deal is, FYI). Anyway, the one of Bale features him throwing a punch towards the camera and he's in the new Bat-Suit. The five of Ledger have him in various poses and he looks really great!

Most likely, these are stills to used for marketing, toys, etc. They are similar to these:

Jack Nicholson as The Joker from BATMAN (1989) and Christian Bale as The Batman from BATMAN BEGINS
(© Warner Bros.)

If you want to see them -- and I'm sure many of you already have -- you shouldn't have to look too far as I'm positive that they are all over the Net.

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