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Posted by: Jett

Friday, May 2, 2008:
The folks over at WIZARD sent BOF video of the New York event:

Now that was pretty darn cool! I'm sure it was just like that at all the event locales. In fact, keep reading and check out reports sent in last Monday...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008:
A report from Big D (Dallas, Texas) via THE DALLAS OBSERVER (Thanks to "Joshua")...

"Have Hope" sent BOF a report of the London event...

"Man, Jett…YOU WERE SO RIGHT! Like seriously…OK, let me catch my breath.

It was scheduled at 9PM (London time) but I got there at 6PM just to be safe. As we waited, loads of guys had the smiley faces and stuff and it looked pretty damn cool -- ‘cept for the rain. Then there were these two guys who had the authentic joker masks and I was like, how did they get them? lucky bastards.

So it began and at 9PM we were all running everywhere trying to find out where we need to go. After much shouting, we got to Chinatown where a guy in a green jacket and clown mask gave us cards -- the guys with the authentic clown masks from the beginning were in on the whole thing, one of them gave out raffle tickets.

So we arrived at the Odeon in Leicester Square and we watched the trailer and WOW!

The scene with Batman in the street with smoke bowing his head down and him jumping off the building, SO MUCH TO TAKE IN!!!!! Man, it was intense!

Oh yeah, via the raffle tickets: A guy took home like film reel of the trailer I think. Lucky bastard."

"Andrew B." sent in a report (and pics) from Chicago...

“We showed up and it was 40 degrees, rainy and windy. The weather (and the lack of something like a bullhorn) made organization on the ground almost impossible. So the oracles became the key to spreading information to everyone on the ground, including sketchy reports of what was happening in other viral cities. We had all gathered at the spot given on the website, and it wasn’t long before a lone police officer walked up to find out what was going on. He told us that he hadn’t heard anything about it, but that we would all have to go outside the park gate because the park was owned by the water district, and was not open to us. He walked us outside the gate and told us more officers would be on the way. About ten minutes before the scheduled start time the crowd bolted for the spot inside the park without worrying about threats of arrest.

We were told that the hunt should last about an hour, but we had the answers for the three tasks inside 10 minutes, and all rushed to the waypoint where we were told to wait for further instructions. When the clock struck 6:00 the oracles were able to enter the numbers and unlock the online safe, giving us directions to run towards a place where cars could “rehabilitate.” Ignoring the website’s warning to watch for traffic, the mob stampeded through allies and streets, with reports of several close calls from busses and Audi drivers. We all arrived at a parking lot that seemed to be the destination, but with no official Joker goon in sight, people began to mill about, thinking we must have missed something, then someone saw a woman in a Joker mask across the street, who was surrounded by the mob in a matter of seconds, she instructed us to go back to the parking lot and stand on the sidewalk, where she announced that she would be handing out cards, and that she thought there would be enough for everyone. She also picked a goon to carry a golden film canister to a nearby AMC theater, and told us that we would each be given a raffle ticket and that one of us would walk away with a very special prize.

As we formed a rough line to receive our joker cards, a patrol car pulled up with it’s lights on and remained there until we dispersed. We made our way to the AMC where the theater staff seemed to have no idea what they had gotten themselves into, handing out flyers from WB asking us to leave all unessential items in our cars, which we had left an hour ago and blocks away. I overheard a theater manager speaking to security staff who were upset with the prevalence of cameras, cell phones, masks and bags, the manager said “These people just had some sort of scavenger hunt, we had no idea this was going to happen” as she passed out small ziplock bags to the goons in a line that wrapped around the third floor of the theater.

After we were all let in, there was a short introduction by the woman who had handed out the cards on the street, this time without a mask, telling us that we were all very smart, and that we had made the boss proud. Then there was the screening, which was of course amazing. After the house lights came back on, everyone chanted ‘ONE MORE TIME!’ for several minutes, and the two people working the projector could be seen racking it up to do so, but they never received the go-ahead from the manager. They then held the drawing for the film canister, and the person who won it was told that he should share it and that he would make the boss very happy if he could have as many people see it as possible. The winner then gestured to the projectionist to see if he would play it, and the manager replied that he could not play it in the theater. Then they held the drawing for us to collect our ziplock baggies.”

A short video from Dallas via "Moises08":

"Elizabeth" has posted her report from HERE (Pics included).

I'll post a few more reports as they trickle in.

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