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TDK Hong Kong News
Author: Jett
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

7:22 AM TEXAS TIME: "Alfred Pennyworth" is back after a hiatus with a bit of news about the Hong Kong TDK shoot:

"Chris is not coming to HK.

Production has asked the buildings along HK harbor to keep their neon lights on all night long during the roof top shootings to take place the second week in November.

Those who have been to the city will know that the harbor is a festival of lights at night -- some celebrating the coming of the Olympics others just bring a very carnival atmosphere to the skyline.

The stunts cancelled were -- as you said -- not critical to the story line. Whatís critical to a story we really don't know anyway, right?

The stunts were practiced extensively in Chicago -- remember the hot dog SWAT stunt? No more. L

The other stunt was practiced outside of Chicago and was to be a parachute jump into HK harbor -- also no more.

The Dark Knight will have a meeting with Fox here on a rooftop, what itís about is any ones guess, so Mr. Bale and Mr. Freeman will be HK bound very soon.

That's all for now."

Thanks again to "A.P." for the update!

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