Hall Talks Mike Engel
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Monday, June 16, 2008, 11:07 AM CENTRAL

Check out what Anthony Micheal Hall had to say about playing "Mike Engel" in TDK -- and those rumors about him playing The Riddler...

So how did you land the role in THE DARK KNIGHT?

HALL: ďI read for Chris Nolan. Itís interesting about my career, Iíve had different situations and Iíve been very fortunate. Iím not complaining, but I had to audition for probably 95% of the stuff Iíve done, because I think that I was always in transition - "What does he look like? Is he a kid?" So, thirty years later I have a body of work and itís still good to work at it, whatever you do.Ē

What can fans expect from your character? He's a reporter, right?

HALL: ďYeah, itís a great role and I canít wait to see the film. I donít know, I canít just say anything, because I havenít seen the movie.Ē

So, do you drive a Lamborghini in the film? Is that stuff true?

HALL: ďYou know why those rumors started spreading? Because I was on location standing in the middle of the street. This is really funny: I was wearing a grey suit and Christian [Bale] in the movie drives a Lamborghini. And I guess I looked good in the suit because people that were playing extras in the movie began selling stories online saying, ĎHey, heís driving a Lamborghini!í Then people started to think I was playing The Riddler. All of this for standing in the street. That sounds great, Iíve got to stand in the street more. So it was kind of a funny thing how it all happened. My mother called me and said, ĎOh yeah, they said youíre playing The Riddler and thereís a picture online of you standing next to a Lamborghini.í I was really just standing around doing nothing in between takes admiring the car. But the next thing you know, people are saying Iím playing The Riddler. [laughs] The truth is, Iíll play any of those parts. Iíd love to play Batman, to be honest with you. But I have a great respect for Christian and Heath [Ledger] and they were real gentlemen with me. I had the most fun with [Gary] Oldman though, he was great.Ē

What type of impact did Heath have on you during the production? How was he to work with?

HALL: ďHe was a co-worker, you know. Iím like ten years older than the guy, so I gave him his space and room. I was watching him and how he handled himself, and he was really smart. Heís a good guy. He was together and he was kicking-ass in that performance.Ē

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THE DARK KNIGHT opens July 18, 2008!

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