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1st TDK Review?
Posted by: Jett
Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 1:34 PM CENTRAL

Thanks to a a rough translation from Portuguese from BOF contributor Alexandre Winck (His commentary is in bold below), the following may be the first review of THE DARK KNIGHT -- albeit a covert one. Alexandre says, "I can assure [you all that] the blog is well-known in Brazil (Globo is the largest media corporation here) and the author is a respected journalist." So here goes (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!):

"My secret agent between the Armani suits saw a super private session for THE DARK KNIGHT and came out drooling. It will be a great success, he guarantees, the gadgets (especially the [Bat-Pod], responsible for a acclaimed action sequence ) are crazy and Heath Leger might receive a deserved indication for his Joker, ‘a mixture of a fool/clown, schizophrenic, sadistic, and crazy. The guy delivered, got himself into the role and it's unrecognizable. There will be no other Joker after him.’"

"In one scene he repeats to Christian Bale's Batman a line from BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (The guy probably is probably confused here) ‘you complete me’ -- but in context of 'stalker, crazy/scary.'"

[Blacked-out - Jett] "Another scene with Ledger/The Joker playing dead inside a body bag caused adverse reactions in the audience, for obvious reasons -- it will possibly be cut. (I hope not!)"

“My ‘Bond’ tells more about the somber epic of Chris Nolan:‘It's incredible to create something new and exciting, not only for i's history but in technical terms, nowadays. Many great scenes, impeccable effects. Music and sounds pretty loud, but helping the story. They have a heart beat they use in a sensational way (Remember the 2 note theme from the interview with Zimmer?!), anticipating the next scene -- a psychological trigger ala JAWS ('tan-tan, taqn-tan') ."

"The cast is awesome, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman stealing scenes in which all are present. Maggie Gyllenhaal fantastic replacing Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart as a great surprise as the politician with a heart of gold whose personality changes after a horrible accident. Another surprise is Eric Roberts as the mobster he knows so well how to do. Christian Bale solid as ever, cool since Bruce Wayne is a rich playboy and Batman is the opposite. The film plays a lot with this duality, all the characters are complex, has ambiguities, very interesting and delicate here."

"The humor/comedy is totally dark, the movie is very dark and, in this version, a little too long. But will blow us away.”

I'll say this, there's a few things that the "review" mentions that I was privy to and that makes me believe that this is legit. And if so, it looks as if TDK is going to be one HELL of a movie!


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