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Bale talks TDK, jokes about Crowe...again
Author: Jett
Thursday, September 6, 2007

9:09 AM TEXAS TIME: Christian Bale has again talked about THE DARK KNIGHT while doing press for 3:10 TO YUMA. Here's what he had to say:

The new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, returns the legend to familiar territory when our heroís obsessive plans to fully eradicate crime from Gotham City are prematurely scuppered by the arrival on scene of that girning criminal mastermind the Joker, here played by Heath Ledger. Bale, who announces pointedly that he was ďnever a Batman fan,Ē says that he does his best to ignore the attendant pressures of being the brand leader of a billion dollar franchise. Instead, he says, even when he arrives on set in his potentially ridiculous trade-mark rubber batsuit, itís all about keeping the reality and the ferocious intensity of his performance on track (his is undoubtedly the most feral Batman yet). ďThere may be all these people around you who are connected to making the movie. But for me, on set, Iím just trying to do whatever the hell I want, to get away with it on the day, and then recognise later that itís going to be a much, much wider audience thatís seeing it.Ē

The article also says "Bale...has hinted that Crowe might join him in the third instalment of his rebooted Batman movies." Again, it's obvious that Bale is joking about this again and people are taking him too serious.

SOURCE: THE TIMES. Thanks to "Chris M." for the link.

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