TDK Cast TV Schedule
Post: Jett
Sunday, July 6, 2008

OK, here is a rundown of TV appearances by various members of TDK cast:

(7/8) Aaron Eckhart - THE TONIGHT SHOW
(7/11) Michael Caine - THE TONIGHT SHOW
(7/14) Christian Bale - THE TODAY SHOW
(7/14) Gary Oldman - THE VIEW & LATE NIGHT w/Conan O'Brien
(7/15) Morgan Freeman - THE TODAY SHOW
(7/15) Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman - THE VIEW
(7/15) Aaron Eckhart - THE LATE SHOW w/David Letterman
(7/16) Maggie Gyllenhaal - THE TODAY SHOW
(7/16) Maggie Gyllenhaal - THE LATE SHOW
(7/17) Maggie Gyllenhaal - REGIS & KELLY
(7/17) Aaron Eckhart - LATE NIGHT
(7/18) Maggie Gyllenhaal - JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE

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