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Bale: Batman's Boring No More!
Author: Jett
Friday, November 30, 2007

If you thought that Batman was reduced to a supporing character in the "Burton/Schumacher" Batman films, that's not gong to happen again -- so says The Batman himself, Christian Bale. Check this out:

* "That was exactly the problem I had with all of the other movies [Batman playing second fiddle to his villains]."

* "After I had read Frank Miller's BATMAN: YEAR ONE and various other graphic novels, I looked at those films and said, 'Well, how come it's always been that Batman's the most boring character?' I've never found him to be intriguing at all. Whereas these graphic novels depicted him as really being by far the most fascinating character. So I feel like we gained that back with BATMAN BEGINS."

* "Now we've made him a character of substance, I have no problem with him competing with someone else. And that's going to make better entertainment and a better movie, which is great." Here here!

THE DARK KNIGHT hits theaters on July 18, 2008.

SOURCE: INTHENEWS.CO.UK. (Thanks to "Rib Cage.")

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