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And That's A WRAP!
Author: Jett
Sunday, November 11, 2007

6:16 AM TEXAS TIME: "Anonymous By Choice" checked in with BOF to give us the skinny on the Hong Kong shoot and let us know the status of the overall TDK shoot.

* Sunday's filming will be it for the shoot in Hong Kong. The schedule was shortened by one day. Everybody is ready to get home after such a long shoot.

* Sunday's filming in HK is also the end of the filming of TDK.

* Batman did not jump off the 90 story IFC2 building as Paul and many newspapers reported. Batman only stands on top the building preparing to jump, but there was no leaping off the building Friday night as reported.

* Chin Han's "Lau" character was not part of the filming in HK. Chin Han is not even in Hong Kong.

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