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HK'ers Not Thrilled By TDK
Author: Jett
Thursday, November 8, 2007

11:48 AM TEXAS TIME: I don't know what they expected to see, but it seems that the citizens of Hong Kong weren't thrilled by the filming of TDK in their fair city. Here's an excerpt:

The plane was there, as were two helicopters. But anxious fans along the harborfront failed to catch a glimpse of the caped crusader or even the Batman logo. The helicopters and a C-130 Hercules plane glided low over Victoria Harbour yesterday past skyscrapers in Central, giving workers in the multi- storied commercial buildings a rare glimpse of the filming of "Batman: The Dark Knight."

But fans gathered along the harborfront were unimpressed.

The plane had taken off from Chep Lap Kok at 5pm and was joined by two helicopters but, as one mother said, it was far from inspiring.

"My son expected to see the Batman logo. This was no different from any other aircraft," she said.

She added she had wasted two hours hoping to get a taste of the Hollywood magic and had promised to show her son the Batman plane.

Instead, what they saw was nothing out of the ordinary. But other fans, such as former lawmaker Tik Chi-yuen, who had with him a toy Batman car and two planes, were in high spirits during the shooting of the film.

The use of low-flying aircraft had created some concern about possible noise nuisance. The latest furor has shifted to environmental concerns.

BOF says to hang on HK'ers -- filming isn't quite over and you might get to see something cool! ;)


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