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TDK Chicago Shoot 2 (2007)

The pictures below are shots taken by Sarah Piper Brown and come via HOLLYWOODCHICAGO.COM. They show what is probably a stuntman in the Bat-Suit prepping for a shot that takes place at "Gordon's apartment."

Says BOF's UK Editor Paul J. Wares, who is an costuming expert, "There is no way that is the suit Bale will be/has been wearing. This is a stuntman/stand-in wearing a version of the suit for blocking purposes. Hence the reason it's during the day (unless Nolan has gone completely nutso). I also wouldn't be surprised if the suit has some sort of harness in it for safety reasons."

"I suggest people go back to your BATMAN BEGINS special edition docos and look at the suit the stuntman is wearing for the scenes where he's taking the monorail/wire ride. You'll see what I mean. Panic not [about how the suit looks]."

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