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Chicago 2 TDK Shoot Report

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The following is a fairly spoiler-free TDK shoot report from insider "A.P."

* Major accident on the set during the shooting of the garage sequence involving prop cars. One car spun out of control hitting another and rammed into the cement embankment that overlooked the street. Had the other car not been there to stop the stunt drivers car, he would have certainly been killed. [Good to hear no one was hurt! - Jett]

* Scenes shot in the garage involved Batman being attacked by Rottweilers brought in by some of the nations most famous dog trainers. Trainers were used wearing the Bat-Suit with extra padding for neck area and arms. Apparently quite graphic and some good footage was obtained. A real looking prop dog has been made and will be used to make it appear that Batman is beating him off him.

* The scene of Batman with a white van referred to on the site involved Christian Bale, not a double. A double was used for the jump, from the ledge to the cab and the special effects of Batman ramming his fist through the vans outside door. The Xxxxxxxxx is driving the van.

* Batsignal shots also filmed that night.

* A big scene…with 800 extras on will film on Wednesday at Xxxx Xxxx -- but I am sure you already know about that day-to-night shoot.

* Some big explosive special effects will be going on Thursday night!

Thanks again to "Alfred Pennyworth"

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