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TDK in Chicago 2007

TDK - Week of 8/13/07
Posted by: Bill Ramey
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"B.B." sent BOF the following:

“Just wanted to fill you in about the shooting at the IBM Building. I work in the building and the are going to be shooting on the 3rd and 14th floors all week. I saw Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman coming and going a few times today (8/15) and a lot of extras in suits. I am assuming these shots are supposed to be with board members for ‘Wayne Enterprises.’”

“The Librarian” has returned to say he witnessed filming around the “IBM Building” lately with lots of “military and SWAT-style vehicles.” He also informed us that there were two green military choppers at the same location last Sunday (8/12/07).

“Chicago Extra” shot BOF an email with the following:

“We had a discussion back in May as to whether The Joker's face was painted on or his real face. I do not know if you have heard or seen in pictures, but the make-up definitely ‘runs’ [as reported by BOF and witnessed in the WWC panel footage - Jett] as the movie progresses.

First, the look makes The Joker seem even more demented, which is awesome. Second, it makes sense as Nolan is going for more realistic movies. Third, I think it makes The Joker seem even more messed up. I mean, what guy in his proper mind paints on a demented clown face before he commits crime?!

Speaking of Joker, I must say that I agree with everyone who has seen Heath's performance -- it is eerily cool! The Joker in this movie makes Tim Burton's Joker seem tame. I refuse to give any spoilers, but this Joker kills and it isn't pretty!

If a fraction of what I have heard is close to being true, this movie is going to be very dark and very awesome!”

Also, several scoopers have sent word of filming taking place at “Wayne Enterprises” which is actually this aforementioned IBM Building.

Finally, “A.P.” chimed in to give me the details of something big taking place on August 29th and it has to do with F/X and a big-ass stunt. Since it could be a major spoiler, I won’t reveal it here, but it seems that some places are reporting it -- such as HOLLYWOODCHICAGO.COM. If you are avoiding all spoilers, you may want to pass on this one.

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