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Chicago 2 TDK Shoot Report

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The following is a "spoiler-free" report of TDK shoot in Chicago on July 8, 2007 from "TJ and Sarah."

After an extended fourth of July vacation, today was the day that I would have to pick my girlfriend up and bring her back to Chicago. Upon picking her up and getting settled into the car the first thing she says to me is: "We need to go find more Batman stuff!"

Since shooting began we have been fairly “hardcore” followers of the constant filming in the downtown area. We were there when they had the Batmobiles at the parking garage on Franklin and Randolph.

I was smart enough at the time to go up on a parking garage about a half a block north-west of the place and from there we saw some pretty awesome stuff. One day I had my binoculars with me and we were able to see some action inside the top level of the parking garage. From what I saw there was someone dressed in the Batsuit and he was running across the inner garage area, then he came upon what looked to be Maggie Gyllenhaal [SPOILER DELETION] Batman then pulled [SPOILER DELETION] and that ended the scene.

Now I don't know what else was going on but from a binocular view I was able to catch a glimpse of: Batman and a Batman Stunt Double, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, and Aaron Eckhart. Anyway this and much more all happened weeks ago (along with my car getting towed after seeing Gary Oldman at the Gotham City Bank) and I'm getting off track on what happened TODAY.

So my girlfriend was telling me that they were filming Bruce's Penthouse at XXX Wacker, so later in the evening we finally decided to drive on over and see if anything was going down. As I was driving east along Wacker I saw there was a huge light truck set up on the corner of Wabash and Wacker-- I knew they couldn't be far away. We found a legal parking spot and decided to head on over, upon arriving at the corner we found that they were filming just about half a block east of the Seventeenth Church of Christ. As we walked east down Wacker we saw the usual suspects: Christopher Nolan and crew working in the vicinity, then we briefly spotted Gary Oldman once again! It wasn't long that he was off and I was told by a few spectators that they filmed a car scene in which a GPD car came west down Wacker and stopped at a tower one plot east of the church and there Gary and Maggie (supposedly) got out and went inside.

We were a bit bummed out that we JUST missed Maggie but we figured we'd stick around as they were still busy filming. After about and hour and a half to two hours the only thing that happened was a GPD car was sitting outside the tower, an officer got into the vehicle and closed his door.....BORNING. But still enjoyable to “hardcore” followers such as us. After they started packing up we decided it was time to head home, it was getting rather late and we were told that they were done for the night -- not that I ever believe 100% what they tell me.

So me and my girlfriend decided we should at least go to XXX Wacker as it was originally the plan, we hop into my car and head on over. As we start to get closer we see that there is some MAJOR action going on in the area -- tons of Chicago Police cars and at the far end of Wacker, and way east, there was a big setup of huge lights and trailers and a huge crowd of people.

With newly kindled excitement we were SUPER lucky to find a legal parking spot just a hop, skip, and a jump from the blockade of squad cars. We start walking over and decide to cross Wacker (imagine four lanes of traffic separated by a pedestrian meridian), on the middle meridian there was a cop directing traffic. I walked over to him and asked him if it was alright if we walked down to the trailers and tons of people, he told me that we could try but most likely we would be stopped about halfway by security. He was nice enough to tell us that there was a possible chase scene going on tonight and that both sides of the street were closed, we were also lucky enough to hear on his radio that “someone” was ready in the tent.

Now even more excited we decided to try our luck and head over as close as we possibly could, we in fact got about halfway before we were stopped by the usual yellow-shirted security guys and they told us we would have to head back over by the corner of the hotel and watch from there. All I can say is I sure am glad that we got there when we did! A few moments after getting to the corner of the hotel we hear a loud engine ripping through the air. We look over to where it came from to find none other than...BATMAN! And he was driving the BATPOD! It was so awesome! I quickly grabbed my girlfriends camera and jumped up onto a ledge to get a perfect shot but was quickly flagged down by a gentleman telling me that no photography was allowed. UGH! Total bummer!

We waited there for a good two hours and were able to see a few practice runs of the Batpod along Wacker drive with none other than Batman (his stuntdouble I was told by the man who flagged me from using my camera) at the In any case it was an amazing night and I'm grateful for all the crew, security, and local law enforcement that helped us along the way!

Hope you all enjoy this little bit, I'm really sorry that I can't provide any pictures, I had a perfect shot and wanted to take it so badly!

Again, thanks to "TJ and Sarah" for sending in this report!

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