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Chicago 2 TDK Shoot Report

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The following is a "spoiler-free" report of TDK shoot in Chicago early on July 29, 2007 from "The Librarian"

Greetings to My Friends at BATMAN ON FILM!

I was patient and got what I came for. I saw The Joker and The Batman in action early this morning (7/29) on the corner of Adams and Lasalle in Chicago (Gotham). It was quite amazing to be present!

I wore down the PA's involved with perimeter security and secured a fairly nice vantage point for viewing. After a while, I eventually saw The Joker go by with some crew and a cloak over his head, but part of his face showed.

With a Gotham Police armored truck and the wrecked Joker Truck (The “Hyams Amusement” tractor trailer) in the background to the action, there was lots of takes involving gunfire. Eventually, The Batpod made its appearance in an apparent climax or showdown between The Joker and tThe Dark Knight.

That Batdod is awesome and Batman (or should I say Jean-Pierre [Goy] the stuntman) is cool with his cape flowing. What a badass entrance he made on the Pod -- he knows how to ride it. He and Nolan even got a nice applause by the crew after a few takes.

Cut. That's a wrap. - “The Librarian”

Again, thanks to "The Librarian" for sending in this report!

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