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Chicago 2 TDK Shoot Report

Below you'll find a TDK shoot report from Chicago from "J.K." Filming took place July 19th on into the early morning of July 20th.

“Just a quick update on some of tonight's filming:

Went down to Wells and Wacker at around 10:30 PM and saw them prepping The Joker's semi and a SWAT truck. At around 11PM, Ledger jumped in and they started rolling. The SWAT truck looked to be rigged with explosives and was driving right alongside the semi. We heard two explosions about a minute after they took off on Lower Wacker.

After that, we went over to the Franklin bridge to see 4 of the Batmobiles on the lower drive -- one of which was being prepped. By that time, the trucks had made their way back and we were given some great advice by a fellow fan on a better position to catch some of the actors and such behind the scenes.

Once there, we were pretty close and saw Ledger in full makeup. It wasn't long before we caught the attention of the security guards and police officers who threatened to take away our cameras and binoculars. A few moments later, someone from the production came up on a bicycle and claimed that it wasn't Ledger, but rather, his double. I'm sure it was a ploy to get us to leave -- for two reasons: 1) It clearly looked like him and 2) Because his double was also there in makeup, though just not as elaborate. What's more - Gary Oldman was also there and wearing a tactical vest.

OK now, a very cool description of The Heath-Joker:

After having seen it close up, The Joker's look can only be described as ‘disturbing.’ I had some real misgivings as to how the character would translate into Nolan's world -- afraid that he'd come off looking too 'clowny' or 'cartoony'. My worries were unfounded. The 'smile' works -- it’s…just wrong! The hair, while green, is not too much so and it's greasy and matted. The skin tone is more of a deathly pallor than the 'shiny' white we saw on Jack. I think the clothing is perfect! The coat is purple, but doesn't come off as loud. The vest and shirt look kind of dingy. And when you put it all together…it's just kind of ‘foul.’ At one point, he looked straight at me as I was looking through the binoculars and I felt as if I was looking into the face of death.

More later.”

Thanks again to "J.K." for the report!

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