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Chicago 2 TDK Shoot Report

The following is a report of TDK shoot in Chicago on July 14, 2007 from "JK." FYI: Some may consider the info SPOILERISH.

"Just a quick note on tonight's shoot: I, along with about 50 or so others, were on hand (on the bridge just across from Lower Wacker Drive) for a scene involving The Joker and his semi-trailer.

Things got underway at around 1AM when Ledger arrived in full makeup. Tough to see the details from a distance, however, the recent reports seem to have been accurate. Along with the obvious -- Green vest, long black coat, gloves, etc... Looked very cool. (Lots of the fans had cameras and I'm guessing some were able to get halfway decent shots of Ledger. I'd imagine they'd end up on the net as soon as tomorrow.)

It seems they were strapping Ledger's feet to the floor and he may have been holding a weapon (more on that in a second...) After Nolan arrived and entered the camera car, the chase began involving the semi, taxi, various other cars and I think the garbage truck. It was all pretty quick but the cool part was that after the take, I got a longer look at Ledger as The Joker and I can honestly say I don't care if Nolan has given him the unintentional chemical bath origin or not. He looks like The Joker...and if having him apply makeup, he can make that character somewhat believable, I'm all for it!


(Highlight to read) One of the guys working security told me that The Joker fires rocket-propelled grenades from the back of the truck and that the scenes shot the last few nights, were awesome. True? Who knows? But it sounds about right.

That's all for now - I'll have more in a few days."

Again, thanks to "JK" for sending in this report!

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