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Chicago 2 TDK Shoot Report

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June 10th Chicago Shoot Report
Posted by: Jett
Monday, June 11, 2007, 6:25 AM CENTRAL TIME: From "Arkham Guard":

"I just got back home after working as an extra on TDK and I thought I'd let you know how it went, etc. The you can decide to post whatever you think is appropriate.

I was involved in three scenes -- none with Christian Bale or Michael Caine (who are both in town) but rather with Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhall.

Scene 1 was a press conference…where Dent was answering questions about a Chinese criminal was had been extradited back to Gotham. Responding to questions he denies that The Batman had anything to do with getting this guy back to Gotham and at one point affirms that The Batman is considered an outlaw by the authorities.

Scene 2 was a basic street scene with Dent and Rachel getting out of a cab. Maggie Gyllenhall looks beautiful and glamorous.

Scene 3 was shot in front of the Chicago Theater. It doesn't advance any real plot points but furthers Bruce Wayne's reputation as a playboy. Dent and Dawes get out of a cab to see a performance of Giselle by the Moscow Ballet (are they dating?). They get to the front of the theater to see the performance has been cancelled. On the door is a newspaper article. I was able to read a good part of it.

The guys behind TDK are really into the details: the article was written out entirely even though most of us will never see it. The headline read 'Love Boat: Billionaire Playboy Absconds with Moscow Ballet.' Along with the picture of Wayne there is a picture of a huge yacht owned by Wayne and nicknamed 'The Love Boat.' Bruce just decided to take the entire troupe out to see for some fun.

So there ya go! It was a long day, a hot day but lots of fun. No major plot points were revealed but some minor details were fun to learn.

I was talking with someone from the casting office who told me TDK will be in Chicago ‘til Sept 2 and then film in London and Hong Kong until Nov.

Night filming in Chicago begins next week where they will film from sundown ‘til sunup."

Thanks again to "Arkham Guard."

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