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2007 TDK Chicago Shoot 2

6/20/07 set report from "Urban Legend and Rat Wings via Batnation":

* There will be a “surprise” member of the TDK cast that’ll make all the fans happy.

* “Graham [Churchyard] -- the man who can be seen on the special features of the BEGINS DVD in the section about the Batman costume -- he’s the co-creator of the original bat-suit, and the man who apparently played [a big] role in the new costume gave us tidbits. The suit is WAY more flexible. Buster Reeves (who we also talked to) re-iterated this point that the suit was much more flexible, and that he could FULLY turn his head this time. It’s compromised of black and grey parts, the chest symbol is the movie’s official logo and it is black, NOT GOLD. He also gave us the exclusive scoop that The Joker WILL WEAR PURPLE SUIT in the film. This guy was by far one of the nicest and most pleasant people to meet.”

* “[Crew member X] explained how truly terrifying The Joker is in the new film. He described how he will become the fixation and definitive version of the character within people’s minds when they think of The Joker after the film. He said Heath is doing brilliant stuff, and he says Heath’s version [is WAY different than Mr. Nicholson‘s]. He also explained that The Joker does have dark circles around his eyes. Everyone else I talked to on set said The Joker is truly creepy in full bore makeup and costume.”

* “We met Chris Nolan, and gave him MAJOR props. He was very responsive, and was very interactive. Overall a really nice guy. We did nothing but praise his work on the current Bat films.”

* “We also ran into Nathan Crowley, who was another pleasant surprise meeting. He was genuine as well, and a very chipper young sport. He said he hopes the fans dig his new designs, and I said we’ve loved everything so far and to keep up the great work.”

6/20/07 set report from "TypeORocks":

"Lots of snipers [fans snapping pictures] were there early, only to see a few scenes being filmed 1 level under the rooftop set in the parking garage. The scenes were gunfire and gang members running for cover.

Also -- not being filmed -- was a stunt double jumping from the rooftop into the level below. He had on a Batman outfit, but no cowl.

After about 2 hours or so, everyone went on break and most of the people standing around snapping pictures left, but we stayed. I hung out below and heard that XXXXXXX was spotted! I tried to find him, but didn't. However, I did find Chris Nolan. Got his autograph on my BEGINS DVD and a picture with him.

Around 2:30-3ish they returned to the set and started filming 2 gangs fighting with each other. Then I spotted XXXXXXX and they filmed him yelling at the gang. The sound of gunfire blasted and everyone ran for cover. They repeated this over and over again.

So after a few takes of that...they moved to the side of the van. I saw Batman -- it had to be a stunt double. Batman and XXXXXXX had a struggle and ended with…Batman [falling] to the ground….

They were still doing takes of that when I left. about 4 AM."

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