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TDK's Chicago Shoot 2007

From "Kane": “…got a pic of what they’re building at Navy Pier (looks like some kind of dry dock system -- something that would raise small boats out of the water).

But what I really saw [as] they were about to film at the Wayne Penthouse set -- with green screens going up -- I could spot something on the penthouse set not previously seen in other pics :CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. White Christmas lights and lots of them, lining the back wall of the penthouse.

So what‘s up? Spring/Summer for the bank robbery, Fall for the evacuation, and a Wayne Christmas party?

P.S. also attached is the convention hall that hugs the NP set, as you can see it looks like someone about to have a political convention. I’m honestly not sure if its real or part of the movie, such as a Harvey Dent event, but I thought I would get you a pic just in case.

The photo that was here was removed -- no "Dent Rally."

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