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Chicago 2 TDK Shoot Report

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The following is a totally "spoiler-free" report of a TDK shoot in Chicago -- although I have no idea if it's already happened or is upcoming. Our scooper today is "Windy City Solicitor." (Edited for potential spoilers.)

“Hi BOF! I work [in a Chicago courthouse] and the new Batman film (TDK) has shot scenes [in my building]. From what I’ve heard, they stripped it down and made it look very similar to the courtroom in the first movie [BATMAN BEGINS‘s “Joe Chill released from prison scene?" - Jett].

I've also heard that they're shooting in one of the offices (Dent's?) and in the building's lobby.

I’m a Batman fan and I know Harvey Dent is in the film, so I’m sure using a courtroom isn’t that big of a shocker [or spoiler - Jett]. I simply thought it was cool and wanted to share!

Keep doing what you do Jett!”

Again, thanks to "Windy City Solicitor" for sending in this report.

"E.R. chimed in with the following:

"Hi, Jett. I just read the report from ‘Windy City Solicitor’ and I've got a couple of crumbs that may illuminate this further.

I'm guessing they did some of this courtroom shooting over the weekend. At the end of last week, I noticed some more changes to names on the trailers at Washington and Randolph. There were now doors marked for ‘Asst. DA,’ "Judge F****," "Judge S****, and several ‘Stunt Bailiff.’

When I came into the office on Saturday, I noticed that some of the trailers were open, and I saw some wardrobe people prepping a Gotham Bailiff uniform -- black pants, white shirt, shiny silver badge. I also saw a rack full of ‘courtroom apparel’ -- men's and women's suits and the like -- pulled out on the sidewalk looking ready for transport to the courtroom set. All of this is about three blocks from the Daley Center, where I often practice law, and where I assume ‘Solicitor’ mentioned working.

It seems like they probably shot the courtroom scene, and that there was some need for stunt work while doing it."

Thanks to "E.R." for the contribution!

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