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Chicago 2 TDK Shoot Report

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The following is a fairly "spoiler-free" report of TDK shoot in Chicago from our insider deluxe, "A.P."

* Friday, (Christian) Bale will film scenes as his Bruce Wayne character with Rachael and in the suit as Batman.

* Some of these scenes are in the Wayne Penthouse bedroom and some on the adjoining rooftop, the XXXXXXX BUILDING.

* There will be interaction between members of the GPD SWAT unit and Batman and another character as well.

* Also Lt. Gordon (Gary Oldman) will be on hand for a rooftop scene with The Batsignal.

* Next week filming of a big car chase scene begins filming.

* Oh, and Anthony Michael Hall is not someone created for the film (like "Rachel Dawes"). His character is from the comic books and is rather well known. I know you donít do spoilers, so letís just say he seems to be good, but is really bad, or it could be the other way around -- it's quite the "mystery." The fans will definately get a kick out of his appearance in the film!

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