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A.P. Says Goodbye

The following is the last report from Chicago from our dear friend, "Alfred Pennyworth":

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Scenes shot today (9/1) were basically a continuation of the some of the things done yesterday (8/31) minus the crash. Some had thought we might be wrecking another one of those beautiful sports cars but it appears they got it on the first take -- thank goodness, as I would have found it hard to see another one of those babies destroyed and it was really destroyed!

Today started with a recreation of the crash scene from last night. Set decorators meticulously recreated the scene duplicating it as if it had happened only moments ago instead of the previous evening. They're really brilliant at this!

Then more up and down Wells Street in downtown Chicago, Police Convoy, the Lambo and then the introduction of an MV Agusta Motorcycle.

Hmm, I wonder who could be riding that?

And then…


While there was much sadness, hugging, and goodbyes, a good round of applause went out to all for the solid work the crew performed over the course of a very long summer.

In keeping with their hard work they were able to finish a day early and now the entire TDK crew now gets ready to head off across the pond to continue filming at Ministry of Sound in London.

The first scenes to be shot there will be in a night club atmosphere at the sound stage as Batman has come for…well, wait ‘til next summer!

Congratulations will be going out to the director as a very special package is planned to be delivered sometime tomorrow in a Los Angeles hospital!

And remember you heard all the best TDK news here at BOF first all summer long.

This site is THE best place on the web for BATMAN movie news -- and the most mature I might add -- of all the Batman sites around!

I know the kids at some of the other “Super Hero” sites come looking here for scoops and are hyper critical of Jett for maintaining a solid policy of non spoilers. Let me tell you this: I --and everyone involved -- very much respect that policy and my personal allegiance will remain HERE if future scoops come to my attention -- as I am sure they will.

So Jett, keep up the good work! And all you readers, stay tuned to this Bat-Channel -- as I’m sure you’ll hear from me soon!

- A.P.

A.P. asked if I could add the following:

As Chris Nolan was leaving the set and about to get into his car, he noticed the 50 or so PA;s congragating on the corner. He stopped and turned around to thank them personally for all of their hard work over the course of the summer. It meant the world to those kids.

It was an act of a true gentleman and I was really impressed he did that -- not many take the time to do something so simple and so meaningful.

To A.P. From Jett:

I want to thank you -- so, THANK YOU! -- for all the infor you provided BOF and the BOF'ers over the last several months. Even though I don't know who you reall are, I consider you a friend!

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