CBF "Event" in NYC
Post: Jett
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Video of the event via MTV:

Apparently, the “Citizens For Batman” event in The Big Apple wasn’t all that. “Jorge” sent in the following report:

“We started across the street from Thomas Paine Park where we were instructed to go City Hall Park and look for a radio. The whole group of around 150 or so people ran there to look for the radio and it was found about 5 minutes later. The radio instructed us to look and head towards the west, as the group moved that way a giant TDK Bat-Logo appeared on the building in front of us across the street (the Woolworth Buidling I believe). So here we are 150 or so people in the park in the middle of these two buildings hooting and hollering as we all stare and take pictures of this enormous Bat-Signal and that was awesome. Then it got bad. That was all there was to this event, all of it! Everyone got all hyped up for something that lasted 15 minutes, then everyone spent the next hour walking around the park and looking at the symbol seeing if something would happen and nothing! It also seems all the swag was given out before the event.”

Here's an image of the Bat-Signal sent in by "David H.":

UPDATE: "NovTwo04" sent in this very positive report:

“[The CBF event in NYC was] an awesome experience! I've heard a lot of chatter on the boards from people complaining saying it was a big waste, but it was definitely quite the experience. At first it was the shirts which were cool, along with the newspapers, CFB pins, and CFB bumper stickers. Then guys came out with some Dominos [Pizza] delivery boxes -- maybe like 8 in total. Initially, I thought it was a tie-in with Dominos, but someone with a pie found a message in or on the box. Then it was a complete MAYHEM! It was a mad dash down to Church St. The group ( definitely larger then 150 maybe 250- 300+) took lights and stopped traffic. Just imagine 300 people running through lower Manhattan! It was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. I really can't put into words how WILD the scene got, the looks of some people faces watching these people sprawling the streets with black shirts was priceless. How someone didn’t get hit by a car or arrested amazes me. I think the madness of it all boiled down to the fact that this event was held so close to the release date and no one wanted to be left out if it was a screening of the actual film. I really wished i recorded it [the whole event]!”


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