What Would Make Nolan's Bat-Trilogy NOT Definitive? (Part 2)
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: November 29, 2011

Happy New Year BOF'ers! It's 2012, and you KNOW what that means!

As promised, here's Part 2 of this op-ed. Better late than never, right? Actually, it was tough to finish it up due to having to travel to LA for the PROLOGUE Premiere, covering all the RISES news that followed, and then traveling yet again during the Holidays. Regardless, here it is and I'm looking forward to yall's feedback. Enjoy!

In Part 1 of this op-ed, I told you that I believed that “Robin” might -- and let me stress might -- be in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Since "I'm a man of my WORRRDDDDAH," here's the possible WHY and HOW…

First, full disclosure: I am not a “Robin Fan” per se and I have lobbied for the exclusion of Robin when it comes to Batman on film. With that said, I am NOT a Robin hater, OK? I simply prefer a sidekickless Dark Knight.

With director Chris Nolan and his team having gone with a “realistic/real world” setting for their Batman films, I doubt Batman fighting crime in Gotham with a teenage sidekick sporting red and green tights would Team Nolan’s Bat-Universe.

Regardless, Robin’s importance to the Batman mythos is undeniable -- especially Dick Grayson. Like I said in Part One, this character has been around for as long as The Batman himself sans one year. Dick Grayson is arguably the most important Batman character outside The Caped Crusader himself, don’t you think? So I ask again…

Can Chris Nolan exclude Robin -- or actually, what "Robin" means to Batman and Bruce Wayne -- and still have his Bat-Trilogy considered “definitive?” Despite my solo Batman preference, I’m thinking, well, maybe not.

In my opinion, Mr. Nolan has included everything “iconic” when it comes to Batman over the course of these three films. With RISES being his last one, I figure he’s got to be in “Legacy Mode” and must have spent a bit of time thinking about his place in Batman History. Would including Robin in RISES be seriously considered by the director while doing some Bat-Legacy pondering?

Let’s say that he did come to the conclusion to include The Boy Wonder in his final Bat-Film and found a way to make the character fit in the Nolan Bat-verse. Here are my top 4 "candidates" to be Nolan’s Robin…

1) Selina Kyle/Catwoman - How about this? Catwoman = Batman’s sidekick/partner and Selina = The person who keeps Bruce “grounded.”

Nah. She's just Catwoman as Catwoman is intended to be.

2) Juno Temple’s Character - Nolan and Warner Bros. have yet to provide us with an actual name of this character other than describing her as a “Street-smart Gotham girl.” Everyone -- including yours truly -- is assuming that she’s actually Holly Robinson, Selina Kyle’s friend and sometimes sidekick. But what if she’s really another Frank Miller created character? Could she actually be…

Carrie Kelley?

If RISES is kinda Nolan’s version of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, this hypothesis sorta makes sense, right? Except for the fact that Carrie Kelley’s a girl and not Dick Grayson.

3) An Unknown/Secret Character - Yes, a lot of RISES was filmed on location, but there was still quite a bit shot in soundstage sets that’s a complete mystery. Could Nolan have secretly filmed a few scenes with a young actor that turns out to be Dick Grayon/Robin?

4) “John Blake” - Played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this character is described as being a “Gotham beat cop assigned to special duty under Commissioner Gordon.” Based on trailer #2 and the PROLOGUE -- along with the fact that JGL wouldn’t be in this film if his role wasn’t significant -- this John Blake plays an important role in RISES and is one of the “good guys.” Since RISES takes place 8 years after the events of THE DARK KNIGHT, and this John Blake is probably in his early 20s, he would have been in his mid-teens during the events of THE DARK KNIGHT.

So what if “John Blake” is really someone else? Hmm…

So there you have it folks, my take on HOW and WHY Team Nolan might include “Robin” in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. While I still prefer that the Robin character is not included, I certainly would understand if Nolan includes him (or her) in the film.

So what’s YOUR take BOF’ers? Am I completely off base here or do you think it’s possible that Nolan will include some version of Robin in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? AND...

Perhaps the more important question here is would excluding “Robin” from The Trilogy keep it from being considered definitive to YOU? Regardless, we'll find out when...

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hits theaters on JULY 20th, 2012!

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