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TDK In Chicago (4/24/07)

From "M":

His Report (mouse-over to read):

This is "M" again…Another poster countered my claim of seeing the henchmen repel from our building to the bank/post office. Contrary to what he/she said, the henchmen repelled with the helicopter filming at least three times yesterday (Monday). I saw it with my own eyes twice in the afternoon. A coworker saw them cross (with helicopter flying overhead) in the early morning.

The picture below was taken the last time they crossed. The thing sticking out of the building in the upper right hand of the picture is a helicopter blade.

Also, I have been told that they were filming the henchmen running from the suburban into the bank this morning.

Finally, you are probably going to get a ton of emails today about this, but apparently something not planned happened on the set today. Behind the fake wall that was set up, some kind of fire started sending large amounts of smoke into the air. Many firetrucks and ambulances (and maybe an emergency helicopter?) reported to the scene. Things seem to be under control now, but it seems like everyone from the movie set was evacuated to the other side of the street.

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