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TDK In Chicago (4/23/07)

A report from "Syren Callista" (mouse-over to read):

I arrived a little past 8am. Between 8:15 and 8:35 a group of about twenty or so extras all dressed in business attire exited the post office on the Canal St. side and walked along Van Buren to the front of the post office. They were later joined by several vehicles (10ish), presumably also driven by extras. The cars were put into place and then one of The Dark Knight's most surprising villains was revealed: WIND!

Yes, the helicopter tried to come in, but there was absolutely terrible winds and the helicopter did not even attempt to take up a position like it had for its Saturday test runs. The helicopter was on scene for all of 3 minutes before it departed, and it would not be seen again until 3pm CST. At around 9:00, 9:15ish, all of the extras were led inside the post office, and would not be seen again until after 3pm. Several times the streets were cleared in preparation of getting the helicopter back, but the winds just weren't allowing it.

Now, between 9:00 and 12:00, interior filming WAS taking place inside M's building, (the building next to the post office, where the zip line originates.) Also, something of definite interest! I saw two stunt men taking two bagged CLOWN MASKS into that very building. Interesting note... the drivers in the grey suburban and even Heath Ledger's clown masks seemed to be hard, fixed-shape masks. These masks that the stunt men were taking up to the building seemed soft and rubbery, and in fact one of them was even folded, nearly in half, in his bag. This leads me to think, along with M's report, that indeed Joker-baddies ARE going across the zipline.

In dispute of M's report, however: Between 8am and 3pm NO ONE went across the zipline. The black bag like thing did a few times, but no human body. After 3pm I cannot account for.

More news tidbits:

* At around 11am, Christopher Nolan and a bunch of people left the building where the zipline originates (where they were filming inside). After that a large camera was removed from the building, followed by about 8 'carts' /dolleys wagons of various equipment, leading me to believe that the filming inside that location is done, and that they just need to film the swing.

* Work on the wall might be done. Two doors were added to either side, front and back (total of 4), and in the center on the frame there was a jagged hole, looking like the bus could go through it.

* I had to leave at 3pm, but I was in contact with someone else. He relayed the following to me: after I left the helicopter reappeared, as well as TWO school buses, the grey suburban (that had previously been filmed with Joker goons and Joker himself inside), and the extras. One of the two school buses was BACKED slowly into the fake wall, and seemed to fit perfectly in the space provided. We do not believe this was filmed. However, the extras and cars were being filmed on the street as we speak, and they were not reacting to the bus or the fake wall (so it might not be in the shot).

4:40 PM UPDATE and clarification:

The extras have been released for the day.

The street scene with the extras and the cars was just filmed 8 to 10 times. There are not two school buses: one was bigger than the other and the larger one left. The suburban was NOT filmed in the scene just described.

The school bus is parked 'inside' the fake wall about halfway through it, so perhaps a quarter of it is protruding to the outside.

On the last two runs of the scene, the extras pointed to and reacted to the school bus that was in the wall. In all other runs they ignored it.

Right now the school bus is parked half-in and half-out of the fake wall, and the set crew is constructing more of the wall and the frame AROUND the bus. Weird, huh?

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