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No Bruce Wayne in JUSTICE LEAGUE?
Author: Jett
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

According to the IESB.NET, only Batman will make an appearance in this JUSTICE LEAGUE film; Bruce Wayne will not be featured in the movie. Here’s is what the site’s scooper had to say about The Bat:

“There is no Bruce Wayne in the film, only Batman, which is what makes it easier to recast Bale (personally this is stupid -- not the Bruce Wayne part, but rushing the whole thing and not getting Bale). However the script does not indicate this is the ‘crazy, out there’ Grant Morrison-type Batman, but instead this is the BEGINS Batman (like I said this could change soon).

Why would they change [the depiction of Batman] if it was so well received and in the minds of the general public? But then that asks why isn't Bale involved? Because he doesn't want to do it -- he's focused on Nolan's Batman, and they want to keep him happy. They could however just throw a lot of cash at him, but considering the type of actor he is, I doubt that'd change his mind.”

OK, I’m about to go into “editorial mode.”

The inclusion of Batman is asinine anyway -- I‘m not going to get into that right now as I've ranted against that time and time again. I’m assuming that “they” are hell-bent on including him in this film no matter how stupid it is. But to make him the “BEGINS/TDK Batman" is even that more idiotic!

If you are going to have Batman in this damn film -- despite the fact that it is disrespectful to Chris Nolan, Bale, and all the people behind the solo Bat-series (my opinion) -- make him a completely DIFFERENT Batman!

The JL Batman needs to look different costume-wise from Bale’s Batman and he should be older -- a veteran Batman who has been fighting crime for some time now.

The last thing in the world that needs to happen with this film -- besides having Batman in it in the first place -- is to have the SAME friggin’ Batman played by two different actors at the same time!

Geez, can the news get any worse for a Batman fan?

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