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JUSTICE LEAGUE Script Details?
Author: Bill Ramey
Friday, October 19, 2007

Yesterday, my good friend Clint from MOVIEHOLE.NET ran a story that described the plot of this upcoming (MAYBE) JUSTICE LEAGUE film. Seems Mr. Morris got his hands on several pages from the script. Then rather quickly, the story was removed from the website.

Was it taken down per a request by Warner Bros.? Was is pulled because it was BS?

For a time, it seemed as if it was the latter. However, as this story developed, it now looks as if those pages of the script were REAL!

In a nutshell, JL is very “comic booky,” if you will, with an emphasis on “comic.” The story still involves Maxwell Lord and the OMACs, but now includes the Crime Syndicate! You know, the CSA of Earth 3 from DC Comics' Muliverse? Yeah, them. And there is also a “Hall of Justice” ala the SUPER FRIENDS of the 70s -- but this one’s in space!

Will the Crime Syndicate kick some JL ass in JL?

Stephanie Sanchez of IESB.NET has a rundown of this script that you can read HERE. And while you are at it, you can read their story on the JL development HERE.

So what’s the deal? Why would WB go so “popcorn” with this film? Well, I’ve been told a few things off the record, but I will say this: Perhaps they are making a concerted effort to NOT tread on anything that Chris Nolan and Bryan Singer are doing with Batman and Superman on film respectively? Also, word is floating in that JL will be a combination of MoCap, live action, and CGI.

If so, bravo! On the other hand, this news brings conjures images of BATMAN AND ROBIN and CATWOMAN in my mind.

I’ll leave you with The Batman’s intro in JL. We see him working with Wonder Woman putting together some equipment in the Hall of Justice (IN SPACE!) and mentioning that Wayne Enterprises is footing the bill. According to someone in the know, every member of the JL gets a nice big intro…except Batman.

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