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What's The Deal With JUSTICE LEAGUE?
Author: Bill Ramey
Saturday, October 6, 2007

Will JUSTICE LEAGUE really get made? That’s the big question that currently has Hollywood and fanboys all abuzz.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has an excellent rundown of what is going on with the controversial project. Here’s a bit from the article:

* “Though the studio will still not officially confirm it, Warner Bros.' League feature is scheduled to begin production in Australia next February under Happy Feet director George Miller. But some Hollywood power players aren't taking it too well, given that the movie could hinder future plans for DC Comics film franchises, including the ongoing Batman and Superman series, and long-gestating theatrical takes on Wonder Woman and the Flash. Sources say that Warner Bros. was prompted to move quickly on Justice League by three factors: a screenplay that '’they flipped out over;’ an open spot in their summer 2009 calendar; and the increasing probability of an industry-wide strike that would shut down all productions by next July.”

* “The plot revolves around villainous businessman Maxwell Lord and involves cyborgs called OMACs (One-Man Army Corps), who can take over humans and turn them into killing machines. There are epic battle scenes between Superman and Batman, as well as Superman and Wonder Woman, and League could spawn a slew of additional franchises if it's successful.”

* “Christian Bale is not expected to star as League's Batman, and many in Hollywood are wondering whether this continuity breach will distract audiences who turn out for The Dark Knight next July. Director Christopher Nolan is reportedly unhappy that the studio is making League. (Nolan is currently ''knee-deep'' in production and unavailable for comment, according to his reps.) Sources close to director Bryan Singer say he had to be reassured that Man of Steel wouldn't be affected.

* “[Warner Bros.] declined to comment for this story, but according to one source familiar with their plans for League, '’Warner doesn't believe they are cannibalizing [these other franchises] partly because it's unlikely Brandon and Christian will be in it. They believe the movies can live in parallel universes.’ Sources say that concerns about hurting individual franchises are what kept Warner Bros. president and COO Alan Horn from greenlighting a multi-superhero movie for years.”

The article confirms what we already know about the League’s lineup -- is consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, The Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and Aquaman.

OPINION: Alan Horn’s concerns about this film hurting Warner’s individual franchises -- BATMAN and SUPERMAN are legit. Mr. Horn, this is simply not the time for a JUSTICE LEAGUE film. My advise: Wait.

This idea that JUSTICE LEAGUE versions of Batman and Superman won’t affect those solo films is total and complete BS. Think about it, OK? Two Batmans played by two different actors at basically the same time? And Superman, you’ll basically have three! It’s asinine!

Despite the fact that he’s coy about it when asked, director Chris Nolan does plan to do a third BATMAN that, for all intents and purposes, will “complete” his Batman story. Why mess with that? Do you really want Nolan -- and probably Bale -- to walk after THE DARK KNIGHT? Don’t you think that this JL film -- just a year after TDK hits theaters -- will lead to “Batman overkill?”

I understand the need for a Summer ‘09 tent pole, OK? I get that it’s all about the money and not what a few fanboys want. But is JL worth messing up the solo SUPERMAN and BATMAN film franchises? Which, by the way, were just relaunched!

Look, if the timing was right, I’d probably get behind this film. But that’s just it: THE TIMEING ISN’T RIGHT.

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