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Miller Talks JL
Thursday, December 27, 2007
Posted by: Jett

JUSTICE LEAGUE director George Miller recently spoke about the upcoming (we think) superhero project. Here's a bit:

"Dr Miller has been confirmed by Warner Bros. as the director of 'Justice League of America,' a large-scale superhero epic featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and a host of others, 'The Justice League superheroes are in fact related to ancient Greek gods and that will be my reference point.'

The film will showcase a detailed blending of live-action, motion-capture, and CGI animation. Dr George Miller has also confirmed he will direct the fourth Mad Max film, only known as 'Road Fury.'

It's been long rumored that JL will not be a straight-up live-action flick, but one that uses a lot Mo-Cap and CGI.


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