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JL Done?
Wednesday, January 16, 2008, 7:08 PM
Posted by: Jett

Looks like Christian Bale is going to be the only Batman on film -- at least for a while.

Last night, I checked in with a couple of Australian industry insiders in hopes that they knew what was going on with JUSTICE LEAGUE. Both told me that things werenít looking good for the project. In fact, one of these Aussie insiders said that even though the cast and most of the crew was being kept in the dark about the filmís status, many felt that Warner Bros. was going to pull the plug. Word one way or the other was allegedly coming yesterday.

In fact, I posted this info on the BOF FORUM early this morning.

Well, it looks like thatís exactly whatís happened.

Our friends over at IESB.NET -- who have been on top of all things JL from the get-go -- is now reporting that JUSTICE LEAGUE is now officially ďon indefinite hold.Ē

According to the siteís Robert Sanchez, ďOur source is solid, he's a crew member working directly on the production team down in Australia. He says the big meeting took place yesterday. They've decided on a one-week notice to all of the employees - this is a standard practice in Australian filmmaking as a courtesy when letting people go.Ē

Frankly, this news makes me happy as I truly felt that this project was a disaster waiting to happen. I feared that if JL laid a gigantic stink bomb, the fallout would have a negative affect on the solo BATMAN series as well as other DC-based film projects.

Hey, Iíll be honest, I thought it was completely asinine to introduce another live-action Batman at this time. BATMAN BEGINS saved that franchise three years ago and THE DARK KNIGHT looks as if itís going to be one of the biggest films of 2008. Why even risk messing up a really good thing right now? It just never made sense to me. Oh well.

Time will tell if JUSTICE LEAGUE ever makes its to the big screen or joins SUPERMAN LIVES and BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN in permanent turnaround land.

But if it does get resurrected, letís hope itís done with a first-rate cast, a high-quality script, and -- very importantly -- the timing is right.

(For more details, visit IESB.NET.)

UPDATE: VARIETY is now confirming that JUSTICE LEAGUE has indeed been placed on "indefinite hold."

The trade also finally "officially" confirmed the story that BOF broke back in November of last year: Armie Hammer had been cast as the JL Batman.

Again, it's mentioned that they may try to give it a go this coming Summer or in the Fall of 2008. However, this was the same sort of stuff that was said when BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN was iced.

(Check out Jett's OP-ED on why the demise of JL was the right move by Warners HERE.)

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