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Author: Jett
Monday, November 19, 2007

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reviews of each individual episode from Season Four of THE BATMAN can be found HERE.

The 2006-2007 season of TV’s THE BATMAN has been collected on a 2-disc set titled THE BATMAN: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON, available November 20, 2007.

Season Four’s “selling point,” if you will, was the inclusion of Robin into the series and kicked off the fourth year of the series in the episode, “A Matter of Family.” THE BATMAN‘s version of Robin is Dick Grayson and his origin and admittance into the “Batman Family” is very loyal to his comic book counterpart. While the episode feels very rushed, I thought it was done quite well and one of the better episodes of the season.

New villains introduced this season include Black Mask, Killer Moth, and Everywhere Man (voiced by SUPERMAN RETURNS‘ Brandon Routh). These baddies join classic Bat-Rogues The Penguin and The Joker in Gotham raising hell and causing problems for The Batman and his two little sidekicks.

Another one of the highlights of season four was seeing The Joker’s girlfriend/partner Harley Quinn finally make her appearance on the series in the episode titled “Two of a Kind.” While she looks and sounds like the Harley we are all accustomed to, THE BATMAN‘s Harley is given her own little unique “twist” by guest-writer Paul Dini -- who is credited for creating the character on the classic BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES.

Even though The Batman now has two junior partners (Batgirl was introduced in season three), I personally found Season Four to be the pretty good overall. Granted, having Robin and Batgirl around makes the series more kid-friendly than it already was, the writing and resulting storylines can still be enjoyed by Bat-Fans of all ages. The animation remains top-notch and one of the big positives of THE BATMAN.

Also, The Batman, Bruce Wayne, and The Joker were all given a slight revamp by the art department. Both Bruce and his dark alter-ego come off more “mature” looking, while The Joker is as goofy-looking as he was during the first three seasons. He still has the green dreadlocks, red eyes, and runs around barefoot, but he’s been altered slightly so that he’s more, well, “human-looking.”

I’ve always felt that THE BATMAN is sort of unfairly criticized by Bat-Fans because of the fact that it is aimed at a younger audience. Hell, yours truly has been very guilty of that as well. Even though I find Batgirl and Robin too silly and often juvenile for my own personal tastes, the show has always been well produced. And never once is it disrespectful to the Batman mythos -- even though it might not be every fan’s cup of tea.

If you are already a fan of the show, then you will definitely want to pick of Season Four of THE BATMAN and add it to your collection. If you have not been keen on the show in the past, perhaps a rental would be in order to see if it’s worth plopping down $20 of your hard earned cash.

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